Betty’s Week

Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    A note from the other Bill Sissell (Dr. William E. Sissell, Chatham, MA). It reads:

  “Dear Betty and staff. Please find enclosed a check to cover my subscription renewal. I hope this finds you all in good health and reasonable spirits.

  “My Herald arrives regularly, if not always promptly. I thought for a time it had to do with having to change clothing or make an adjustment for the weather. However, when I found out that cousin Bill Sissell, one of your faithful contributors, was also occasionally receiving his copy late, in Batesville no less, I decided the U.S. Postal Service is truly impartial. Despite its occasional mistakes and lapses in efficiency, it is still the best postal service in the world, as well as the most economical. If we paid what it really cost to deliver our mail they would not be running a deficit, we need to remember we are getting a bargain. I even find it interesting to read about a successful event, carnival, concert, art show, pep rally, etc. and then receive the previous weeks paper to learn of all the preparations which made the event successful. Thus, nothing is wasted. Whenever the news arrives I am always delighted to learn of the doings of some of my Sissell/Williamson kinfolk. When the history of the Watermelon Festival is repeated I enjoy seeing the name of my father, Earl Sissell, among the first organizers. Even though we moved to Memphis two years after the first carnival, my father was proud of his small part in getting it started.

  “As your fall is just arriving, we are well into enjoying unquestionably the best season in New England. The Chatham High School Blue Devils men’s soccer, women’s field hockey, fall golf, and fall track are off to a good start. We send the Water Valley Blue Devils our best wishes for a successful and winning season.”

  Thanks for writing Mr. Sissell. It’s always good to hear from subscribers, especially when they bring us up to date on mail delivery and things going on in their part of the country.


  Another note came from long-time subscriber Elizabeth L. (Mrs. Jack) Miller of West Point. She writes:

  “Dear Betty,

  “I think my subscription expires this month or next. Even though I have enjoyed the Herald very much through the years, I have been gone from Water Valley for 69 years, and I no longer know the people in the paper. For that reason I have decided not to renew my subscription.”

  Thank you for subscribing all these years, Mrs. Miller and thanks for writing the note explaining why you’ll no longer be on our mailing list.


  I finally experienced road rage last Tuesday afternoon. Waiting in the left turn lane on Lamar at University, I was directly behind a lady who had pulled several feet into oncoming traffic. I stopped well back, hoping she’d back up and get out of harms way. She did not, but even though the traffic was quite brisk, they all managed to miss her. When the light finally changed, it seemed like an eternity before she finally made the turn. When things like this happened, Ed usually went into a tantrum, yelling at the offending driver.

    I found myself doing the same—literally yelling out loud (with me the only person in my vehicle) for her to move that car and get out of my way. As soon as the words came out, I got tickled and found myself having to listen to Ed say, “Now honey, calm down, it’s all going to be okay (Those were always my words to him when he became enraged.)

    I was laughing so hard at this reverse roll that the tears in my eyes made it hard for me to see how to drive. After this temper fit, that night in a health tip on TV, I found that one of the prime factors for heart and breathing problems is temper. Got to get back my calm, cool disposition.


  Thursday night Sammie Cobern, Lela Mae McMinn, Becky York, Mary Alice Hayles, and I met Jimmie at Pope Baptist Church to check out columns in their fellowship hall. The Hill Brothers (Steve and Ricky) did this addition about the same time they were completing the front of our building. This firm does excellent work—we’re very pleased with our job and the Pope congregation is with theirs. After viewing this area we were interested in Jimmie then showed us the entire complex. Found several components that gave us ideas for completing our project.

  After leaving Jimmie we missed a turn and wound up further north on Highway 51. Sammie (our driver) says I don’t think the bad weather is coming in for a while and I’m hungry. She treated us all to dinner out and we enjoyed delicious food and some great fellowship. While at the restaurant Becky’s sister, Cathryn Ann Surrette Warren and her husband, Cecil, from Senatobia, along with one of their daughters, came in and we got in a short visit with them. Ann and I were classmates at Northwest Jr. College many years ago and then I came to the Valley and got to know all the family.


  Friday was spent mostly on the couch, coughing. Taking sinus medication, aspirin, and cough syrup, I sort-of got my ailment under control. Didn’t get any housework or remodeling done, though—didn’t need to breath the dust or fumes. Did do a little laundry.

  I did not cough Friday night and when I woke up Saturday morning I felt fine, so went to Larson’s and then to Mom’s to cook.

  I found Jimmie already there, working on a broken commode seat. This was a project brothers Bo and Rance were supposed to have completed last year. They did a temporary fix with a bolt and it had rusted to the point it was impossible to get the nut off.     We wound up having to call Bill in with a hacksaw. He then replaced the seat. (New one had been in the closet for over a year.) The boys are on our hit list. Rance came on Sunday and faced the music—says he hadn’t heard a thing about this repair being needed. Bo came down ill, thinking we’d not yell at him if he was sick. Bill got lunch (not his favorite foods) and a piece of pie for his effort.


    It was exciting to hear that the Blue Devils had defeated Winona and were assured of home field advantage in the first round of district play-offs. Most football fans I’ve talked to are confident that they will defeat Mooreville this Friday night. Sounds like the season is going very well.


  The weather this past weekend, and even yesterday (Monday) was perfect. The brilliant fall foliage just glowed in the bright sunlight. Most of the Bradford Pears are in the process of turning, with tuffs of crimson, mixed with the lush green—they looked painted. Soon they will be totally crimson, if a frost doesn’t stop the process.

  Rain is back this A.M., but tomorrow is promised to be dry, then back comes the liquid sunshine on Thursday and Friday. Heard someone say, “I’ve told God we really appreciate his generous supply of rain, but we’re not greedy and we will gladly share this bounty with areas who are desperately in need.”  

    I silently echoed an amen.


Daylight Savings Time

Ends at 2 a.m. Sunday

  So, before going to bed Satuday night, be sure to set you clocks back one hour—remember fall back and spring forward. The springing forward will come in April.

  This process makes me exceeding happy. However David and Mel hate it. I’ve offered them a solution. Just come to work an hour earlier and leave accordingly. Promised them I’d man the shop as late in the evening as is needed. I don’t mind driving home in the dark, and they do have to travel some distance.

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