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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    A note enclosed with Lawrence Pass’ subscription renewal made me want to go for a visit. It read, “It is still cold here in Reno. Had snow on June 1. Chains were required in the higher elevations. My goal for now is to turn the heat off by July 1.”

    Wish we could send you some of our heat – we’ve been above 90 and even up toward the 100 degree mark now for several weeks—way above average even for the Valley. And to make matters worse the humidity is about a hundred percent.

    Thanks for the note.


    We said good-bye to friend Laurie Collier of San Antonio, Texas Wed-nesday night. (Actually she’s Hazel Green Johnson’s friend, but we all now claim her).         She was here for the funeral of Hazel’s sister, Peggy Cummings. Laurie has visited in the Valley so many times, that she has subscribed to the Herald and keeps up with us each week. She is a very sweet person and we always look forward to her visits.


    I watered plants Thursday morning and they were really dry. I have to skip Wednesdays because I’m not watering in the dark. It’s hard to believe that the earth has gotten so dry this fast, but it has. Everyone with gardens reports watering daily and that just keeps the plants alive. Should not have to water for a few days, though, because we got a great rain this afternoon (Monday).


    Jimmie and Boa took care of Mom on Friday so that I could take in Town and Country Garden Club’s walking tour of the businesses. They had Be Dazzled on Main Street in celebration of National Garden Week. We had enjoyed our exhibit, Going Green – Recycle/Reuse, by Lucia Holloway all week.

    Inside we had a beautiful foliage arrangement in an old birdhouse. Outside she had placed her dogie, made of terra cotta pots, decorated with greenery and flowers, an old frog pot holder, holding a beautiful green plant, a farmer’s basket, holding various green plants, a lawn chair with old copies of Bird and Bloom and other magazines, that people kept wanting to take away, and a metal bird in flight. Hope everyone saw this—it was delightful and the poster material was very informative.

    Others businesses on the tour were: Turnage’s where Janice Sharp and Kathy Dickey had Flowering Vines for Hummingbirds; Mechanics Bank, 7 Secrets of Successful Gardening by Zandra Walker and Mary Ann Wood; Bozart’s, Julia Thompson, Betty Gurner, and Zandra Walker,  Grandma’s Yard; Rounder’s, Teresia Edgar and Kathy Dickey, Gardening Lasagna Style; Sartain’s, Bonnie Dimmock and Jeannie Cle-ment, Proper Watering Habits; Varner Printing, Mary Lou Jones and Mary Ann Wood, Encourage Earthworms; Cornerstone, Dreva Dickey and Ramona Bernard, Herb Gardening; White Star Kitchen, Margaret Daum and Bonnie Dimmock, Butterfly Gar-dening; BTC Grocery, Geri Cardwell, Patsy Hum-phreys, and Ramona Ber-nard, Raised Bed Vegetable Garden; Chamber of Commerce, Louise Herron, Made in the Shade; Mid-Town Auto Parts, Jeannie Clement and Zandra Walker, Batty About Bees and Butterflies?; Valley Lumber, Jonnie Mayo and Sharon Durr, Bluebirds.

    I didn’t get to make the car tour where the following were shown: Regions Bank, Becky McMahen and Lucia Holloway, Best Tomatoes in the Country!; Renasant Bank, Gloria King, Bouquets from the Garden; City Hall, Louise Herron and Kathy Dickey, Container Gardening; Courthouse, Dale Tyler and Sara Nell Champion, Rose Gardening; and Larson’s, Patsy Suratt and Gay Carothers, Petunias/Alternative Gardening Tips.

    Also in celebration of National Garden Week The Garden Club of Water Valley placed beautiful flower arrangements in many of the businesses in Water Valley. We had one of these on our front counter and it was so pretty. We did appreciate this.


    Friday night was much better than the week before – weatherwise. It was a very pleasant evening and the music was wonderful.

    The Sharecroppers played from seven until nine o’clock and they are one of my favorite local groups. It’s great to hear Jessey (Higdon’s) voice just getting better and better and Clay Ashford on drums is always a favorite, as is Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney on bass and couldn’t see who was on keyboard and the other guitar, but they were fine musicians. I think everyone enjoyed the concert. It was the first of the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Music in the Park Series for 2011. I hope we have several more.

    Visiting was great. Cecil and Melvin Ford were on my right, as were Lucia Holloway and Jennifer Pace. On my left during the evening were Linda Trent, Geri and Ross Cardwell, and several others and many folks just came by to visit.

    Betty and Al’s grands (my adopted grands) Hunter and Grayson Moore (these are also grands of Viola Moore), sons of Kelli and Chad, and Jackson and Katy Alvarez, children of Traci and John, came by to visit. They are the cutest kids. It was also good to see John and Jake McMinn, children of Jennifer and Lee McMinn.


    I did my grocery shopping after the program, so I was ready to go to Mom’s early Saturday morning. Knew the boys had a dozer job and was not sure if Jimmie would get to come or not. Bill has gotten well so fast that he has to have someone  ride herd on him. She did get up for a little while, but had to go back because Bill wanted to go to Wal-Mart and she didn’t want him driving that far. He’s been driving to his office for several days.

    Mom and I had most of the day by ourselves and we visited, cooked, ate and watched some television.


    The youth of the church had charge of the morning worship service Sunday and did an excellent job. Kelsey Neely was our SS Superintendent, Amber Izzard directed the music, Amanda Izzard was the pianist and also accompanied the choir on her guitar. She and Amber presented the special music. Choir members were Kelsey, J.T. Swinkowski, Dillion Dickey, Jaclyn Swinkowski, Cody Schmitz, Tammy Miller and Jacob Swinkowski—hope I didn’t forget anyone. Our youth minister for the summer, Craig Warren of Senatobia, a student at Delta State, was the preacher. He brought us an excellent message. Craig is a grandson of Cecil and Ann Surrette Warren of Senatobia, and nephew of Travis and Becky Surrette York, who are members of Woodland Hills. We are so glad to have him with us this summer.

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