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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    I was glad to hear of the excellent turn out for the fish cooking contest, program and catfish dinner held last Thursday at the hatchery in Enid. Jessie Gurner was in yesterday (Monday) and reported about 500 in attendance.

    I don’t think I was missed. I had tickets and was looking forward to this event, however my plans didn’t materialize. Got home in time for the weather news, saw approaching, what looked like storms, and decided that I just didn’t want to drive in that rain.

    It turned out that it came in much later. I’ve always maintained that if you feed folks they will come.—Works at church.


  As May comes to an end, I’m about to catch up with all that had to be done during this very busy month—now maybe I’ll get on with what needs to be done. My house is in shambles and I have plants in pots that need to be put into the ground. I have a person coming in Thursday to help clean—I’m sure she’ll go out of business when she sees my house. If she stays, though, I’ll give you a number next week—know you’ll want to hire her if she can make a dent at my home.

  Brothers Bo and Rance came over Saturday and tackled the weeds—I really don’t have grass. They made it look a lot better. Rance got a nail in the mower tire and went down the driveway bumping all the way.

    He got to the bottom and found that he did not have a knot on his tire, but a 2×4 nailed into it. He pulled it out and some sealer that Bo had put in the tire sealed it and he say’s that it’s still not leaking—must be some amazing product, because that was a big nail. He put the piece of wood, with nail still attached on my potting table. When I got home late Saturday, I saw it immediately and wondered what it was.

    I found out Sunday when this tale was being told. Under my weeds they found two fire ant beds that I have to destroy —can’t stand those things, they do hurt when the bite.

  While the boys were cutting grass, Jimmie and I were cleaning Mom’s house and cooking. We fed the boys lunch before they left and then it was on to Sunday  lunch. Got most of it done and then we went shopping. Needed some things from both Lowes and Wal-Mart.

    If you have not been in the Batesville Wal-Mart recently you’re in for a surprise.

  We were looking for two items and it took a while. We finally found one of what we were looking for—wrong size. Jimmie and I then split up and started searching the store. Found the right size several isles over and many feet toward the back. The store is being completely revamped and it is in a mess. I’m glad we only needed a couple of things.

    The grocery and garden sections are still intact. After all our searching we decided to have a stroll through the flowers and I found half-dozen beautiful three gallon size double pink Knock-Out Roses for $12 each—now if I just get them planted before they die. Jimmie bought some petunias and maybe a couple other plants. Their plants all looked good, think all the staff has been spending time in the garden area.

  Then it was off to Kroger for Jimmie to pick up additional roses for an arrangement for church on Sunday.  I had not been in a Kroger Store in a long time and forgot how nice their garden section was. When Jim was at Delta State, we often spent time in the Kroger there late at night—back then Kroger and the donut shop were the only things open late.

    We often came home with bargain plants and they always performed beautifully. Saturday I just had to pick up an orchid, which was so pretty. The directions came with it—said to water with three ice cubes once a week. Now I may even keep this one alive—I’ve always killed my orchids by over watering.

  The only problem with visiting the garden centers was the heat and humidity. Summer has arrived about a month early. Don’t think I had a dry thread all day Saturday or Sunday, except in the choir room, which you could use for a cooler. The humidity is awful and the temp is up there high enough. Normally hot weather does not bother me, but if this keeps up I may have to eat those words.

  With all the rain and hot weather, though, everything seems to be growing  very well. Tomatoes are jumping and they’re putting on fruit—should have some ripe ones by the Fourth, which is just around the corner, if June goes as fast as May has.


  This is Memorial Day weekend and it will close out the month. I heard a report one day last week that an estimated 35 million American families will hit the roads or sky this weekend—glad I plan to stay at home. If you are one of the vacationers, please drive safely.


  I was sorry that I could not  make either visitation or the funeral service for Grey Williams last week.  Grey and Jim were classmates, born just a week a part. I’ve known him all his life and am so sorry that God called him home so soon. Jim joins me in extending sympathy to his  daughter, Jessica, her mother, Kim, his father, Harold, his sister, Kathy, and the entire family. He will be missed.


  Friday night everyone is invited to attend the concert by Marcia and Elmo Mercer at Woodland Hills Baptist Church. This will be a very entertaining program, as well as a time of worship. The Mercers have been friends for many years and I’ve been privileged to hear them on numerous occasion. Each time just gets better and they were great at the first one.

    Do come out and join us for this and you know that earlier in the column I talked about feeding folks—we’re having a finger food fellowship following the program and the ladies and men at Woodland Hills can cook.

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