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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Got a good start last week on my resolution to exercise more in 2011. Walked up and down my driveway in the snow until Thursday afternoon. Now walking in snow is a bit more strenuous than just walking up a hill.

    Then when we got to Moms over the weekend and more walking up a driveway was necessary. Added to this, everything we wanted to take to her house had to packed in and we did not have a pack mule. A couple of boxes are still riding in the van – stuff we really did not have to have. Groceries and clean laundry were necessary.

  Jimmie and I needed some fun time, so we decided to do some after Christmas shopping Fri-day afternoon. Found some great buys at Belks and Penneys. Jimmie bought a pair of shoes, starting price $80, and with the mark downs and coupons, wound up paying just $18.

    I have been collecting Belk’s Christmas Village for several years – buying only what’s left at the end of the season. Found one house there Friday and got it for $4.99 (originally sold for $40). Purchased Christmas purses for a few dollars each – had been expensive – and we’ll enjoy them next year if we remember we have them and can find them. Got some Bridge prizes – my time to host is coming up soon, so maybe we’ll not loose them.

  I arrived before Jimmie, so I spent some time in the Goodwill Store – do enjoy looking and shopping there. Got a Coldwater Creek summer silk sweater for $3.99, which has never been cleaned, a red silk blouse, also brand new, and a pair of beautiful Italian leather shoes that have never been worn.

    They fit so good and are very comfortable. I found Jimmie a lime green linen summer shirt that I knew looked just like her – it fit. We also picked up a couple of cute red kissie candy bowls and a red lined silver candy bowl – be very  useful for Valentines or Christmas.       

Also got several pots – I needed to re-pot some houseplants. They were much nicer than what I’d buy at retail. The Goodwill Store was out of newspaper for wrapping the glassware so I emptied the van, but didn’t have nearly as much paper as usual. Promised to bring them more in the near future.

  After we were tired out from shopping we decided to eat. We wound up at Chow Time Buffet so I could have some cabbage and lima beans. Also ate a few other things, right down to dessert – so much that I had a tummy ache, not from quality but from quantity. Everything on the bar was delicious.


  I got up early Saturday morning to do some laundry and clean a couple of bathrooms I’d let slide in order to frolic on Friday. Next it was off to Larson’s for groceries for both Mom and me. Picked up a Best Choice spiral ham for Sunday lunch and it was the best ham I think I’ve ever eaten.

    Better than honey baked or Smithfield. We all stuffed on it at Sunday lunch and then three of the families took enough home for sandwiches this week and we even left Mom plenty. After we took all the large slices, there was still enough left for ham and dumplings for next Saturday’s lunch and the hambone will go into a pot of pinto beans.

    A 10 pound ham, for 99c per pound, really provided some economical and tasty eating. Cantaloupes were two for $4 and they are as good as summertime melons. Strawberries are also very good, but they’re a bit pricey. However, Mom loves them and so I splurge for her – she’s worth it.

  Bo and Rance deer hunted over the weekend, but we still have not seen any meat for the table. Those boys are really slipping as trusty hunters. Going to have to put Don in the woods.


  The snow was completely gone from the hill this morning (Monday). The snowmen in the Dickey’s yard were still standing, but they have shrunk a lot and there were little bits of snow along the highways where it had really been piled up. I’m not a bit sad to see it go.

  Getting into the van this morning I saw about a half dozen deer in the front yard – most I’ve ever seen at one time. Maybe brothers need to come hunt on my hill. Also saw several big ones crossing the highway as I traveled back and forth to Pope over the weekend.

  However, I’ve found a more dangerous foe on the highway than deer. On three separate occasions recently I’ve almost been run off the road by motorists who were texting. These drivers get so engrossed in the messages that they just forget to watch the road.

    The latest incident happened one day last week when I was coming into the Valley on 315.  I  met a white vehicle and it was clearly into my lane. I pulled over as far as I could and barely got by it. We were in a flat straight area, so I watched the car as it came all the way into the lane I was in. Thankfully no one was coming as far as I could see.         Didn’t hear of an accident so I guess they got back onto their side of the highway or else no one was traveling toward Water Valley. This is a scary problem that has cropped up in our society and it’s getting worse. I do think texting and even talking on cell phones while the vehicle is moving, unless it’s by a passenger, should be outlawed. If you have to talk or text, find a safe spot to pull off the road. That does not take much time in our area.

  Business and social events were not hampered by lack of mobile phone use for many years. The first car phone we had was in 1994 (ice storm) and we only used it for emergencies. In 1984 (tornado) the only mobile phones were radio tower phones and they were few and far between – mostly used by large farmers. I just don’t remember it being such a hardship to live without these killer phones. Mine stays in the console of the van and has not been answered or dialed in several years – I keep it there simply to use if I have an emergency. I suggest everyone else do the same. I don’t wish to be a fatality, or even be severely injured, because someone is just shooting the breeze. I’m sure you don’t either.


  Another Monday holiday was celebrated this week. Unfortunately weekly newspapers are not among those who get to enjoy these. And, in addition it works a hardship on us, because the post office, the courthouses, city hall, and the schools are closed, so if we need anything from them we have to wait until Tuesday.  

    Doesn’t seem fair, but I do hope everyone who got a holiday enjoyed it. We’ll get Good Friday – but that’s a long way off. Easter is not until very late in April this year.

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