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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    I’d heard very little of the trial  of Caylee’s murder (that’s Betty’s verdict). Since the trial ended I’ve had tons of reports on this event – none of it good. Even if this mother did not kill her daughter, she is guilty by failure to report her missing.

    We lost Jim twice in his early years and in a matter of minutes I was in a panic, as was Ed, the rest of the family, office staff, and friends. First loss was on a Wednesday (press day). The presses stopped and everyone on Main Street was helping to search for him, as were all the law enforcement officers.

    Found him, or he found us, about four in the afternoon. He’d been in Merchants Grocery (next door to the Herald at the time) with Lexie Peacock. They were loading a truck and being Wednesday (many businesses close on Wednesday afternoon at the time) their doors were closed. Jim and Lexie came ambling out and wondered what was going on. Lexie apologized and apologized, even though it was not his fault. He had no idea that we did not know where Jim was. All was well but it was terrorizing for a few hours.

    The other time was in the old Southland Mall in Memphis. The Boy Scouts had exhibits all over the place and Jim was fascinated with the Soap Box Derby. We watched for a while and then had to get on with our chores – it was just before Bill’s and Jimmie’s wedding.

    We met a friend visited for a minute  and when we continued our trek down the mall realized that Jim was missing. Found him when the Boy Scout event was concluded – another horrifying hour. So you see, there is no way I can imagine not having everyone searching for a lost child immediately. There is something really wrong in this case – someone is guilty of at best neglect, at worst murder.

    This mother should not be let go scott free.


    Other news that has been alarming in the past weeks is the economy and the struggle with coming up with a budget. I wish I had an answer, but don’t think there is one that is not going to hurt. We’re probably going to have to cut into some services, hopefully they can find some that will not devastate the country. Then I’m sure there is going to have to be some tax increases. It other words we’re all going to have to tighten our belts. I know there are things I can do without and I’m sure that’s true of most households. We may have to drop back to just maintaining roads, keeping schools and other government buildings in good repair and not build new ones for a while. Expansions in recreation areas may have to cease, as well as many studies and programs that are useful, but not absolutely necessary.


    Great-nephew Ruff Cole had a birthday last week. He’s the son of Bill and Jimmie’s youngest son, Michael. His big present was a four-wheeler. This was his first experience with one of these, so his dad rode with him on his maiden trip. Michael started on the back and decided it would be better to change his position. Ruff was so busy learning to ride, that when Michael moved he thought he had gotten off. Coming to an incline, Mike says, “Just give it a little gas, slowly.” Ruff, then saw his dad on the side and exclaimed, “Dad, you almost scared me to death, I thought God was talking to me.”

    Jimmie said they heard him later praying for God to help him not to mess up. He really liked the four-wheeler and declared this birthday his best ever.

    When he was through riding, he asked MeeMa if he could park it in the carport with her car. Jimmie said she told him that would be fine if he trusted her not to run over it. He replied, “I’ll park it right against  the wall.” It’s a big two car area and if he parks it against the wall I’m sure it will be O.K.—she’d have to run over a ton of junk to get to his new ride.


     The political scene is really picking up – guess it should since the primary is only two papers away. We had several of the local candidates in last week, including our own Guy Dale Shaw, who is a candidate for Governor. Guy Dale has a great program and we wish him well in his campaign.


    I’m having a great time existing without a kitchen. I may write a how-to book on this subject. I wash dishes in the nearest bathroom lavatory. Makes me a much neater dishwasher – have to do them every night, because this is the bathroom where I brush my teeth. I can’t leave it full of dirty dishes. So far all my cooking has been done on a little griddle. It will boil a bowl of soup in just a few minutes, makes great grilled cheese sandwiches, will cook, eggs, sausage, ham, bacon and toast, fried potatoes and steak or chicken, makes stir fry, and the list just goes on. Doesn’t sound like I need a kitchen. I have a fridge in the den and the other in the sunroom, so I bring left overs from Mom’s, get salads and other foods from Larson’s.

    The kitchen is coming along nicely, have ceiling, floor, walls in and they’re about to start on cabinets.


    I lost so many friends last week. I was so sorry to hear of the death of long-time friend, Nancy Shaw. We were in school at Northwest in the mid-1950s. She was a sophomore my freshman year and was so helpful teaching me the ropes of college. Then I came to the Valley and found her again. She was a sweet, helpful friend. She will be missed. Sympathy is extended to her family.

    The death of Jo Henderson Lewis also brought sorrow. Remember Jo first from her band days, then in Junior Auxiliary and also helping Glenda at the Country Club. Her mother, Brenda, used to be one of my first customers on Wednesday mornings. Love the whole family and extend sympathy to them.

    Also was sorry to hear of the death of long-time friend Sam McCain. Still miss his wife, Mary, and since her death I had not seen much of Sam. He was an asset to the area, the Masonic Bodies, Odd Fellows, and all other organizations he was involved in. Sympathy is extended to his family.


     I have several inquiries as to when Watermelon Carnival Weekend will be and how to reserved exhibit spaces. The Carnival will begin with the Music Festival on Thursday night, August 4, then Friday, Aug. 5, the Renasant Bank sponsored Street Dance will begin at 8,. Booths and other entertainment will also be on this day. Saturday, August 6, will be the all day affair. Call the Chamber at 473-1122 to reserved exhibit spaces.

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