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A New Beginning

Unexpected Arrival Gives Teen Mom New Outlook On Fulfilling Her Goals

By Jazzlynn Hickman

    As the world changes so did my life from being just a college student. I became a new mother, a student, and part time worker. I disappointed a lot of people including myself and it took a long time to accept the facts, deal with the situation, and move on to better things.

    No matter what anyone thought of me, I couldn’t let that get me down and block what I am capable of doing. Once I accepted that I am a young mother, I enjoy motherhood and spending a lot of time with my daughter JaMyia. She has changed my life tremendously.

    When I first enrolled at Northwest Community College in Senatobia, I had two scholarships, participated in the work study program, and was a member on the yearbook staff. Being away from home was exciting and challenging at the same time. Sometimes it was hard to stay focused – having all the responsibilities of being a full time student and keeping good grades begin to close in on me.

    I was taking 19 hours the first semester and also working to fit in with other students. When I decided to move back home, I discovered that I was expecting.

    In the process I lost everything I worked hard for. It was so frustrating and I stayed in denial for a while, but reality finally set in and I worked on what I needed to do to make a better life for myself and my baby.

    I put everything that happened  to the side and decided to get back on track. I didn’t want to give up on my education, so I transferred to Northwest’s Oxford campus to continue  my education after sitting out the fall semester.

    On that note, anyone who has experienced what I have shouldn’t give up. I want to encourage teenage parents or anyone to go forward and make the best life for themselves and their child. Stay in school surround yourself with positive people.

    During my pregnancy, I had a lot of supportive people in my life. It’s a good feeling to have someone that cared. Being a parent is hard, but a support system is helpful. I know several young ladies who have done the parenting job by themselves while others have their family to help them

    Teenage parents who don’t have help can get help with local services like the health department or anywhere else that may help. A social worker can find shelter, jobs, and whatever else a person may need. Too many teenage parents are seeking help but don’t have it.

    There are also too many situations where someone gets thrown out on their own and have no one there for guidance and support.

    In conclusion, I shared some solutions for anyone who needs to know what direction they want to go.

    We all fall short sometimes but it’s important to stay a teenager, finish school, and  stay focused.

    (Editor’s Note: Jazzlynn is a 2009 graduate of Water Valley High School and wrote a column in the North Mississippi Herald as a student. She is the daughter of Jacquelyn Hickman and lives on Hwy. 32 West.)

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