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Street Talk

Fresh Local Produce Is Good For You

By Mickey Howley

While the start of summer is a month away and the last cool days prove it is still spring, the Memorial Day weekend traditionally is the unofficial beginning of “Summer.” Saturday the 28th of May begins the summer here in Water Valley with the start of the Main Street Farmers Market’s new season.  This will be the fifth year of the market. Wow! That’s a lot of time and tomatoes under the big magnolia in Railroad Park.

The Water Valley Main Street Associa-tion sponsors the market for a number of reasons: It brings people downtown on a weekend morning. Hopefully farmers market visitors will shop not only the market, but peruse the entire town and will keep their money in Water Valley.

Shopping money that stays in the Valley is a very good thing. The benefits of buying local are many. It helps the city’s tax base, creates jobs, brings buildings back to life, makes the town just a bit more fun, saves time, saves gas and general wear and tear on your wheels.

Have you noticed that there is more to shop on Main Street on Saturday mornings? You could always pick up some hardware or garden tools at Sartain’s or load up on groceries at the Piggly Wiggly or have a cup of coffee at Turnages, but now there are some additions to Saturday morning’s possibilities. There is now the BTC Grocery with Cora’s Bakery, and Main Attraction, all open and fresh on Saturday mornings. The two art galleries, Bozarts and Yalo Studio, are open in the morning after 10 am as well.  Hair Trendz is cutting and coloring.  And, you can go workout and work up a sweat at Cornerstone.

There is just something nice about getting your fresh local produce from the person who grew it. It is a great seasonal market experience, one of the pleasures of being downtown. Plus, it is also good for you: buying at the market means mainly fresh vegetables and fruit for a healthy diet and life style.  For me, going to the market gets me up, out, and going early on summer Saturdays; I enjoy beating the heat of the day and catching up on the unpublished local events! There is then the added fun of going home and cooking up something fresh and tasty.  Hope to see you at the Farmer’s Market under the big magnolia on Main Street on May 28 from 8 to 11 a. m.

For more information about the Main Street Farmers Market, see or call (662) 473-3796

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