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Officials with the U.S. Corps of Engineers have incorporated the life jacket loaner program at Hickory Ridge and Persimmon Hill beaches. Currently Hickory Ridge is the only beach open for swimmers, but as the water rises with spring rains the other four designated beaches will open.

By Enid Lake Park Rangers

ENID LAKE – As warmer weather approaches, many lake visitors will start hitting the beaches scattered around the lake.

    The U.S. Corps maintains five designated swimming beaches including Hickory Ridge, Persimmon Hill, Plum Point, Chickasaw Hill, and Long Branch. Currently, Hickory Ridge swimming beach is the only beach open for swimming.  

    Due to the current lake stage Enid Lake’s remaining swim beaches are closed. While enjoying the beaches at Enid Lake, be aware of the many informational signs present, which interpret rules and regulations, restrictions and use.  

    Beach visitors are required to pay a day use fee of $1 per person up to a maximum of $4.00 per vehicle or an annual pass may be used instead of paying a daily fee. Visitors who are camping may swim free.

    Safety devices such as depth pole markers, rescue stations and the placement of a buoy lines have been strategically placed at beaches to help insure swimmers well being.  Depth pole markers are located in the center of the beach and provide an estimation of the water’s depth at various points along the surface of the water.  A number can be seen on these poles and these numbers represent the water depth using one foot increments.  

    Rescue stations are also located along the beaches and provide basic rescue equipment including: a reach pole and throw bag.  The reach pole and throw bag can be used by visitors to assist a swimmer in distress. Visitors are reminded that the rescue devices are not toys and should not be played with.  

    Visitors utilizing Enid Lake’s designated swimming beaches will notice rangers performing de-monstrations on how to properly use these rescue devices throughout the spring and summer.

    A buoy line is also set at a water depth of five feet to mark the designated swimming area. While swimming at the designated swim beaches visitors must remain inside the buoy line.   

    Enid Lake has incorporated the life jacket loaner program at Hickory Ridge and Persimmon Hill beaches.  This program consists of life jacket loaner boards with various size life jackets placed on them for public use. Visitors may borrow the correct size life jacket while swimming at the above mentioned designated beaches, but are reminded to re-turn the life jackets after use.  

   Visitors are also reminded that the Mandatory Life Jacket Require-ment Policy remains in affect at Enid, Sardis, Arkabutla, and Grenada lakes. Swimmers swimming outside of a designated swimming area must wear a life jacket.

For more information on swimming safety please contact the Enid Lake Field Office at (662) 563-4571 or visit

    Remember the swimming rules: never swim alone, always have adult supervision, never dive into the water, and always wear a life jacket. SAFETY FIRST!

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