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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Got to see an older apple/pear peeler last Tuesday. Ray Cox brought his by and it  looked exactly like Robert Montgomery’s newer version, except for the base. His had the typical screw to the counter mount and Robert’s was a vacuum mount. Ray  also brought a hand model Jones sewing machine in immaculate condition. You actually treadle this by a hand knob on the fly-wheel. I don’t think I could sew with one hand. Thanks for sharing these with me.


  Bridge was re-scheduled for Thursday night, but I didn’t get to attend. Jimmie brought news that the dummy in our club is now officially named Betty.


  Worked on Friday, went home and just sat. Did water plants, then watched some of the Ryder Cub re-run.

  On Saturday morning I got up early to watch more of this golf tournament. Actually watched much to long. I was supposed to be at Mom’s by 10 a.m. and got there about 11:30. Mark Larson and I were discussing the game while I was shopping and he explained a little of the scoring.

    I really don’t understand the games being played in this event. With his help, though, I got better as play continued. Watched the conclusion of Saturday’s play at Mom’s. I went to bed early and planned to get up early (play started at 3 a.m. our time Sunday). I didn’t wake up until 6, so I jumped out of bed, turned on the TV only to learn that I’d not missed anything.

    During the night there had been another downpour and again play had been delayed. I got ready for church and then when play resumed I really did not want to go to Sunday School. I owe an apology to all the Super Bowl fans I’ve criticized for not coming to church on Super Bowl Sunday Night. I’d just never had a game I was interested in on a Sunday before. Arose early again this morning (Monday) to see the final games—but it was not completed when I had to come to work.

    I can’t wait to get home and see if we pulled out a win – didn’t look promising when I left at 8:20 a.m.


  Traveling down and then back up main St. Saturday morning I enjoyed seeing the antique tractors—only thing is they didn’t look like antiques to me. We farmed with most of the models on exhibit.


  Niece Misty had attended an elementary school math conference in Hattiesburg this weekend.  She came in with a very funny story, which was related by the conference presenter.

  The lady prefaced her story with, “Don’t every retire from teaching.” She says that a couple of math teachers (Sarah and Myrtle) retired after many years in the classroom. They found that they had nothing to occupy their time, so they started park bench sitting.         

    After a few years of this real boredom set in. One day, they noticed a large number of women going into a building, and investigating, discovered that they were attending a flower show. Myrtle says to Sarah, ‘If you will strip and go into that flower show, I’ll give you $5.’ Sarah replied, ‘For that you will really give me $5.’  ‘Sure will,’ says Myrtle.

    So off came the clothes and in went Sarah. She was gone a long time and Myrtle began to worry, thinking that her friend might have been arrested for indecent exposure. So she went to see what the problem was and met Sarah coming out of the building carrying a large trophy.  Mytle was puzzled and asked why she had a trophy. Sarah proudly announced, ‘I won in the best dried arrangement Category!’”

  Misty said the women teachers rolled, but the men were kinda quiet. Said the presenter said, “O.K. men, just wait a few minutes and you’ll get it.” Misty said it took about five minutes, before they broke into laughter.

  Misty related that after the program, she got brave enough to ask,  “How in the world did you come up with that story?” She said the lady, with a straight face, announced, “True story.”

  Misty concluded that she kept them laughing through the whole event.  We’ll probably hear more  of these stories as Misty’s memory permits.


   While we were cleaning the kitchen Sunday, Jimmie was telling me about her weekend with the grands the week before.

    Said Grandson Ruff called to tell her that he had the best day he’d ever had at her house on the Saturday before. My question was what did they do?

    The entertainment was riding the tractors, the big truck and would have been the dozer, except it would not crank. She said Michael put the boys on the big tractor and Bill rode Granddaughter Grace on the little tractor. When they tired of this, Bill cranked up the big truck, with low-boy hooked up, they all piled into the cab and rode all over the hill many times.

    This truck is not air conditioned and it was close to 100. No one had a dry thread at the end of this joy ride. The dozer didn’t (or wouldn’t) crank—think Bill had had enough fun for the day. They all then went inside, played piano and matchbox cars. Jimmie said that Grace played piano to accompany saying her ABCs. This child is only two and a half years old and Jimmie says she can count and say the alphabet. She also thinks she can drive an 18-wheeler.


Congratulations to the Blue Devils who are having a wonderful season.


  Was so sorry to hear of the death of long-time friend, Elsie Ashford. She taught Jim Algebra and earned a halo for this—he was not a good algebra student. With Elsie teaching and Sammie Cobern tutoring, he finally made it through first year Algebra. Second year was not to be. Daughter Cindy and her husband, Gordon Andrews, lived next door to us for several years.

    On one of the really cold years, Ed would stop in the driveway at the foot of our hill to scrape more frost. He used a plastic cup, until one morning Cindy came out with a nifty little scraper, which Ed used for many years. Son Tommy and I were close, since in his post office service at Water Valley, we often visited as I took the papers to be mailed. Mr. Tom was often in the office in his capacity as head of the Human Services Dept. and was always a joy to visit with. Have loved all the Ashfords through the years. Jim and I  extend our sympathy to Cindy, Tommy and all the family. Sorry I could not get to either visitation or the funeral.


  Larson’s will celebrate their 60th anniversary this weekend. On Saturday they will serve a hot dog lunch in front of the store. Bryan will be cooking their juicy jumbos and there will be chips and a drink. All the proceeds of this are being donated to Compassion Ministries, so come out,  enjoy a great meal, help a wonderful charity, and shop at Larson’s. Woodland Hills will be assisting during the first tour of serving and I’m looking forward to helping.

  Congratulations to the Larson family on their many years of service to the Valley.

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