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Out On The Mudline

Moving Shed Includes Dodging Brown Recluse

By W. P. Sissell

Mother’s Day 2011

  Mother’s Day at our house started several days ago when Shipp and his son, Parker, arrived at the house with a shed house in which to store a few extra items they had brought along when they moved niece, Betty Sissell,  to our house. All these items presently are still in storage in my vehicle’s area of our carport. When Shipp and Nannette decided exactly where we wanted the shed placed, Shipp and Parker shut down and went home for the night. That is, they went home after I asked, “When do you expect to set the shed in place?” I got a one word answer, “Tomorrow,” as they left in their vehicles.

  By the time I finished breakfast Saturday, Shipp was there working and Parker joined him in a few minutes. One thing they did for me—Shipp got a chair and placed it where I could observe the work but hardly close enough that I could advise. I forgot to mention that Parker came through the kitchen on his way to the basement to borrow a level. It was the closest one available, although they had several in their shop, but they were welcome to that closer one which they did return.

A Renewed Shed

  By noon the foundation was level with the shed resting in place. Then they began to look at other facets of the shed. Nannette told me several times that one of the trim pieces on the door was missing and I needed to go to the lumber yard for one. Finally I got this attended to, with Parker’s help in measuring and ripping one from lumber already on hand. After getting the strip in place all the ladies decided that it should be repainted—first the new strip and then the entire shed needed a new coat of paint. We had to buy paint for I did not have any maroon to match the old paint.

  Now the old rusty tin roof came in for scrutiny. Shipp and Parker got ladders and did a close examination of the roof. The first thing called for was roofing tar. That was no problem for I had several tubes and part of a gallon of roof patching tar. Low and behold I came up with the biggest part of a gallon of aluminum roofing paint, which I use in renewing the many gates on the farm. That shed now had a shiny coat of aluminum paint.

Other Projects

  While the work on the shed was taking place, Denise and daughter, Kristin, were busy. First they cleaned out the changing room for the pool, moving stored clothing to another storage shed.

  After scrubbing all the deck furniture they moved it to the concrete pool pad. Then they scrubbed the deck itself in preparation for treating with Thompson’s water seal. This one job usually took a day. The deck treatment, however, this year was a Mother’s Day gift.


  Early on in the work on the shed a nice little old dresser had been taken from the shed and placed to one side. Although some of the parts had been placed on the trailer to go to the shop or somewhere else. I thought that somewhere else was a gully up on the backside of the place—I was wrong. Rather suddenly Shipp’s wife, Denise, took an interest in that little dresser. She started cleaning some heavy dust from it. Suddenly she asked Betty if she knew what a Brown Recluse spider looked like. Betty’s reply was negative. With a little further rapid brushing Denise found many small Recluses. We stopped the cleaning on the dresser to go to our supply of spray cans of spider poison to spray the little dresser thoroughly. When the group went to Batesville for the paint and a few other things Denise got a spray bomb to put in the shed before it is used. We know of several instances where clothing items like hunting jackets left from one hunting season to the other, unused, become the home for the Brown Recluse. DON’T TAKE A CHANCE FOR THE BITE (STING) OF THIS SPIDER IS DEADLY!

  Friends, the putting into operation of this storage shed was a gift to the mothers in our family. We, as a family, worked together while as usual the mothers worked hardest of all, preparing food for the entire gang.

  Our wish for all of you is that you had a great Mother’s Day. Do have a great week.

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