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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  I live from Wednesday to Wednesday—thus Wednesday morning is the beginning of my week. It always starts with the paper route (delivery of papers to the stores for sales). On this route you always meet interesting people, mostly the regulars, but sometimes there’s a surprise or two. Last week was the usual crew at Sprint Mart, Larson’s, Tobacco World, the hospital, Sayles Oil, Sylva Rena, Valley Mart, and final stop, Park and Shop.

  The unusual last week was not people, but what one group of regulars did. It happened at Sylva Rena. Gene and I were exchanging our usual remarks about the weather, ect., when the “Certified Nut Club” summoned me to their table. I waved as I usually do, when Snooky (president of the group) says, “Don’t leave until you talk to us.” O. K. might as well get this over, so I left Gene figuring what I owed him and counting out his payment.

    Back at the table, Snooky says, “I hear you had beer in the park Friday night.” Knowing that everyone around that table and all the others in the store knew that I didn’t drink anything alcoholic, I reply, “Sure did, didn’t you see my cooler?” Snooky continued, “Well I really thought you were smart enough not to be drinking from a bottle, was sure you’d know to put it in a cup.” Well I returned, “I’m not very smart, but you’re right I’m at least that bright.”

    This whole conversation was initiated by Jerry Daum coming across from B.T.C. with a root beer in is hand. He covered the root with his hand, so that just beer was visible, stood in front of me and says, “We’ve come a long way. Did you ever think we’d live to see live music (The Sharecroppers were playing) and cold beer in the park at Water Valley? We’ve caught up with the big city folks!”

    Now it seems from this innocent joke a rumor has begun that there was beer in the park. Come on folks, we know the law and the responsible citizens of Water Valley abide by it. Now I would not touch a drop of alcohol, but I also know the Biblical law, and it only teaches moderation – not abstinence.

    It’s always so much fun to visit this business, but I do miss one person, who was almost always there. For many years the first person to yell out a greeting, or come up and say hello, and maybe give me a hug if time permitted, was Currie Brooks. Do miss him so much and I know that others there do also.


    Sleep was not possible for much of last Wednesday and Thursday nights. I don’t think I’ve heard worse thunder –  and the lightening was not good either – than what we had on those nights. I went to bed about midnight Wednesday, should have just stayed up because it was jarring me out of bed until about 2 a.m..

    This continued until maybe five and so I got another hour of sleep before my rising time of 6 a.m. Didn’t suffer any adverse affects from the lightening at the house – at least that I’ve discovered yet. However many folks did have losses.

    The worst loss I’ve heard was nephew William Cole had a good horse killed by a lightening strike .It could have been worse though, it could have been the whole herd. These animals, in addition to being valuable monetarily, are also loved by their owners, William, Karen, Harris, and Ian. The family was on vacation in Florida when it happened, so nephew Michael had to handle the vet call and the burial. He, of course, was also attached to this horse, as were Jimmie and Bill.

    I had just recently seen a TV show on the damage that is possible from severe thunder storms, giving instructions as to the best places to get to avoid a strike. Also given were instructions for protecting electrical appliances, computers, and other equipment. I didn’t think much about this info at the time but on those two nights last week, I wished I’d  listened more carefully.


    My maid (Sister Jimmie) has been out for several week, so I was forced to drag out the vacuum and the dust rag – things I just don’t do. As most of you know Jimmie has been at home, or in the hospital, with Bill for several weeks now, so dust just got too deep. Thanks to all of you who have asked about him. As of now he’s doing great.

    After the cleaning spree, I took a look at the kitchen – I do usually keep the dishes washed and the garbage out, but the cabinets are a mess. I’m in the process of getting new cabinets and as I stood there looking, it dawned on me that all that stuff in those 50-plus year-old cabinets is going to have to be taken out.

    That’s enough to throw you into heart failure – some in the back of the base units has probably not been seen in 30 years – last time they were painted. I may have to build a new storage shed to house all of it, or maybe just toss it.


    Saturday, while shopping at Larson’s I got to visit with Stan Crow and Jim Tillman, who were selling chances on a great TV for the Lions Club. It will be given away Watermelon Carnival weekend. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets. Stan shared that Michael had graduated. Congratulations! It seems that just a few years ago he was coming to the house for an overnight visit.     He was such a fun little boy, helped me pull out the honeysuckle and other weeds. He would work like a trojan. He always liked to sleep on a pallet in the living room.


     Jim called early Sunday morning to wish me happy Father’s Day and happy anniversary. He says, “I know this is not an easy day for you, but remember I’m still here and I love you.” Don’t know what I’d do without him and Celeste.


    We had several visitors at church Sunday, many visiting with their fathers.

    Was especially good to see the Hill children, Ronnie and Melinda. Ronnie has a full head of white hair, which I told him I envied. Friendship with these two go back to when they were toddlers. Ronnie would stand on the front pew and direct the music right along with Ed. He went on to become a part-time music director, just like Ed. Melinda, also musical, has a beautiful voice.


    Last night (Monday) I helped feed our College Mission Team from Morrison Heights Church in Clinton. They are all so dedicated to sharing the gospel with the children of our city.     They are also so full of life and so much fun to be around – I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with them and am looking forward to more visiting during the remainder of the week.

    The team is in City Park at the gazebo beginning at nine in the morning and again at six in the evening. Children age fourth to 6th grade are welcome to come out for a time of learning, snacks, and just fun.

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