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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Please note the serving time for Compassion Ministries Thanksgiving Meal will be from 10:30-11:30 a.m. The announcement has had incorrect times for the past couple of weeks and we regret the errors. The meal will be served in White Star Kitchen, South Main Street, Water Valley.


  A subscriber came in with a request for information on Monday. She had found a stoneware pitcher in an estate sale with the marking of A. A. Johnson, Water Valley. If you have any information about this stoneware, please call 473-3901 and share it.


  Need to back up to last week’s trip to the Ag Museum. A note from T. J. Ray told me that Julie Tubbs Putman of Madison had been by the print shop before I arrived. I’m so sorry that I  missed Julie. She is the daughter of the late Homer Dean and Maxine Tubbs. We were all members of Camp Ground Church for many years, she was in the Water Valley High School band, during some of the years we traveled with this group, and then she and Ed were members of the Community Band until his death. Have known Julie since she was born and she’s a dear friend.


  The weekend was a very busy one. Thursday night I did get to Bridge, held in the home of Connie and Ham Hawkins. I got to see their home addition and renovation and it is great. Connie built a bath that you could put all three of my baths in, and still have space left over. She says that she did not need more bedrooms, or more living area, but she did need a bath she could turn around in—she got it.

    She also built a new fancy laundry room, with hanging space for clothes, a new washer and dryer, an ironing board, and lots of other space. She also painted several rooms and built a new deck that I just wanted to sit on during the evening – forget bridge. As always, the food was delicious and I ate way to much, since I’d skipped lunch.

    Sara Russo, Coach Russo’s wife, had their youngest son, Clay, with her. He’s so cute and  good, even though he did cry a bit Thursday night. I accused Sarah of pinching him to  make him cry. I didn’t get to hold him, I was too busy playing. Sarah can hold him and play at the same time, however Jimmie did get her hands on him a couple of times when she was the dummy. Hilda Broome and I were at the same table all night – actually started the evening as partners. It was such fun.

    Hilda had ridden with us and on the way over I asked about the age of her step children. She says now the oldest is 13 years younger than I, so that makes him almost 52. As soon as she said it she came back with and I bet you can add. Admitted that I was a pretty good math student.

    I really didn’t know she was that old, but after the cat was out of the bag, she says, “I’m going to get a SS Card soon, but I’m really only 59 and I intend to stay there.” The teasing went on all evening and when we dropped her off, she says, “I’ll go behind the car, so you can just pull on out.” Couldn’t let that one go, so I came back with, “Ah Hilda, you can go in front of the car, we don’t run old ladies down.” Glad my door was locked.

  Sarah and I were discussing our upcoming football game. I told her I really intended to go to this one and I was going to sit on the center line (I know it’s the 50-yard line, I haven’t been in those stadiums for over 50 years without learning a little something). Hilda and Sarah immediately jump on that one, “You do know that this game is being played outside—dress warmly.” We do have lively parties.

  I don’t know who won, but Connie gave us all great gifts.


  Friday Jimmie and I had a full day. My car had to have a check-up and an oil change, so I had an appointment for this – thankfully the van was fine. Also had an appointment for Mom’s little dog to get winterized – light clip, nails clipped, ect. He knows he’s so cute after a visit to the groomer.

  While all this was being done, Jimmie and I got in a little shopping. I went to Vanity Fair to pick up some undies and P.J.s for Mom. Found lots of great buys. While there, I found a pair of  my favorite jeans—old ones were wearing out, also several summer tops at rock bottom prices, and some house shoes that feel like marshmallows on my feet. I did good!

  I came home just in time to get my heavy coat, blanket, and cushion (stadium seat has not been found) and get to the stadium. I sat with the Woodland Hills gang, Becky York and her family, Lela Mae McMinn, Cathy Sartain, Ronnie and Cindy Dickey, Martha Ruth and Margaret Wilson. Was a fun evening. I saw lots of folks I’d not seen for a while. This was my first football game since Ed died, so that game was probably the last game of the 2003 season.

    I’m sorry our Blue Devils lost, but they’ve had a remarkable season, considering the age and size of the team. The entire team, Coach Embry, Coach Russo, and the entire coaching staff have done an excellent job and I congratulate them. I think they’ll be playing at the State level next year.

  On my way out of the stadium I spoke to Bubba Defer and remarked that it seemed such a short time ago that I was watching him on that field. Much of the night I was reminiscing – could see Binnie Turnage and Ed walking the sidelines.

    They did this for over 40 years. Hal Clark was on the sideline and I remembered that my first Water Valley Junior High game was coached by his father, the late Bobby Clark. Bob Tyler and I visited for a minute on the way out and when I came in ‘58 he was the high school coach. We’d discussed the old Oakland Stadium a few weeks ago and I do believe the first WVHS game I attended was in Oakland, with the Devils being coached by Bob. I’ve watched many games in my 52 years in the Valley, but still do not understand the game. I do know what the 50-yard line is, though.

  Saturday at lunch, I was explaining to Bo and Rance some of the reasons I thought we lost the game and their response was, “Sis you’re not qualified to be a Saturday morning quarterback—why you barely know what a football is.” They’re right. Boys played well—just four points short of being good enough to win. That’s really exciting, considering most teams never even make the play-offs.


  Sunday we had our harvest meal at Woodland Hills. It was well attended and there was an abundance of food. As always, we had wonderful fellowship.


  Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday. The Herald Office will be closed Thursday and Friday to celebrate.

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