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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    A couple weeks ago Cora Lynn Turnage Ray brought by a piece of her Lane Cake that we enjoyed. She continues to advertise some very interesting “Cakes of the Week.”

    This week it’s a Black-Eyed Susan Cake, another cake which I’ve never made or eaten. Everyone who reports says all the cakes are delicious, as is everything else she makes. Thanks for sharing Cora Lynn.


    I knew my schedule would not permit me going to Mom’s on Saturday, so I went early Friday morning. Kept the usual schedule, go to Larson’s to shop, then stop to pick up things needed from home, cross Pope/WV Road to 51 and then to Courtland.

    I wasn’t ready for the spring-like conditions that had developed in just one week. All the forsythia, hawthornes,  tulip trees, and even more daffodils had bloomed. Many of the pear blooms were hanging in there. Mine were not. On one of the cold, drizzly nights, I stepped out the door and thought it was snowing.

    I knew the temperature  was not cold enough, but it sure looked just like the three snows we’ve al-ready gotten this year. Finally caught a snow flake and it turned out to be blooms off the pear tree. Heard others remark that they’d seen snowflakes and I’m sure they were also seeing pear blossoms.

    I arrived at Mom’s and Bo yells, “You’re here again on Friday?” Then he goes on to tell me he’s sorry that he doesn’t have anything to give me. He did get the lawn mower out he’d given me the week before, made sure it cranked, filled it with gas and checked the oil. Then he and Rance loaded it into the van. At the house I got it out (wasn’t easy) then ran it for about fifteen minutes. It cranks so easy and cuts great. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to cut grass. That was one of the chores Ed always did, so it had been back in my teen years since I’d really pushed a mower.

  Jimmie came on up and immediately flipped on the TV. Was surprised to hear about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I watch the coverage of this and it just doesn’t seem real—it’s like looking at a promotional for a science fiction movie. All that devastation is just almost unbelievable. Makes me glad that I live on a high hill in Yalobusha County. I know that we’re overdue for an earthquake in our area, but I don’t think the water will get us—but it will get Batesville, Grenada and areas below them. Death toll is now estimated to go above ten thousand and I have not heard a property damage  estimate. It is a horrible catastrophe and sympathy is extended to these people.

  After watching TV for a while, I then cooked Friday lunch, a pot of soup for their Saturday lunch, and then cooked Sunday meals. Cooked all day. –––

    Came back home early Friday to attend visitation for long-time friend, Cathy Hunt Ward. Enjoyed visiting with her children, grands, her sister, Carolyn, many of her Class of ‘57 classmates, and other family and friends. Her funeral was Saturday morning and Woodland Hills, along with the VFW, fed the family at Post 4100’s Home. They were so gracious to share their facility with us. Commander Sam Phillips extended an invitation to use it anytime we needed it and we do appreciate that.

  Sympathy is extended to Julie, John, Carolyn and all the family. We will all miss her.


    Missed Mr. Bill Trusty’s funeral. I had the time wrong—thought it was at two o’clock and it was at 3:30. Didn’t get home from the VFW until about 2:30 so knew it would have been over. Mr. Bill was a wonderful Main Street Family member, whom I knew from the time I got to the Valley. Daughter Sara Nell is also a long-time friend. She and Ed were always connected musically, as well as through friendship. Loved all the Trusty family and extend sympathy to Sara Nell and Elvis.


    Sunday began Daylight Savings Time and I was not ready for it. I was so tired that I set my alarm, making sure I’d get to SS on time. Woke up on my own, but didn’t want to get out of that bed.

    Found one good reason for the time switch though. Several of my senior class members don’t drive after dark. With this time they can come to church on Sunday and Wednesday nights and get home before dark.

  One stupid statement I’ve heard over and over though is that we get an extra hour of daylight. Do not—we have the same number of daylight hours, we have just transferred one hour of this from morning to evening.


    Was good to visit with former Presbyterian Pastor John Hunt and his family for a few minutes this afternoon. They now live in Houston, Texas. The girls have grown up—they’re now teenagers.


  I Talked to Jim and he has bronchitis worse than I have had. We were on the phone for about 30 minutes and talked for about five. Both of us were coughing. He’s played a funeral for one of his long time friends, who was a “Creole” fan. Creole is the Dixieland Band he’s played with.

    Was good to see one of Jim’s second grade teachers, Daliah McLeod, at Cathy’s visitation. We talked about Jim and I told her that all the spelling he ever learned she taught him. Jim often asks about Mrs. McLeod and she keeps up with him. She reported that following her accident she’s gone from the bed, to a wheelchair, to a walker, and not to a four-prong cane. She says she is still in much pain, though, but she looks great and says she intends to some day put the cane down. Knowing the determination of this lady, I’m sure she will do just that. Did enjoy our visit, Daliah, and it was also good to see you, Butler.


    This is spring break for schools and it was good to see Bobby Cox in with one of his grands—Callie’s daughter. She is a beauty.

  We’re planning a trip to the Ag Museum later in the week to entertain some of the young people who come by to visit with us during the break.

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