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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Shirley McCammon called me Friday to tell me that she, Johnny, and grandson, Dorian, were headed down I-25 from Alburque towards Las Cruces. She wanted to know if they could pick up anything large from Jim and Celeste to deliver to me. They were in the 18-wheeler and apparently it was not fully loaded.     She even offered to tie Jim up and throw him in the back to bring for a visit. Told her I just might take her up on that. She even agreed to give him food and water occasionally. It sounded like they were having a great time, on this final trip during  summer vacation, before Dorian has to get back into school later this week.

    I talked to Jim this morning and he says he’d have liked to come,  but it’s too soon to the end of his summer vacation – all students and teachers are about to be back in school. (WV teachers started Monday, and students report Thursday.)         However, Jim said to tell Johnny that if he ever comes his way without a full load, he has a square grand piano in the back of the Herald that Celeste would sure like to have in New Mexico.

    It was fun to visit with the McCammons on the road. Thanks for the call Shirley.


    We got a supply of the Chamber’s 2011 Watermelon Carnival Programs Thursday and I have enjoyed reading it. It contains the program and schedule of events for this year’s carnival, lots of pictures, tons of history, and some great ads. Mary Sue and Bonnie did a great job getting it together and Varner’s print job was excellent.

    The programs are again $5 each. They’re available at the Herald, at the Chamber Office, banks, and several other places in town.

    Then on Friday I got to proof read our Carnival Section. It also contains carnival schedules, some great pictures, lots of interesting history and some very good ads.         David, Jack and Melody did a very good job–I read it and caught a few errors. My job on this section is easy. We do appreciate our advertisers supporting this special section.


    Friday night I attended a birthday party for Brother Rance at the Sizzler in Oxford. In years past, Ed and I often ate at the Sizzler, so I told them that I did not need to be picked up and delivered – I knew the way there. Well, I did. Only problem was that I think they’ve moved in several miles closer to Pontotoc.

    I got off on Hwy. 6, headed toward Pontotoc, with no problem. I drove and drove and finally decided I’d missed it, so I turn around got back to Hwy. 7, back to Hwy. 6, and tried again.

    I passed the spot I’d turned around at and knew that I given up to soon. Sure enough, found it less than a quarter of a mile on down the road. The place was packed and cars were all over the place with a truck parking beside the highway. Figured if he could do it, so could I, pulled in front of him and walked in. Told my story and they all agreed that I should never be let on the road by myself.

    My answer was, “Well, I guess I did alright, I’m here am I not?”         Leaving, I was following Bill and Jimmie, who would proceed on down 6 and I was to turn onto 7 toward the Valley. Fowled up again. I knew that Ed had occasionally gotten off on  334 (turn about a quarter of a mile before 7). I’d remembered this and was very careful not to do it on my flip-flop. With a mind lapse on my homeward trip, sure enough, I turned onto 334. Ed never got back onto 7, he just rambled around and finally we’d come out on Jackson, then onto Hwy. 6 and home through Taylor. I didn’t dare try this. I found a church parking lot, turned around, and headed back down 334, found Hwy 6, went until I could turn back toward 7 and this time I avoided the 334 exit and found the exit to the Valley.         I was so proud of myself when I pulled up in my driveway—I’d actually solved my problem without calling for help. Started not to confess, but the story was just to good.

    I’d forgotten how good the food was at the Sizzler. I had my favorite steak (chopped sirloin with onion gravy)—the rest of the crew don’t consider this steak. Several of the party had fish and it looked delicious. A few more had steaks (ribeye, porterhouse, strip, etc.) and everything looked very tasty. We also sampled all their appetizers and they were good. No one had room for dessert.

    Everyone encouraged Rance to have another birthday this week. Wife Ginny was hostess for this party and I don’t think she thought this a good idea.


    Did the grocery shopping and then stopped by BTC for corn and peaches. Got to Moms, shucked and silked the corn, than had to have a break – some peanut butter and crackers, along with a Diet Coke. Mom likes this snack, except she want real Coke.

    Rance wanted a carmel cake for his birthday, so Jimmie called to see if she or I was cooking it. She had not come to Moms because she was shelling peas. She got to cook peas and the cake for Sunday dinner. I would have been glad to cook it because I have a brand new stove.         However, after considering this project, I said you’d better do it, I don’t know where my pan, my cake mix, sugar, my recipe file, or even where my mixer is.         Brother Terry usually calls from Brandon on Saturday morning and wants to know what I’m cooking. When he rang up Saturday, I had a ham in the oven, corn, turnip green and lima beans on, was baking sweet potatoes, and was about to make chicken and dumplins and cornbread. He says, “Wish I was there.”  Told Mom what he had said and she replied, “I wish he was here too.”


    Sunday night we got to see a slide show and hear about about our Youth Director Craig Warren’s recent mission trip to Honduras. His parents, Judy and Ronnie Warren, were there, as were grands, Ann and Cecil Warren, all of Senatobia, and his uncle, Scottie Surrette. His aunt, Becky York, her husband, Travis, and their daughter and son, and her children are all members of Woodland Hills.

    Craig’s presentation was excellent and it was good to see  how people in that country live.


    This will be Carnival weekend and the temperature predictions really indicate it. Looks like we’ll be near 100 degrees for the entire event. Do be careful and don’t get too hot. I plan to get out early and late. Looking forward to the street dance, with Braden Gray’s band featured. Maybe I’ll get to see his father, Gary—it’s been a while since I’ve had a visit with him.

    I’m also looking forward to the fireworks.


    Family plans to come over early Saturday morning. I haven’t heard from the Shearer family members yet. Paul and Faye are both members of the Class of ‘56, which is having a 55th Reunion. They’re invited.

  Had a note from another member of this class, Don Ed-wards, telling of his and Wilva’s 50th wedding anniversary. The picture was made at Cedar Key, Florida June 11. Don says it’s one of their favorite places. Part of their family was with them, but son, Eddie, is still in Iraq. Congratula-tions on this milestone in your marriage—hope you have many more happy years.

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