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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Last week the youth department of Woodland Hills, along with Youth Director Craig Warren, partnered with a group from the College Depart-ment of Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton. They held back yard Bible clubs in City Park. The College Department Dir-ector Tim Peabody, along with a Sunday School teacher, and several college students did an excellent job of leading the  local youth.

    On Monday night, as I was helping feed these young people, I met Tim. I was just introduced to him as Tim. As they were eating again on Wednes-day night I was helping in the kitchen and Tim and I were talking. I says, “What’s your name, other then Tim, and where are you from?” He says,

“Name is Peabody and I’m from Clovis, New Mexico.”

    I answered, “I’ve got the Peabody – Peabody Hotel—and I know where Clovis is. I’ve actually been through your home town a couple of times.” I went on to tell him that Jim was a professor at New Mexico State and had been there for almost 25 years, so I had spent a lot of time in his state and loved it. Then I had to find out why he was in Mississippi. He came to Mississippi College for an event and liked it, so he came to school here. Apparently he also liked Mississippi, because he stayed with us. I’m glad because he seems to be a valuable asset.

    Then on Thursday night, I ate by another member of the team, Dee Gentry. We began talking and I quickly realized she was yet another import. She was comparing our extreme heat to living in Nebraska and having to tunnel out through snow.         On further discussion found that she actually was not as much of a foreigner as originally thought. Her father was born in Gulfport, but was career military. She was born in Illinois, then lived in many states in the U.S. and probably foreign countries, also. S

    he is presently a student at MC and her parents live on the Mississip-pi Coast, so she now at home in Mississippi. Having been born and lived my entire life in less than a 100 mile radius of Mississippi, I can hardly imagine this life. Dee seemed like a very sweet young lady and I’m glad we now have her living in Mississippi.

    I was sorry that I did not get to know the other members of the team better. Do know one more very well—Amanda Izzard, Bro. Ken and Shelley’s oldest daughter— also an MC student.

    It was a great week –  for the team, our youth, and also us adults who got to help a little. We had 47 children attend and two professions of faith during the week.


    In preparation for a new kitchen (one I’ve been dreaming about for 48 years), I cleared out the old cabinets. Now you would not think that would be a big job, since my kitchen is 10×10. Wrong! The stuff that has been compacted into those cabinets for about 20 years (last time I painted) covers the whole house and then some. I’ve taken many, many bags of junk to the landfill and garbage cans. Much of the throw away was outdated food—one can dating back to 1998, do think it needed to go.

    I also have filled a 12×40 sunroom, my dinning room, den, and several closets. When it goes back into an enlarged kitchen (10×14) I’m sure I will have to throw more away.

     The wall between the old back porch and kitchen is coming down today. I do have a plan and it seems to be doable—we’ll see. I am excited – just wish Ed was here to see it happen. For years he begged me to just do it, and he was right. That what I finally decided to do-if it wrong I’ll live with it and at this age I want have to have regrets for very long.


    Fresh vegetables are now coming in and they are so good. Friend Doyle Goodwin from Brandon brought by a sack of fresh squash and I fried some, made a casserole with some and just age some of them raw – delicious. Thanks, Doyle.

    Then Brother Rance brought little onions and more squash Sunday and I’ve enjoyed them. I do like squash – one of my favorite veggies.

     Another friend, Richard Baird,  was waiting for me when I exited the Post Office Monday with a bag of beautiful tomatoes, so I’ll have my favorite summertime meal—BLTs several times this week.

    With family and friends feeding me, I will eat high on the hog this summer. Thanks to all.


    We have now finally gotten to summer on the calendar. Got there temperature wise a couple of months ago. I’m glad the drought is over in our area for the time being. With the rains, the cotton and other crops are looking good.

    Jim reports that they are still without rain in the southwest. The fires are still raging in Arizona. With the flooding in other sections of the country still continuing I’m sure all those people think that the moisture needs to be better distributed. We still know, though, that God’s in control and He knows what He’s doing.


     Almost everyone who comes into the office exclaims, “Where has this year gone?” I’m of the same opinion, seeing that in a little over a month it will be Watermelon Carnival weekend and then right on its heels comes the beginning of school.

    We have done nothing for summer time fun yet. Don said last week that he’d soon put the boat and camper on the lake so that we could get out there, enjoy a picnic and a ride around the lake. Sounds like a great plan to me. Now we just all have to schedule this and that’s not an easy task for family or friends.


    The museum crew is planning a visit there later in July. Mary Sue and Bennett Anderson, T. J. Ray and I hope to go down July 21 and 22 for a special event (Kids Camp). The youngsters that visit the print shop are always so much fun – looking forward to it. This will be our first time down since Harvest Fest in November.


     Next Monday we’ll celebrate Independence Day.

     The Herald Office will be open until noon, then close for a half-day Monday holiday, something we rarely do. However I will be the only one staffing it, but I can answer most of your questions, if they’re not to technical, and I can take payments, classified ads, etc.

    Deadline for display advertising, though,  will be Friday, 5 p.m.

    Do hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July.

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