Out On The Mudline

Power Outage Makes Life Interesting

By W. P. Sissell

All Messed Up

  My situation today is just as the title I have chosen. I am reminded of days long ago when we, if we waited til the last minute, studied by coal oil lamps. Not many weeks ago our electricity went off just as we sat down at our supper table. We got the “ready” coal oil lamp—a part of our living/dining room decor—lit it and proceeded with our meal. We were impressed with the lack of light—we wondered how we were able to study in those early days.

  Of course many of our families had an Aladdin lamp. We have two of those (never used now, but in those early days they came near to the electric lamps).

  As I sit here writing this weekly version of life “Out on the Mudline” I am not using the word processor of my computer. I write with pen on a note pad. It is my intent to get this in (Tuesday) so that, hopefully, Betty will type it for me.

  At one of the gatherings I attended this week, one gentleman, Mr. Richie Craven (yes, I’m pretty sure he is Jack’s son), in the joint conversation, remarked that the thing he remembered was that everyone got new shoes for the start of school and they were to last until “barefoot time”. (His daddy, Jack, told him this.)

  The Cravens were one of our Mudline neighbors. Their farm was between ours and the Swindolls. Like most of us in the late twenties/early thirties, they too were poor.

My Present Situation

  I’m doing this column long-hand, of course, because our phone has been “out” since last Thursday. Because of this my computer will not communicate with my printer so that I can use the e-mail feature of the entire system. The phone company has told us that we’ll have service sometime “tomorrow.”

“We’ll Survive”

  We know that we will survive for the only electricity we ever had out on the Mudline was a small power plant that powered 40 and 60 watt bulbs, and not too many of them. We kept that little Sears Roebuck gem for a long time in the red brooder house.

  We’ll try to do better next week. I just talked to my computer expert, Barbara. She’s going to stop by on her way back from the vet.

  You can reach me most of the time at 23541 Highway 278-6, Batesville, MS 38606, or (662) 563-9879.

  Do have a great week—Bill

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