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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  The past week has been crammed full of exciting events – National Day of Prayer, Catch of the Day; World’s Largest Crappie Festival; Mother’s Day; and then Hooray for Hollywood. Think I might be just a little bit tired? I am but it was worth it!


  At noon Thursday, First Presbyterian hosted a short service for National Day of Prayer. The church was open all day for anyone who wanted to stop by for a season of prayer. Organist Sara Nell Champion presented the pre-program meditation music and also accompanied the congregation as we sang “Sweet our of Prayer” and “I Need The Every Hour” during the scripture service.

    Rev. Harold Spraberry, pastor, led in responsive readings of 2 Chronicles 7:11-15, and Psalm 51:1-17. Following this program of music and scripture everyone was invited to pray, with several leading in prayer, while the rest of us prayed silently. It was a very moving service.

  At the conclusion of this service it was so good to meet Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Baddley. I found out that Aaron had worked for many years with brothers, Bo and Rance, when they were all employed by Rebel Truck Line in Memphis.

  It was also good to visit with another Baddley – long-time friend, James Knox. The fellowship with so many other friends was great. I hope this service will become a tradition.


  More great fellowship came Thursday night when I went over to the  Enid Fish Hatchery for the “Catch of the Day” program. Saw friends from Oakland, Tillatoba, Cof-feeville, Charleston, Bates-ville and, of course, the Valley.

  The catfish dinner was excellent – the best catfish I’ve ever eaten. Coleslaw, fries, hushpuppies and cake were also wonderful. Ate with Betsy and James Person and always enjoy their company. It was a perfect night weatherwise, and we were outside  in that beautiful setting.

  The entertainment was presented by the Palmer Home Treblemakers. If you’ve never heard these young people sing, you’ve missed a treat. They have the most beautiful voices – sound angelic.

  The program by Joe Mac Hudspeth was great, but I wish it had been dark enough for him to have presented a slide show of his beautiful photographs. I was telling Brother Don about Mr. Mac’s lecture, and remarked that I had really wanted to purchase his book, but was to lazy to walk back to the van for money. Don says, “Don’t buy one, I’m going to get one for us.” He is also a fan of Mr. Mac’s photography.

  Jesse Gurner and her staff did an excellent job, with the entire evening going flawlessly. In addition to all that I’ve already told you about this fine program, there is one other – the floral arrangements were worthy the price of admission. These were made by the Charleston Garden Club and were breathtaking – I don’t think I’ve every seen prettier arrangements and they were everywhere.

  I exited with former county agent, Steve Cummings, who looks great and seems to be enjoying retirement. Steve had advised me when I got my ticket to be sure and get the ticket that was for the meal and for the door prizes. I did, but as usual did not win anything. As we were leaving  Steve said, “We didn’t win a thing!” I says, “No but we had a great time, anyway.”

    He heartily agreed with this – don’t think Steve and I have ever been anywhere we didn’t have a great time. For almost 30 years we’ve been present at lots of events together. Many times I’ve stood or sat with Steve, while Ed was playing or making pictures—he was always great company.


  Was looking forward to Music in the Park Friday night by  The Sharecroppers but some of the members of this group had conflicts, so it had to be cancelled. I saw drummer Clay Ashford Saturday morning and he says they hope to reschedule later in the summer – sure hope they can work this out.


  The World’s Largest Crappie Fest was great, with excellent entertainment, fine vendors, delicious food, fun games and contests, and lots of other events. Mickey Howley, and his Main Street staff gave us a very enjoyable day. The weather again was very nice – a perfect spring day.

  It was so good to visit with many local friends and visitors to the Valley.

  I enjoyed meeting with Jennifer Pace who creates Pace Pottery. For many years I’ve enjoyed purchasing pieces of this pottery for myself and for gifts. I picked up several pieces on Saturday and may get to keep one or two of them – Jimmie, I think, has designs on some of them – she also likes Pace. It was interesting to learn that Jennifer reads my column and says her dad does, also. I was honored to learn this.

  At noon I visited Imagination Station’s art show and it was fabulous. These young people have so much talent and Anissa Wilkinson is a wonderful instructor. I appreciate the student who featured me in their work – didn’t have a note pad so again I’ve forgotten the name. After viewing the hundreds of pieces of work in this show and reading all the artists names, it not surprising that I can’t remember the artist. All of your work was amazing.

  Wanted to eat all the food I saw, but had to stop and make selections—choose Bethel Youth’s Bar-B-Q and it was so good. Dessert was a fried apple pie from Carlene and Wilbur Herring, which was delicious. Wanted lemonade, funnel cakes, kettle corn (got a taste of this from Chad Moore, yum, yum) and so  much more, but had to go to Mom’s to take care of her so didn’t have time to be sick.


  While I cooked Sunday lunch, Mom and I watched golf and the Kentucky Derby. Usually in the Derby I have a clear favorite—not this year, I think I’d have been happy with anyone of the field winning. I should not be surprised to see the winner, Animal Crackers, win the triple crown. He was still going strong at the end of the race.


  After morning worship service Sunday, I went to Mom’s for the rest of the day. Our crowd at Mom’s was slim. Jimmie, Mom and I ate lunch together, then Don and Niece Madison came by in the afternoon. Ginny and Rance, who had spent the weekend on the coast with her sister and family, came by late in the day, as did Carolyn and Bo who had been with their daughter, Misty, her husband, Trey, and his family for the day.


    More great entertainment came my way Monday night. Thanks to Ruth and Johnny Perkins, Betty and Al Davis, and Betty Brown, I got to attend “Hooray for Hollywood,” presented by the Oxford Civic Chorus in North Oxford Baptist Church. Johnny got tickets and Al was our chauffeur. The show featured movie hits form 1937 to the present. My favorite (and I liked them all) was “As Time Goes By” from the 1942 movie,  Casablanca.

  This chorus is excellent and we all enjoyed the program of music.

  Following the program, of course, we had to go eat and enjoy catching up on each other’s lives. I hadn’t seen Betty Brown in quite a while and not nearly as much as I’d like of Ruth and Johnny and Betty and Al. Do have to make more time for my friends. Thanks for a very enjoyable night.


  Was so sorry to learn of the death of long-time friend, Mrs. Dovie Burke, last Wednesday. At 106, I’m sure she was Water Valley’s senior citizen. Talked to her daughter, Donna Rakestraw, Monday and she says “Miss Dovie” was active and enjoyed life until almost the end of her life. That’s great to live to that age and enjoy it.

    Sympathy is extended to Donna, Jody, Kenneth, and the entire family. She will be missed.

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