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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    I went to Oxford to pick up Penny’s inserts earlier than usual last week – thought I’d miss the heavy rain predicted for the afternoon.         Wrong – drove up Hwy. 7 in a light drizzle, turned onto Hwy. 6 with still light rain, but when I entered Lamar Avenue it began to come down in bucket fulls. This continued all around the square, into the Eagle parking lot and while we were loading. It did slack while Bo got my van back into the street. I had to have help because a big van was blocking my view, Bo offered to guide me into the street, but I volunteered to do this, while he piloted the van.

    The Eagle staff is so good to me and I do love and appreciate them. I made it back onto seven before the downpour came again. Was so glad that I was followed by a very courteous truck driver. However, I was running ahead of schedule, so I took a break at The Bargain Basket.

    I visited with the staff there until the precipitation once again became a drizzle. I came on home with comfortable driving conditions and some good bargains gleaned while resting at the Basket.


    I had another apprehensive Wednesday mor-ning – weatherize. Second week in a row that I’ve not known whether I’d get papers delivered to the stores and we have another bad weather Wednesday predicted for tomorrow. However, it’s for later in the day and into the night – that’s much better. Can just stay on the hill and watch the white stuff on Thursday.

    Last Wednesday was a cold day though, and I was tempted to stay home in my warm den at prayer meeting time. Just couldn’t do it though, so out came the big coat and I braved the cold wind again. Got there and most everyone admitted to having the same temptation.

    Kinda wished I’d succumbed to mine though when Bro. Ken began with his illustration, using lizards. Everyone knows my affection for these critters. Bro. Ken said that while they were on the mission field in Africa that often the whole side of their house would be covered in lizards – small ones all the way up to a giant two foot critter. It seems they had a little dog that would help with lizard control – grabbing them when he knocked them off the wall. All went well until he knocked the giant off. Then the report went that the little dog stepped back, taking a good look, not sure she was up to that task. Illustration was that God didn’t give us tasks that He did not give us the ability to handle. If He gives us a giant size job, we can do it with His help. However, most of us are like the little dog and we only see what we can handle. Well, I had to call his hand on the use of lizards, stating that I’d dream about those things that night—they’d be all over me. Went on to tell him that the only bright spot in all this horrible cold weather was that I didn’t have to worry about lizards.

    Thursday morning I had to put something in the second fridge located in the sunroom. Sure enough there was a little lizard (about three inches long) sitting right in front of the fridge, trying to get out the door. I’m sure he’s been there all winter, hiding in the plants brought in last fall.


    We had our valentine banquet  at Woodland Hills Saturday night and it was so much fun.

    Betty and Al Davis were my guests and Candi and Phillip Tallant were seated at our table – don’t know why I didn’t think to invite the Tallants, will next year.

    We enjoyed catching up and reminiscing. When their children were very young we spent lots of time together. We’d all gang up in our old big vans, go out to eat or on other outings. Often Becky, Stan and Michael Crow were with us, and sometimes Ludie.

    We did have a load. The boys and I usually sat on the floor between the seats, Kelli slept on the floor, the ladies took the back seat and the others just sat wherever. Do  miss those days.         Entertainment was by a wonderful vocalist from Calhoun County and we do appreciate her and her husband coming to be with us. There were numerous door prizes, prizes for games, guess the number of items in containers, etc.. On one of these guesses there was a tie and the winners were a husband and wife. I think that must be a Guinness world record.

    The highlight of the evening though were the commercials—free and just about as good as those 30 second three million dollars spots during the Super Bowl. The commercials were needed to help pay the tab for the banquet—ticket sales just didn’t do it. So corporate sponsors were needed and they came from Michael’s Hair Fashions, Bro. Ken, Jack of All Trades and Chicken Rancher, Hill Brothers Brick Layers, Sammy’s Horse Training, and more that I’ve forgotten. The one that surprised me was Betty’s News. My spot touted me as being able to supply you with places to eat, shop, visit, and just about anything else needed. It was cute – didn’t know I was so valuable for info. All phone numbers were 1-800’s and the only one I remember is mine, 1-800-Bet-News. Oh, they were all delightful—wish someone had taped them.

    Food was delicious, grilled pork loin, wonderful green beans and a hash brown potato casserole that was delicious. Got the recipe—a ton of hash browns, five pounds of grated cheese and a gallon of sour cream. Sure we can make it from this. Don’t know who all the chefs were, but Michael Redwine, Bro. Ken, Cathy Sartain, Cindy Branes, Cindy Dickey, and Shelley Izzard were all in the kitchen. The youth were servers and they did a great job. It was a very enjoyable evening.


    It was so good to see Mrs. Dale Sartain, Claudine and Carey for a few minutes Saturday morning. She got home from the hospital Friday and reported doing very well.

    After leaving them I made a quick trip over to Mom’s to get her lunch and cook Sunday lunch. Jimmie had already cooked a lot, so my chore was easy. Mom and I visited for awhile before I came back for the party.

    On Sunday I went over for a short time, before coming back for the visitation for Mrs. Helen Purser. She was a member of our Sunday School class and I loved her so much.

    A visit with her could brighten any day and I will miss her. Sympathy is extended to Daughter Karla, Son Bruce, and the entire family.

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