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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    So many of you have expressed interest in my kitchen. Thank you for being excited for me and for wanting to know how it is progressing.

    It’s going great. Now have a finished ceiling, floor and walls with sheet rock. Electrical work is done except for putting in outlets, switches and lights. I have appliances selected and ordered, found a sink, have tile samples and I’ll make that choice shortly, and the cabinets are being built. So you see, it’s coming along rapidly and it’s looking so good.

    My contractor, Steve Ford, and his son, Ben, are excellent carpenters, and they’ve help me make lots of decisions that I’m not smart enough to make – the ones Ed always made. They are super folks to work with.


    Going home from the office last Wednesday I came to the four-way stop at North Main and Highway 315. I was the fourth of four cars to arrive, so I waited my turn. I noticed a little black and white dog on the north side of Main, facing me. He waited until the east bound car went on 315, then the west bound on 315 was next, third in cue was the south bound car on Main, my turn came next (turning west onto 315).

    The little dog had waited patiently checking the direction of each car, then when I began turning, he carefully looked each way and made his way on down Main Street. I’ve never seen a dog so street smart or so patient. He was much better in traffic than most people, including me.


    Eating has been good at home (even without a kitchen) and at the office for the past few weeks, thanks to so many friends bringing in vegetables. Last week we had BLTs on Tuesday, with tomatoes furnished by Steve Ford, Richard Baird and others . We had a delicious cantaloupe from Bailey Walker. Bailey also brought some great looking tomatoes that were not quite ripe, so we had them for lunch this week.

    Got peaches from Joey and we had peach shortcake for Sunday lunch, after we had eaten a lot of them. They were so good. Also had some fried squash on Saturday and Sunday from David’s garden and some fresh cucumbers, more than we could eat, so Jimmie’s making some pickles this week.


    Attended a gathering of the Crowder High School Class of 1955 Thursday night at the Crackerbarrel in Batesville. Several of the group came in early for the all-classes school reunion, so us locals met them for a night of visiting. Two of the group were not going to be able to attend the big reunion on Saturday night, so this made our event extra special. Peggy and James Rotenberry were leaving on vacation Saturday morning and Walter Pugh and his wife from Nashville had to be back home on Saturday.      James and Peggy were taking their grandson out west and he wanted especially to see Yellowstone National Park. After the grizzly bear incident recently, they talked him out of this. They were going to Colorado Springs and planned to ride the train up to Pikes Peak (I love this trip and wanted to go with them) and see many other points of interest. James and Peggy have lots of WV connections. Peggy was a Jones and went to school in the Valley in her early school years and James is a first or second cousin to all the Rotenberrys here – Billy Rotenberry, Sue True, Candi Tallent, Faye Nolen, and I’m sure I’ve missed some.         Others there were “Boo” and Ginger Harrison, Carol Card Williams, Paul Mack, Dorothy Wiggs Hardin of California and me.

    On Saturday night the crowd was excellent, with probably a 100 in attendance. The oldest class member I recognized was Dr. James Warrington, a member of the Class of 1953. We had nine of our class present, and several members of classes of ‘54- through late fifties, along with spouses, other family, and friends. Jimmie had to attend a wedding, but popped in for a few minutes to say hello – she left CHS in the fifth grade, but still knew many of those attending.

    Our group included Ann Pund Holland; Yvonne Cannon Brown, her daughter, Jennifer, is married to former Vallian Bubba Karr;  Christine Mitchell, wife of former classmate the late Maurice Mitchell (who has a cousin, Eugene Mitchell, on the west side of the county); Morrell Paterson (he used to have relatives in the area), and his wife, Ruby; Bennie Jean Turner Vail (cousin of Mickey Aldy); and back for a second night, Carol Williams; “Boo” and Ginger Harrison; Paul Mack and me.

  Usually I get some great stories when this group gets together, but this year they seemed to be slipping. They’d start a great yarn and then forget half of it.

  Morrell had a picture made our senior year in front of the Quitman County Courthouse. We were all dress up and it obviously was some impressive event, but no one could remember what it was. I recognized more of those pictured than anyone else—tells you how bad their memory is. I was not in the picture, but they seemed to think that part of the picture was missing—can’t imagine me missing anything. After closer inspection, we realized I was not the only class member absent—my explanation was that we had cut this boring program and found something more exciting to do. They all laughed and said, “Maybe the Betty we know today would have done that but not the prim and proper girl with us in high school.”  They were right, in high school I did everything exactly as was decreed and attended every event—I was a very quiet little mousey girl.


  Let me tell you a story that made me feel really old. Occasionally I watch some re-runs on TV. They’re new to me because we never got to see the original shows—too busy getting out a Herald or doing commercial printing. This was an episode of The Waltons. It was a cute show.

The theme was the upcoming birthday of the grandmother and her inner ear problem. Seems she was loosing her hearing and her equilibrium, added to the fact that she was getting a year older. She was depressed and downright ornery. Well they got her to the doctor and her problem was very curable, so she perked up and enjoyed her birthday. When birthday arrived it was her 68th. She looked like an 85-90 year old woman. Went to look in the  mirror to see how bad I look, because I’m approaching my 74th. Compared to Grandma, I thought I’d held up pretty well—those of you who have to look at me may disagree.


    We’re headed for the Ag Museum this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. Tell you all about it next week.

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