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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    We’re beginning to O.K. Christmas ads for the Christmas section that will be included in the December 23 issue. If you would like an ad and we fail to contact you, just call me at 473-1473 and we’ll be sure to get your business or family included.

  It’s hard to believe that the Christmas season is here—it has definitely been a short year.


  We began our Christmas shopping Friday. Jimmie, Carolyn and I made a trip down to Merigold to McCarty Pottery and it was fun, but not as much as when Mr. Mac and his wife, Pup, were there to greet their shoppers. All the folks there are very nice and helpful. We bought several pieces, mostly for gifts – I did spurge a little, picking up some brown and green bowls, platters, ect. in the glazes I really like.

    I don’t like the new shinny ones. I have Carolyn’s name and I got the rabbit that she picked out – nothing like getting the exact gift someone wants. Now, Jimmie will wrap it, and I’ll have one gift ready. Have money cards for all the great- nieces and nephews. Have so lost touch with the toy industry that I wouldn’t dare buy a toy, game or electronic item for these youngsters.

    As Jim always said, “The color is just right, size might be a little small, though.” Well his and Celeste’s gift color was right, but the size might be a bit small. They’re not going to get to visit at Christmas this year, both are just too busy. I’m just not going to buy, wrap and mail gifts – Ed would have. He loved buying for everyone and knew what each one wanted, the right size, and all that stuff—don’t know how he did it?

  Maybe this weekend we’ll get to finish the shopping, so Jimmie can get the gifts wrapped. She’s working on the decorating now and I have not even been over to help – not being a very good sister this year. I’ll do the cooking.


  Saturday morning members of Woodland Hills were supposed to meet at 8 o’clock near First Baptist to give out candy canes. I rushed, thought I was late, but on my first pass by the church no one was there. Went to the south end of town, turned around in Larson’s parking lot and came back up the street, still did not see any Woodland Hills folks. Went to the church, no one was there. Came back and there they were. We handed out 500 candy canes, along with the legend of the canes attached, in a little over an hour. It was great fun, the weather was wonderful, and the fellowship excellent. This is a free mission endeavor, but most everyone tries to give us a donation. Valley folks are very generous.

    As one gentleman passed us a second time, he held up his candy and exclaimed, “Thanks, I’m just riding up and down the street collecting candy canes.” Had one lady who received a candy cane and the story, call to request three for her grandchildren. We were glad to supply these. While doing this you see so many friends that you’ve known through the years and also get to meet many new folks.         Margie Pilcher and I were a team and I remarked to her that so many of the people we greeted had at one time been  members with us at Camp Ground – over the past 50 years we’ve scattered everywhere. It’s wonderful though that we’re all still good friends and members of the same family (God’s).

  After we finished it was too late to get to the Lions Club pancake breakfast. I’d intended to get up early and go eat – guess I was tired from shopping because I over slept. So I went home, ate a sandwich, and then came back for the Christmas parade.

    Again the weather was great – cloudy, but very warm. I didn’t even need a jacket.

  As always J. C. Womble and his helpers did an excellent job of organizing and getting the parade down the street very professionally and safely.

  Before the parade I visited with the Jerry Hill family. They had the canary yellow T-Model in the line up. Jerry drove and he was accompanied by son, Bennett; daughter, Margaret Higdon; and the grands. Rosa Ruth went on down the street to get pictures. Prior to their departure, Jerry gave me a lesson on driving the T-model. I had not realized how complicated this automobile was. Decided that I’d just have to watch – I can barely drive a standard shift vehicle.

  Included in the parade were lots of vintage vehicles, many fire trucks, four-wheelers, motorcycles, lots of floats, the high school band and other marching units, and much more. The parade was led by Grand Marshal Doris Cox, riding in the Shuffield convertible, driven by Charlie, with Linda riding shotgun.         Mayor Hart and Sheriff Humphreys were somewhere up front—I never got that far up.

  After the parade I really wanted to go down town and shop, but was just too lazy. I also wanted to get fish at the depot from the Fast Pitch Softball Fans benefit, but didn’t make this either. Heard they had a great day, though.


  Wasn’t ready for the drastic drop in temperature Sunday morning – did pull out the wool, though. Kept it on all day and finally got too warm about the middle of choir practice Sunday night. This was our final rehearsal before the presentation of our cantata this Sunday morning. The Sanctuary Choir of Woodland Hills will present “Beautiful Star” at the 10:30 morning service.         Everyone is invited to attend this special Christmas music program. We’ve had so much fun learning this music under the direction of our former music director, Linda Williams; present director, Patti Goodwin; pianist, Sammie Cobern; and organist, Barbara Warren. It has also been great having Linda’s mother, “Bootsie” Williams, as a guest choir member—she’s a great alto.


  The Valley is looking very festive for the holidays. City Electric crews have gotten the decorations up and they’re still pretty and Town and Country Garden Club has the Railroad Park Band Stand looking great. Have not been north, but I’m sure The Garden Club of Water Valley has the gazebo looking beautiful, also. Thanks to all these folks for the hard work they put in each year to make the Valley so pretty, and thanks, also, to the businesses, churches, and individuals who do such good jobs decorating.

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