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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    This week I’m beginning the column with something that I believe very strongly. That is that the return of Christ and the end of this world is known only to God. Jesus himself said in answer to the question, when will the end come? “No one knows except the Father.” Not even He was entrusted with this date at the time He walked on this earth. If He didn’t know then no one does—not even the angels and certainly no human being.

    The above mini-sermon was brought on by a postal card that came to the office addressed to North Mississippi Herald or current occupant, with a headline “Christ Returns — May 21, 2011”.

    Well it came Monday—so if they really believe this, they certainly did not give the rest of us much time to get ready for this event. Listed were five truths from the Bible (according to the source).         

    Some of them are accurate, some are half-truths, and some of it is just “hog-wash”. I’m sure most everyone got one of these little warning cards—if you don’t have the assurance I have on this matter, take my advice and turn to God’s word for enlightment that this is not going to happen if it’s not the date He has chosen. However, let me further advise you to live every day (no every second) as if it is you last—because it may be.

    Now let me tell you my first encounter with the end-of-time prediction. It came in the first grade. I was at school and the older students were terribly upset by the fact that the end of time was here. They shared this knowledge with all us little children.  

    At the time this had never been discussed at our house, so I didn’t know that they were not right. Mom read the Bible to us each night, but we just had not covered this subject. I was terrified, not because Jesus was coming back, but because I was at school and my family was three miles down the road and I just knew that I’d never find them in all that mob of people.

    I was so glad to get home before the event happened. Told Mom, and she laughed, picked up the Word of God and read the passage that said no one knew but God Himself. I’ve never worried about the time of His return since that day, just try to do everything He ask of me each day, so that I’m ready when it does come.


  Had a great time with Jim. He arrived Sunday at 1:40—actually got into Memphis a little early. We were about to begin our rings around the  gates, waiting his arrival, when the call came, saying, “Pick me up.” We drove right in and he was waiting. Loaded his bags and off we went to Mam Maw’s for a late lunch. Jimmie and I had not eaten before we left for the airport, so the three of us enjoyed all the leftovers—and they were plentiful. We had cooked all his favorite foods, except fried okra. Uncle Rance was supposed to do this and he forgot. Well he got corn, peas, mashed potatoes and all his other veggies, along with a pork loin, lemon and chocolate pies. He didn’t starve.

  After visiting with Mom and the rest of the family, we came on to the Valley. On Monday morning, he came to work with me and got to visit with many classmates and other friends. He helped with all the loose ends from the auto accident, took care of some other insurance business and checked on the building. On Tuesday it was back to work and Jim made my trip to Oxford to pick up inserts, read some of the proofs. Jim said that after he read a few pages, he decided that David did not like his editing—used too much read ink—so he found other chores to keep him busy. Of course, Jim was kidding, actually it was Mom who found him other things to do—things that I like less than proofing.

  We left a little early Tuesday. Jimmie and Don had grilled steaks for the family in honor of Jim’s visit. We had a great time, with most of his aunts and uncles present—none of his cousins were able to attend. However, he had seen Misty and Madison on Sunday and Michael came by for a few hours before we left for Memphis on Wednesday.

  After I got the papers in the stores Wednesday morning, Jim and I visited for a while, then went over to Jimmie’s for a sandwich before we took Jim up to Tom Lee Park and his debut as a Memphis in May Barbecue team member. Jimmie and I were there as family, as Wednesday was family night. We got to sample most of what the team was cooking, and it was all wonderful. For a bunch of musicians, some turned lawyers, they’re excellent cooks.

  All of their entries came in in the top third, but they didn’t have a first place—have had several in past years. Jim cooked shrimp in the seafood category and it came in somewhere in the 30’s (I think). This team is in the Patio Category, and can enter everything except whole hog and Boston butt. They did ribs, chicken, hot wings, brisket, seafood, beans, and slaw. From our samples, there must have been some unbelievably good food there for theirs not to have won.

  Jim said that he got reacquainted with weather in the south. It poured rain, had a little hale, some spectacular lightening and the humidity was terrible. They were in the park under a tent. He did sleep one night in the motel room, but I think he’d have stayed out in the rain the whole time for the experience. He did have a great time and is looking forward to next year, as am I.


  Thursday and Friday we worked on the Graduation Section and finally completed it Monday. We do appreciate all the advertisers who support this section each year, and we thank each senior and their parents for their help in making this section so special. We have 66 seniors this year and 62 of them turned in there bios. We also have included in the section, one graduate from Faith Christian Academy, two from the Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science, and one home schooled student. We congratulate each of these seniors and wish them the best in life.


  Went home Friday and turned on the TV to see what the weather was like. Had intended to go down to Relay For Life, but just couldn’t leave the weather news, with my child in  harms way in Memphis. When it finally calmed down enough for them to go back to regular programming I rode down and the cars were out to the road, so I just came on back home. Was happy to hear that it was a very successful night and I’m sorry I missed it,


Looking forward to the “Catch of the Day” program at the North Mississippi Hatchery on Thursday, May 20. You are invited to enter the cooking contest, using fish in the area as our main ingredient, or just come out and enjoy touring the facility and eating a catfish dinner. The tickets for this event are just $2 each, if purchased in advance, or $3 at the door. I have tickets at the Herald, if you need them.


  On Friday night, May 28, we have a special musical program scheduled at Woodland Hills. Long time friends, Marcia and Elmo Mercer, will be in concert. They are excellent musicians, with both singing, and Elmo at the piano. Elmo arranged for Benson Publishing Company for over 20 years, and he is a prolific hymn writer. After his retirement from Benson, he and Marcia began touring and they toured for many years, before retiring a few years ago. They still do special appearances and we are so honored that they are coming to Water Valley. For those of you who have heard them in years past, I’m sure you’re looking forward to a return performance, and to those of you who have not heard them, do come and join us for this special night of music, fellowship and food.

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