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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

I’m sure that Enid Lake’s recreational facilities were completely filled this Memorial Day Holiday. I started seeing many RV’s, travel trailers, pontoon boats, beautiful inboard, large in-board/out-boards, down through fancy bass boats, to all sizes of just plain ol’ fishing boats coming in last weekend.

    Even Wednesday night on my way to prayer meeting I saw several recreational vehicles coming off the bypass headed for the lake. Then on my way to mom’s Saturday and Sunday, the stream was almost continuous.

    We used to have a Memorial Day outing, as well as outings on other big lake holidays, late in the afternoon on the final day, after the majority of the folks had gone home.         We’d take the boat out, grill burgers and hotdogs to eat along with all the other fixings we prepared at home. It was a lot of fun, with most of the family and extended families attending. We don’t do this anymore and I don’t know why we’re missing this fun. Maybe we’ve gotten too old, too busy or maybe just lazy.


    The holiday this year is being celebrated with Jimmie and me at work as usual. Bo and Rance are doing some painting at Rance and Ginny’s house. Ginny has charge of mom’s care for the day. After work Monday Jimmie and Bill will get ready for an early morning trip Tuesday to  Baptist East Hospital, where Bill will have colon surgery later in the day. Everything looks good, so we’re hoping that it will be an easy procedure. Of course I think a hang nail is major surgery.

    Thanks to everyone who keeps up with my family. Brother Terry is at home and doing great, Mom was feeling good, and the rest of us are our normal healthy selves.


    I had every intention of attending graduation exercises Thursday night. As most of you know, I’m rarely sick – rarely even have a pain. Well all day Thursday I’d had this nagging sinus headache – nothing bad, just irritating.  However, when I turned into that west sun on the way home the pain increased. I’d failed to put on my sunglasses, not a wise omission.

    When I got into the house I had the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life. Got a couple of aspirin and hit the couch, thinking I just lie there for a couple of minutes.         Wrong, I woke up at 7:15, a little late to get to Tad Smith and be in my seat promptly at 7. I’m sure I was not missed, but I did miss seeing these young people complete their high school journey. Congratulations to all of you.

    Each year I buy several extra graduation cards, put them up, and never see them again. Some day I’m bound to uncover some of them, because my drawers and cabinets will surely fill up. Not being able to find cards was the case this year, so out I went for more. I just get the money cards because who knows what to buy these young people. If I did select what I thought was the perfect gift, I’m sure at least a dozen other family members or friends would have had the same idea.

    Each year though, I know fewer and fewer of the graduates. Makes me sad that I’m loosing touch with our young citizens.


    Got  up early Saturday morning to get down to the Farmer’s Market. By the time I answered the phone several times, thought of things I just had to do before leaving the house, and fought the traffic, it was too late.

    However, I did stop by B.T.C. and picked up some Georgia peaches and green tomatoes. The peaches were delicious and the tomatoes, when I got them fried up, went well will my beef stew and blackeyed peas.         Larson’s had some excellent stew beef and we ate way to much of this good stuff. The beef was in one of my favorite sections (five items for 19.99). Along with the beef, I got a couple of pounds of bacon, which is excellent, and a package each of thighs and breast, which I roasted for Sunday lunch – can’t eat any cheaper, or better, that that.

    I had to make what I thought were muscadine rolls—turned out to be plum—just as good. Pope Baptist Church has a fifth Sunday dinner each quarter and Bo had had a request for a muscadine roll from Music Director Ken Lewis (husband of Opal Martindale’s daughter, Karen).

    When Bo got back to Mom’s after the church dinner I asked if Ken liked the roll. He said, “Yes, he loved it, but it seemed a bit different to me.”

    Had to confess that it was plum, not muscadine. You really can’t tell the difference when looking at the juice—have to dilute, sweeten and then taste it, which I didn’t do. Usually I don’t cook anything without tasting it, but I’ve made these things so many times that Saturday I just put it in the pan and cooked it, tasting only when it came to the table Sunday.  Yes, I made two, actually two and a half—if you mess up the kitchen you might as well make several. Bill got the half for Saturday night supper and we had the second for dessert on Sunday.


    Our fifth Sunday night hymn sing was presented by guests, Gloria Marie and Dolores. These women are sisters who live in the Oxford area. One is retired and the other works for Graceland Nursing Home. Woodland Hills member, Margie Pilcher, works part-time at the nursing home and learned about this amazing team.         They sang some of their compositions, some hymns, and some patriotic numbers, remembering the Memorial Day tribute to our fallen service personnel through the years. It was also good to have Gloria’s husband, Mitchell, visiting. After the program, as we chatted for a few minutes, he told me that he was also a singer, but now they mostly just let him drive and carry equipment. I told him they were all certainly welcome for a return visit and next time we’d let him sing.

  These singers have traveled extensively and Dolores likes to tell stories, mostly on her sister. I can identify with this, Jimmie really enjoys telling tales about me. Seems that once when they were in Mexico they got to a point where the only way forward was by horseback.

    Neither of them had every ridden, but older sister, Gloria, says, “We can do this.”  They got on the horses even though Gloria had on a dress, with knee highs. Seems that her dress came up above her knee highs and there was bare white leg showing.         Dolores enjoyed sharing that the Mexican thought this was so funny. Gloria says, “Didn’t bother me, I rode that horse and got to where I wanted to go.” Their stories were so funny and their music was excellent. I’m looking forward to a return visit.


    Report was that there was a good crowd for the Memorial Day Program at the park in downtown Water Valley. This is hosted by VFW Post 4100. They also host a lunch on this day for all attending the program. We do appreciate our VFW members for providing this very meaningful service.

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