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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Springtime continues in the Valley. I think all the pear trees are in full bloom and the area is a sea of yellow with all the daffodils in full bloom. I even have some of my hybrid  daffodils in bloom – shouldn’t bloom until April and May. Haven’t  checked the Hawthorne bushes, but they’re probably blooming.

    With temps in the high 70s critters have awakened. Someone even reported raking up a snake and I’ve seen my lizards The year round animals seem to have been energized—they are really moving around.         Deer are very active, eating every green twig that puts out in my yard. I was contemplating putting in new shrubs, bulbs, and even annuals, but don’t think it will do any good – except helping keep the animals fed.         Deer have already eaten the first leaves off my Knock-Out Roses. Brother Bo offered me some of his wire cages and I think I’ll take them. They are about six feet high—won’t be very pretty, but at least I’ll get to see some blooms. He says eventually you can remove them, that the deer learn that they can’t get to the foliage and then they just graze elsewhere. It’s worth a try and I hope he’s right.


    Left work at noon on Friday to keep an appointment at Heafner’s Motors in Batesville. I’ve had the bumper duck taped since November 19 and it really did need fixing, but the thing that made me finally make an appointment was a recall notice. Seems that the van had a defective valve which could cause air bags to deploy without notice.  

    That was a bit scary, so called to get that attended to. Since I was going I also made an appointment for an oil change—light had been on for several days—, and also to get the bumper fixed.

    Jimmie met me there and after we got the van checked in for the oil change and valve replacement, we were off to find food. After eating, she had big percentages off at one of the shops she likes, so of course I went. I found more than she did—is that surprising? Bought several tops for 70 percent off, one full-priced jacket, and one at 30 percent off. Jimmie had a 30 percent off coupon and she’d purchased a top, which she used her coupon for—it was good for a single purchase.

    When I was checking out Jimmie says, “She didn’t get a coupon, can’t she use mine?” So on my full price item, the clerk agreed stating, “She can now” and keyed in Jimmie’s coupon number – saved me a lot of dough.

    Our wait time was up so it was back to Heafner’s Service Dept., where we paid the bill and retrieved the van. From here we were directed to the collision dept., where they took my insurance claim number, estimated the repair work, then called to find out if I had rental car insurance. It seems that this repair will take several days, so I have to drive an unfamiliar vehicle – which I hate.

    Jimmie will pick up the rental early tomorrow morning (Tuesday), leaving her car with them for an oil change, take my van back and retrieve her car. She’s running this show and dealing with her is like dealing with a DI. She informed the service department manager, whom she knows well, that she expected a rental car to be available when they opened Tuesday, that she’d be back with the van in a little over an hour, that her car needed to be completed and they needed to get right on my van because we need it Friday afternoon.

    I had never dealt with an auto repair. Didn’t know that it took longer to check your car into the hospital than it does to check myself in. The staff was very nice, though, and very efficient. They called the insurance company to find out if I had rental insurance – I did. Then they called to locate the part needed. I thought all the damage on the van was the front bumper, but it seems that the front fender had also been bent.

    This requires some body work and then painting, thus the longer period of time in the hospital. The collision department manager was very witty though, and says, “If you don’t  mind more duck tape, we can do this repair much cheaper.”

    I assured him that I had been happy with the duck tape job and that it had held well though three snows, lots of cold weather, and some rain. The man in line behind me, says, “Does it come in other colors?” – His vehicle was blue.

    Recently I’ve seen a tan van,  taped back together with tape that looked dyed to  match, another silver one with a tape repair, and one with an entire window made from duck tape. that stuff is useful.

    We used white when we refurbished the Christmas decorations many years ago and it’s still holding pretty good.


    Jimmie did a little spring cleaning at Mom’s and found the basket of doggie toys left by Ian, Pepper and Nico. Little Bit and the other dogs just don’t care for toys. The new outside dog, Mutt, carries tree limbs in his mouth all the time, so she decided to try to transfer him to a toy. The one he liked was a bone with a heavy cord on the top. Mutt carries it by the cord which makes it look like he’s carrying a purse. Bo says that we’ve made a gay dog out of his very masculine pup.

    The chief topic of conversation around the dinner table Saturday and Sunday was dental work. Bo had neglected his teeth for many years and finally had to go to the dentist – couldn’t stand the pain any longer and Jimmie had threatened him if he didn’t go on his own.         The painful tooth was pulled, two others were filled, and some work was done on receding gums. Bo agreed to go back for more work, even though he was out of pain. The dentist was amazed that his teeth were as good as they were considering the years of neglect.

    When Brother Terry, who lives in Brandon, called his report was also dental. Seems that he’s been getting his partial refurbished and it’s has taken a long time. Said that they first made the wire frame, then sent it off for temporary teeth to be attached. This came back, and the fitting was finalized. Now he’s been waiting for a couple of weeks and when he called last week they told him it would be finished next week. Said he told them they’d better hurry or he’d be so old he wouldn’t need it. He also broke a tooth off at the gum line. Says it doesn’t hurt and he doesn’t need it for eating, so it’s just going to sit there until removal and a bridge is necessary.

    Lunch was chicken and dressing and all the trimmings – one last time before summer. However I’ll eat dressing year round. I also  made a chocolate Mousse pie, which was delicious according to Mom. She kept telling me that I’d really out done myself on this pie. It’s always great to find something new that Mom really likes.  Made me a strawberry chiffon pie and it was also good. Strawberries have been so good this year.


    Young people don’t forget that Y-Fest will be held this weekend—Fri. and Sat. in the Multi-Purpose building. I’ve attended this for the last two years and it’s a great program. Starts at 7 on Friday night and at 6:15 Saturday, beginning with supper.

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