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Exposed Mudflats Offer Recreational Fun

Volunteers construct a fish shelter during a previous habitat day.

By Enid Lake Park Rangers

    On January 7, Enid Lake was at lake level 230.67 with the gates closed. At this level  acres of exposed mudflats and miles of shoreline provides a variety of recreational opportunities including ATV riding, wildlife viewing, site seeing, hunting, and fish habitat installation.

    The staff at Enid Lake would like to remind all visitors that these exposed mudflats present numerous hazards, and encourages all visitors no matter what the recreational activity to keep safety first and foremost. Hazards include but not limited to: sink holes, exposed trotlines, exposed timber, debris, and litter (broken glass).

    Also with the lower lake levels many artifacts become exposed as well. The removal or destruction of any historical, archaeological, or paleontological artifacts from public property is prohibited. These artifacts include  arrow heads, spear points or old home site artifacts including lumber, rocks, nails, glassware, pottery, etc.

    Enid Lake’s Annual Habitat Day has been scheduled for Saturday, February 5, with activities beginning at 7 a.m. at the Enid Lake Field Office. This year, Habitat Day volunteers will divide into groups and work at Long Branch, Chickasaw Hill, Plum Point and Midway Recreation Areas.

Volunteers of all ages are needed to accomplish this endeavor.

    Work will include dragging cedar trees with ATV’s, tying and anchoring cedar trees with concrete weights and ties, and driving wooden stakes with post drivers. Volunteers are asked to bring their ATV’s to assist in placing cedar trees in the proper locations. If you don’t have an ATV and still would like to participate don’t worry; there will be plenty to do including hooking and unhooking trees to and from ATV’s, tying and anchoring shelters, and constructing wooden stake beds.

    After a morning of constructing fish shelters, volunteers will return to Enid Lake’s maintenance shop for lunch and a drawing for door prizes.

    For more information on Enid Lake Recreational Opportunities or Habitat Day please contact the Enid Lake Field Office at 662-563-4571 or visit our website at

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