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Street Talk

Community Sing-Along Oct. 16 At City Park

By Mickey Howley

The Farmers Market season ending event last Saturday morning had a line up of six immaculately restored antique tractors. The newest ones were pushing sixty years old and Bill McGregor’s 1937 John Deere was the oldest at seventy-three.

On a crisp October morning, the bright yellow and green and red colors were a treat to see and many kids had a special thrill sitting in the seat and gripping the wheel of these classics. If you are a dedicated gearhead like I am, you know that the restoration of these historic vehicles is a labor of love and money and lots of time.  A very big thanks to Larry and Ron Hart, Bill McGregor, Eddie Rogers, Howard Barton, and Bob Williams for bringing their tractors out.  

Thanks to the musicians who played. It was one of the highlights of the year to hear and see Kevin Guyer picking his guitar, Amy Fisher plucking bass (the real big violin thing), and Eddie Wood beating a wooden box doing a rendition of “Wipeout.”

Special thanks to artists and crafters Tommy Potts, Jennifer Pace, and Beth and Jeff Long for displaying their creations.

The Farmers Market works because we have a great group of regular vendors like Carline and Wilbur Herring, Mille and Joe Goforth, Gladne Harris, Bill Forsyth, Charles Rogers, Kenny Harmon, Cora Ray, Janet Brewer, Baxter Jones, Eddie Rogers, Patsy Wilborne. Then there is a larger group of  “semi-regulars” from “been here forever” Dr. Joe Walker to adopted northern import Dave Kuchta who give the market that seasonal and very local variety.

This year, despite the near drought conditions of August and September, Water Valley had a good and fun market. Most of all, a big thanks to all who came and supported the market. It is all part of this community helping bring downtown back.  Looking forward to May 2011.

Not exactly downtown, but part of the community, Fiddlin Rooster Farm just outside of town on Hwy 32 is once again showing off the region’s rich agricultural heritage to literally thousands of school kids. Check them out on the weekends for their corn maze and barn dances.  

Saturday night at 7 pm in the heart of downtown VOX, the non-profit literary press from Oxford, is hosting an evening of poetry and music at Bozarts Gallery. It is open to all and free and there are some real poetry pros reading. Sunday is the 150th anniversary of the founding of Water Valley’s First Baptist Church. It is a big celebration for the church and there are special events to commemorate this anniversary.

Next week on Wednes-day, Oct. 13 Michelle Jones from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History gives a presentation in the Main Street office at 10 a.m. on the benefits of National Historic District status. There are lots of positives to this status and Michelle will de-bunk some of the urban legend negatives.  Friday night, Oct. 13 is the last Movie On Main for the season, come see Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “Vertigo” to get your pre-Halloween thrills in.

Saturday, Oct. 16 starting at 2:30 the Water Valley Arts Council is having the first community “Sing-Along” at the bandstand in City Park. Singers are Gail Thompson, Eric Fearing, Bryan Ward, Larry Tyler, and Steve Thompson with musicians Kelley Hart, Clay Ashford, Gayle Peeples, and Darrin Hairson. There is a barbershop quartet performing and PJ Blount is the Emcee.

The Arts Council has their “official” membership drive going and while joining is always open, now is their “drive time.” If you like what they have been doing for Water Valley, get in touch with the Arts Council. See the Arts Council’s ad in this paper.

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