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Fitness Resolutions Dominate New Year

By Mickey Howley

Looking over a top ten list of New Year’s Resolutions, I was struck by the fact that half of them are health related. Health related resolutions are often expressed in terms like, “taming the bulge,” or “getting lean and mean” or “ running a marathon”.

Perhaps the emphasis on personal health is understandable, after all, if one is not healthy, the other resolutions listed such as spending time with family and friends, earning more money, being better organized, and traveling more are just that much more difficult if you are not in good physical condition. Maybe the emphasis on health is even more important in the south; we seem to have he fattest population, with obesity rates in Mississippi at one third (33%) of the adult population – the most in any state of this country. Just as a comparison: the national average is about 25% and Colorado is the leanest at 19% of the adults being defined as obese. So, it seems we’re fat.

It is not rocket science; everyone knows the key to staying fit is a combination of proper diet and consistent exercise. Walking for a sustained period of time, or just walking more, is one of the easiest things to stay toned. Water Valley is compact enough and the weather here generally mild enough where walking to shop or work is a real possibility for many folks. Plus, we have a great walking track and tennis courts at the Crawford Sports Complex.

 If you want to stay inside and exercise, consider joining the gym at Cornerstone Rehabilitation. They have all the workout equipment you need; they are open long hours, and the membership fees are quite reasonable. If you are into lifting weights or working out with fitness equipment, join Corner-stone.  

You may also try Zumba with the Valley Dance Company. Zumba is a combination of an aerobic workout set to international music with a certain Latin flair. It is a workout and chance to boogie at the same time. If group grooving is not your speed, try yoga. Pati D’Amico is a licensed yoga instructor in town, and she provides personal attention to making sure you get the right stretch and flexibility. Free community group yoga is also coming to Bozarts several nights during the week, starting Jan 17.

Those are just some of the exercise possibilities in Water Valley. Eating right is just as important, too.   For those who like group support, Weight Watchers has a program just starting; contact Nell Jobe at Mechanics Bank for more information.

I read an article that stated that in the last fifty years, the average increase in American waistlines was comparable percentage wise to the increase in American refrigerator capacity. This is a clear indication that increases in frozen and processed foods has not done us much good. Health guru Jack LaLanne, who is still working out two hours a day at 96 years old, puts it like this,” if man-made it, don’t eat it”.  Simply just eating fresh and non-processed foods helps much. That is easy to do in Water Valley: both grocery stores always have plenty of seasonal and fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. The effort comes in cooking rather than just heating up something already made and frozen.

The WVMSA planning meeting for the 2011 Program of Work was postponed to January 18 at 6:30 due to icy conditions on Jan. 11th.  The meeting is open to the public, and all who wish to have a say in this year’s activities and events are invited come. See you Tuesday.

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