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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Don’t forget to to let your clocks “fall back” before you go to bed Saturday night. Standard Time returns and Daylight Savings Time goes away for several months—I’m glad. Need that extra hour of daylight in the morning.


  I was surprised when I made the paper delivery out to Sylva Rena last Wednesday morning. Found my beautiful fall tree still almost perfect. Thought sure that most of the leaves would be gone. Don’t think it will survive today’s rain and wind—if they do God glued them on good this year.

    I am so glad that we’re getting the rain this morning (Tuesday), even though it is election day and I’m sure it will keep some folks from coming out to vote. I voted on the way in at about 8:15 and was 83 in the NW box, with some ten or so voters behind me. I’ve always voted last (or near last) in this box so I have nothing to compare these early hour figures to.

    It seemed good to me though with the heavy rain and thunder boomers in our area at that time. I do hope everyone exercised their voting privilege, even with the bad weather conditions.


  One night last week I found a long message from Jim on my answering machine, mostly music. Later he called to explain. New Mexico, as I’ve mentioned before, now has a hand’s free phone law in a moving vehicle. Jim called me, then dropped his phone and it took him a few minutes to get to a stopping place to retrieve it.  I’m sure glad he has good taste in music.

  He had one of his accompanist and his wife as house guests for the week. Darrel is a very accomplished pianist and Ed and I were privileged to hear him and Jim play several times. On one occasion, Darrel and Jim presented a recital at Southern Arkansas Uni-versity, several years after Jim had moved on to New Mexico State University.

    Ed and I went over for the weekend to be with them. Jim had told Darrel about red eye gravy. At one of our favorite eating spots in Magnolia red eye gravy and country ham were usually on the breakfast menu. The  morning we choose to take Darrel, it was not. They were serving sausage gravy. He ate this and loved it, but as we were leaving Jim told the owner, whom he knew quite well, about the desire to taste red eye.         Owner says, “Come back tomorrow and we’ll have it!” We were back the next morning and I thought Darrel was going to have problems from eating so much—he did like our southern cooking.

  I’m sure he’s had plenty of it this week—Jim knows how to cook.


  Jimmie came over late Friday afternoon to help me get my indoor plants inside. I have several big concrete pots that take two people to move. We got all the leaves out, shook the plants, hoping to remove all critters—must have done a good job since I’ve not seen even a cricket or spider. Now if I can just remember to water them, maybe they’ll make the winter. Do enjoy seeing the geraniums, petunias, hibiscus and gerber daisies blooming all winter. Always intend to plant a tomato and pepper, but never get it done.

  The extreme cold did not get to the hill Friday night, but it did to Panola County. About five or six miles from Pope, I found the kudzu wilted. Then in Mom’s front yard the squash was totally gone. Kudzu in our area is still green, however I’m sure the predicted 30 degrees later this week will get it.

  Mom and I had a good day Saturday—just the two of us. The boys were working on the dozer and Jimmie had a family crisis on the Cole side.


  Sunday was high attendance day at Woodland Hills, dubbed Rodeo Roundup. After worship service, we enjoyed hot dogs, barbecue, baked beans, cole slaw, chips, drinks and desserts. Then it was on to the fun games, a cake walk, cotton candy, an air bounce fun house, and horseback riding.

    You could also have your blood pressure taken and the VFW Ladies Auxiliary was there to give information and gifts. The Water Valley Fire Department and Police Department  were present to inform and entertain the kids. Throughout the afternoon door prizes were given and I think almost everyone present got one. I didn’t get to see many of the other games, because Ruth Anthony and I were running the Boot Drop Game and we had as much fun as the children playing.


  Robert Montgomery was in  Wednesday to bring me the box to his peeler, so I could get the model number and order one. He also brought the last of his pears, which I’ve really been enjoying—I eat one every night. Why is it when something is running out it just gets so  much better?

  Next year we’ll be ready to peel pears, we know how to make preserves, and we have Billy Rotenberry’s recipe for Pear Honey and Pear Relish. Billy brought a sample of each and they are both delicious. I ate some of the relish on peas and on pork. When I told him I had really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to make some next year, he says, “Try it on a hot dog.” I did and it was the best dog I’ve every eaten.


    Football report was good – the Devils won. However I was sorry to learn that they had to play the Mooreville team and the officials and also that the  opposing team, band and fans were rude to our band and team. In years past we were often with Mooreville at the state band contest and they were always very nice.

    Friday night the play-offs begin and Water Valley will be playing at home. Come out and support them.

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