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Older Workers Should Not Be Counted Out

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you had a great Christmas.  

Here are some words to live by that I’m going to pass on to you. I have an associate  named Tillman Williams in Huntsville, Ala. He is 85 years old and goes to his office every day. When I need any type of assistance he will give it his immediate attention and get back to me within the day. The other morning I asked him how he was and this is what he said to me.  

“Cooper, when I wake up in the morning and I can see the top of the grass instead of the roots, it’s a great day.”  

As all of you know by now I have so much respect for people who are not intimidated by their age and continue  operating their businesses, and  I can only hope that I’ll be able to do the same. It’s always seemed such a waste to arbitrarily say when people reach a certain age they should retire to make room for someone else.

Just think of all the experience that is being wasted when mentally and physically able people are more or less discarded. Harlan San-ders created KFC after he started drawing his social security check and there are countless other examples that we don’t even know about.

An example right here in Water Valley, Dr. Cooper, Dr. French and Dr. George who didn’t go out to pasture on their 65th  birthday.  Wade Doolin retired this year at 85 and Arnold Carothers worked long after what some think is an automatic retirement age. I have  a friend, Sonny Lockley, in Cherry Valley, Ark., who is in his seventies and  farms several thousand acres after having open heart surgery a few years ago.

Instead of moving competent people aside to make room for a younger force, remove worthless government restrictions so that businesses  can expand and provide jobs for everyone who wants to work, regardless of their age.

It’s hard to believe that we’ll soon begin the second decade of the 21st Century. Remember how the doom criers were predicting all the calamities that were supposed to happen at the beginning of the new century. Unfortunately too many people are quick to believe the worst case scenario. This is why environmental nut cases are able to promote scams such as global warming and animal rights.  Nobody seems to question the figures they throw out.  

A few years ago they reported how many trees were being cut down every hour, which if true there wouldn’t be a tree left standing in the entire world.  Trees are a crop that just takes longer to mature. Thanks to programs we have now there are more trees planted than are being cut down.

The President’s wife recently  said that her program to combat childhood obesity was too important to be left up to the parents.  That statement should be a wake-up call as to how our rights as parents are being taken away from us under the guise of what’s best for the children.

None of these people pushing their agendas have come to grips with the truth a country singer many years ago said in his song, “I’ll never get out of this world alive.” I still remain an optimist, and believe that more people are good in the world than bad, and even though we are imperfect we try to do the right thing.  

An important historical event: during Christmas Washington crossed the Delaware and captured Trenton in what is believed to be a turning point in our Revolution.

On a sadder note, Ex-President Grant had lost everything in bad business investments and pawned his watch to buy Christmas presents for his family. A happier note – when Mark Twain helped Grant complete his memoirs before his death, and arranged to get it published to become a best seller and as a result the Grant family became financially independent.

On Christmas Eve 1941 Wake Island fell to the Japanese,and Christmas 1944 the 101st Airborne was encircled at Bastogne in the battle of the bulge.  This Christmas our troops are fighting terrorists in Afghanistan.  

I know that some of you say get back to Water Valley events and I think you will all be pleased at some of the things I’m getting together for next year.  So from my family to all of you, a wish for a happy and safe New Year. My email address is or write me at P.O. Box 6131189 Memphis, TN 38101 and again have a great New Year.

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