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Permanent Stands Not Allowed On U.S. Corps Property

    The opening day of rifle season for whitetail deer in Mississippi is just around the corner and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Enid Lake would like to remind all hunters that hunting is permitted on the project lands.

    Areas restricted to hunting include: developed recreation areas, Spring-dale Wildlife Management Area, and areas marked “No Hunting” by signs. Hunters should park their vehicles in designated parking areas and avoid blocking access gates and roads. Hunters are reminded to practice hunter safety, and all state and local laws apply while hunting on Corps of Engineers property.  

    It is illegal to throw or dump trash, animal carcasses, etc. on Corps of Engineers Lands, right-of-ways, and roads. Hunters should remember it is illegal to permanently attach any type deer stand, drive nails, or any other objects into trees located on government property.             Portable stands may be used, but have to be removed daily. Enid Lake

brochures and hunting maps are available at the Enid Lake Field Office for hunters wanting to acquire literature about government boundaries, designated hunting areas, and areas restricted to hunting.

    Also remember safety is a priority while hunting on public or private land. Be sure to check your firearm  before shooting to ensure there are no deficiencies or obstructions in the barrel, always wear hunter orange when in the field, and always identify your target before shooting. When hunting from a tree stand be sure to wear a safety harness that fits properly and has no tears or abrasions.

    Always inspect tree stands before use to insure nuts, bolts, braces etc. are secure. Never climb into or out of a tree stand with a firearm, utilize some type of haul line and always unload your firearm before raising or lowering a firearm from a tree stand.

    Hunters should also let someone know where they will be hunting and an expected time to return home.

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