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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Joe Lowe came in last week and announced that we really did need to step up the pace with more exciting news in the Herald. In my opinion it was already filled with more controversial news than I like—with budget cuts, discussions on building a new jail, controversy on bridge replacement, and just the run of the mill differences of opinions, wrecks, fires, and law breaking, etc.         Joe backed his advice up with a copy of The Leland Progress printed last summer. Included in this paper was an account of a patient stealing an ambulance, with a high speed chase (about 100 miles per hour) ensuing. The ambulance sideswiped other vehicles and finally overturned onto its side near the Leland overpass.

    The patient, nor any of the other drivers were hurt—there was vehicle damage. The editor of the paper was on the scene and captured some outstanding journalism photos. On this same front page photos and text related the removal of a disruptive Leland alderwoman in that week’s meeting.

    Again it was the editor who was on the scene. I have to admit that The Herald has not yet reached this award-winning journalism status—and I hope it doesn’t. However, we all enjoyed seeing this copy of The Progress–thanks for sharing it with us.


  Thursday I sent out subscription renewals for February. Several of these folks, as they have brought in their checks, remarked, “If you had just waited a day, you could have saved a 44 cent stamp.”  I am amazed at the number of people who know exactly when their paper is out and many pay before I get out the bills. We do appreciate all of our subscribers.

  Charlie (David and Charlotte’s son) and a friend were in my old Herald building Thursday afternoon, deciding whether or not they wanted to help me clear out my junk. The boys, as are most folks who look around that building, are amazed at the amount of stuff in it. They asked, “Where did this all come from?” Told them I’d been accumulating for over 40 years and in that length of time you can fill up a very big building—and the Shearers have. I’m not taking the blame for all that clutter. Jim left and the rest died, just to get out of helping with the clear-out. I’m hoping these two young men are up to the task.


  I stayed late Thursday and finished my chores, so I took Friday off. Before day’s end I wished I’d gone to the office. Washed a ton of clothes and dishes, swept up lady bugs (which Brother Rance keeps reminding us are not true lady bugs), wasp, and blister bugs. Got to close to one wasp—he popped me good on the arm—and almost got another. The latter was on the banister and I actually put my hand on it, but did not squeeze down. Almost every day I sweep up about a quart of dead critters. Jimmie and Bill are having the same problem—except theirs are all over the house and so far mine have been contained in the upstairs bedroom and staircase. Bill sprays the things at their house and then Jimmie vacuums them up. I just let them die (except for the wasp) naturally and then remove them.

  While cleaning in the kitchen I gathered up all the stale bread, crackers, cereal, and even the greens stuff (cabbage, lettuce, etc.) that was a bit wilted, and took it out to the birds. I just  place this on the lawn in old pie pans and they usually fly in and eat it on the spot. However, on Friday, I spotted a huge bird, perched on the limb of one of the oak trees, eying the food. He swooped down and picked up an intact slice of bread and flew away. This bird was about a foot long and very massive—thought it was a Black Bird, but was advised that it was probably a Crow. Had to admit that it was as black as a crow—an expression I’ve heard all my life. We could have almost replaced the Thanksgiving Turkey with this bird.

  After the crow took what he wanted, the smaller birds came in and pecked in their usual order–Red Birds first, then Blue Birds, Blue Jays, Mocking Birds, and then the little Chickadees and Wrenns. Even the squirrels came down for a nibble—I probably had some nuts in the food.


  The usual routine was followed on Saturday, except that I came home earlier than usual. Found some pretty Boston butts and decided to cook a couple for bar-b-que—they were delicious.

  Came home early to attend the Valentine Banquet at Woodland Hills. In spite of the bitter cold North wind we had a large crowd. Michael Redwine and Bro. Ken were our chefs and they did an excellent job—food was delicious. My guests were Betty Davis (Al didn’t get to attend, as the Oxford P. O. had missing personnel and he had to work late) and Becky and Stan Crow. Enjoyed visiting with them and with all the other guests present for the evening. When we were summoned to have pictures made, Betty and I went together. We were asked if we wanted to have a picture made together or separately. Together was the reply—we’re family. I says, “We’re sisters”, but that didn’t fly. Don’t know why it didn’t, because I’m almost as close to her as I am Jimmie, and we’re probably seen together more often.

  The entire evening was delightful, with delicious food,  warm fellowship, great entertainment, beautiful decorations, and wonderful door prizes.

  The highlight of the evening was the Newly Wed game. Some of the answers were priceless. I was amazed by the fact that the longest married couple (Linda and Terry Schmitz), came in last—didn’t get a single question right. At Sunday School Sunday morning, I asked Terry to stand up and proceeded to introduce him to wife, Linda. He laughed and punched me on the shoulder (gently). We do have a good time at Woodland Hills.


  I have talked to a couple of folks in the Memphis area today (Monday) and the weather there is awful. I hope the freezing line does not drop down any further than has been predicted. Ernie Aune was in earlier in the day and ask if I had wood on the porch. Told him I did and that I still knew how to build a fire in the fireplace. If we loose power that’s all that will heat at my house and Ernie says that even though he has a little heat with lost power, wood would be needed at his house to be really warm. Maybe we’ll not need our wood.


  Hope everyone has a happy Valentine Day!

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