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Out On The Mudline

Maybe You Are A Lot Richer Than You Think

By W. P. Sissell

  Today I’ll start with a question. Have you ever figured out how much it costs you, per day, to live in the USA? If you have I imagine that you said, “Wow!” Add your ad valorem tax (or maybe rent instead) and divide by 365.25. I have been involved in getting all my figures together for my tax man midst many calls to do something else. I’m at the point of checking for easily visible errors and finding a few. Of course I stop for jobs like removing the handle off a discarded skillet to make a nice bowl for my grandchildren, Parker and Kristen’s little dog. Please don’t get me wrong for I know that any day I can get any number of people in this world who will trade places with me. While in Europe (WWII) when I told those Europeans about our Mud Line farm and cattle their most frequent statement was “rich man”.

  Nannette and I had a busy day yesterday. Friday is one of my exercise days, or should I say visitation days, with the exercise crowd. Lee Rowsey was waiting to tell me about the old crippled herd bull he sold. The bull had injured a hind foot, which did not heal correctly and Lee had been feeding him special. The bull weighed sixteen hundred pounds and sold for eighty cents per pound. I have to agree with Lee, in that, if that kind of meat sells, on the hoof, for eighty cents per pond, beef is keeping pace with two dollar cotton. On our delta farms we ordinarily would make about one hundred bales on our allotted acres. At two dollars per pound a five hundred pound bale brings one thousand dollars—that is one hundred thousand for the crop. How about B.B. Williamson? I wonder how much fertilizer will be worth, no, cost?

The Doctor’s Appointment

  After exercise (three fifteen minute periods on three different machines) we rushed home to change and get ready to see Nannette’s podiatrist, Dr. C. C. Williams. We had gotten the appointment changed so that we could take care of some other business later in the day.

  We had a good visit with Dr. Williams. He gave explicit instructions and took Nannette off the “big foot” for most of the day, every day, unless swelling occurs.

  Dr. Williams is a former Navy Doctor over a long period of time. I had not noticed before that his full name was Dr. C. C. Williams. My office mate at Northwest for a number of years was C. C. Williams, whom I have written about before. Chadwick Claude  Williams and I met in graduate school at Ole Miss. My nick name for Chad was Casper Cadwaller. We were long time friends.

  Dr. Williams lives out on the Pine Valley Road. He chose this location so that he would have little traffic with which to contend. While he was in the California area and/or the Washington, D.C. area he was in high traffic areas. He loves the scenic drives of our country roads.

  We think that Dr. Williams is  fine doctor. His work on Nannette’s foot seems to be doing great and we base this on a comparison of x-rays then and now.


  As I was writing, our granddaughter, Melba, along with her mother, Nancy, stopped by for a visit. Melba lives in Birmingham and works there. She is working on a further degree, electronically and travels to California at intervals of three months for tests and outlining of future studies. Hard copies are sent but she is in contact via e-mail with her instructors daily, if need be—I called her the electronic scholar.

  Hopefully, spring has sprung. I remember when we had a dry February in the delta and got all the land broken and bedded before March 1. We caught a lot of crappie and catfish before April 25, our cotton planting date.

  Do have a great week and I will try to do the same.

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