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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    With the devastation in Haiti from the earthquakes and California from the mud slides, my frivolous column doesn’t seem appropriate. However, I will include toward the end some of my week’s escapades. My Mom’s advice in grave situations was to keep a positive outlook and always keep smiling (My life situations usually afford smiles). She says that if we continue to be upbeat we’ll keep up not only our spirit, but also our physical energy, so we’ll be better prepared to help in any situation. I’ve never found my Mom’s advice to be in error.

  With the terrible situations in our world over the past week the only thing I could do was pray and give. I’ve often been reminded – when I say all I can do is pray –  that prayer is the most important thing I can do. Even if I were able to go and lend physical assistance, it would be to no avail if I went without my prayers and the prayers of others—and I know this.

    So let’s all be much in prayer for those who are being sent by the Lord to help with the many needs in these parts of the world and for those hurting. Also, let’s give as we are able. One request was for just $10 per person—not very much for most of us in our area.

  I also heard one of the high amount donors tell former President Bill  Clinton, “I don’t think you ask me for enough.”  I’m sure this company gave as they were directed by a higher power. Let’s all dig deep into our pockets and give as the Lord leads.

  I’ve heard many remark that they do not know which charities are reliable. I’ll direct you to one that I know, where every penny given goes to these disaster relief needs. It’s a Southern Baptist Program, called World Hunger and the many Southern Baptist disaster teams (and other needs) are funded by it. We even have a team from Yalobusha County, trained and ready to go, whether the need be in Mississippi or anywhere around the world.

    Both Mississippi and Tennessee Baptist already have teams at work in Haiti. This is just the one I donate to, but I know that probably all denominations have similar programs. You may donate to World Hunger through any Baptist Church in the area, just make your check out to the church and designate it to World Hunger. It will immediately be used for the need and it’s tax deductible.

  Another suggestion I heard (and it makes good sense to me) was not to just give now, but to continue to give as you could afford—needs in these situations will continue for years.

  As I watched the news this morning there was a little child, who had lost her mother. Each time a woman went by, she stretched our her hands and called,” Momma.”

    It brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to go pick her up, wrap my arms around her and bring her home with me. I know there are thousands of children in this same situation along with parents who have lost their children. Also alarming is the many children and adults who are loosing limbs because of delay in treatment—infection has begun and the only way to save the lives is to amputate.

    Last night a woman was pulled from the rubble of her office building. She had been buried alive for six days—can you imagine? She left in an automobile sitting up smiling and singing, with her very happy husband by her side—miracles do still happen.

  For those of us who can’t go, let’s not forget to pray and give.


  Now to my week.

  As usual it starts with eating. Mel and I went down to White Star Kitchen for lunch on Thursday. Food was delicious and the fellowship great. We both had vegetables, cornbread and tea. On my left I got to talk with Bro. Jim Allen for a bit—had not seen him in several weeks. He’s a long time friend—one of the first folks I met after Ed and I were married.

    On my right was Debbie Hughes and Margaret and Gerald Daum, all long-time friends. I asked Debbie about her sister-in-law, Viola Moore, who recently had a knee replacement. Debbie says she is doing good and I’m so glad.

  The highlight of the meal, though, was when a beautiful little doll, came up and gave Mel and me candy—saying she wanted to give candy to her friends. Didn’t have a clue as to who she was. Then I looked up and behind her were grands, Sissy and Mickey Hall. Mickey and I have always been “I love you friends” and Sissy and Ed never objected. Mickey’s hugs after Ed’s death helped sustain me. It’s so great to have wonderful friends and I so grateful that that beautiful little granddaughter is going to be my friend also—thanks sweetie, for the Hershey’s chocolate, I really enjoyed it.

    Mel says, “Thanks for her candy and friendship too.”


  Mom often says, “I’m so confused, I don’t even know what day it is or where I’m supposed to go.”

  Well Friday morning I had one of those Mom days. I had an 8:30 appointment at Heafner Motors in Batesville to get the oil changed in the van. So I was leaving home at about the same time I go to work each morning. Got to the end of the driveway, turned right going to WV. Had to turn around and head for Batesville. Jimmie was to meet me and we were just leaving the van and going shopping.

  We returned about 3 p.m. and the van was not parked outside. Jimmie spotted several that were similar and would say that yours—no to clean, has luggage rack, etc. So we entered the building and still on the rack was my vehicle. Jimmie had walked over to it and says, “I don’t think so.” “Tag number YLQ-888?”         “Yes,” she says. “That’s mine!” Just knew that something bad was wrong. We approached the service manager and I says, “What’s wrong?” Was so glad to hear his answer, “We have the oil drained, but we’ll have it completed in a few minutes.

    Sorry, didn’t expect you back so soon and we’ve had several emergencies.” Assured him that was no problem. We had tea in the van and books to read, just call us when it’s ready.

    Got back home just in time to attend a church dedication committee meeting. We’re so excited, with the anticipation of being in our new sanctuary by late March. After a lively meeting, we headed home. As I was leaving I remarked, “See you in the morning.” Still confused wasn’t I? Barbara Warren says, “No Betty, don’t come tomorrow, church will be on Sunday, you need to skip a day.” Didn’t want to miss anything. I’d been in Prayer Meeting on Wednesday night, then the women of the Building Committee had met on Thursday night—enjoyed a meal together and looked for some items needed for the building program, and now it was Friday night and I was in church again, so just guess I wanted to come on Saturday, also.


  Can’t finish this column without a mention of the weather. Hasn’t this week been great—a far cry from those single digit low readings last week. I’ll take lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s anytime. Hope this warmer trend continues for a while.

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