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Carnival Visit One Of The Year’s Highlights

By Charles Cooper

    Hello everyone,I  hope you’re having a good week.

  I had the pleasure of attending the Watermelon Carnival and met many old friends during the day. My first stop was at the Lion’s Club pancake breakfast and the first person I met, going in, was my long-time friend, Ben Horan. He insisted on paying for my breakfast and we sat down and I had a great visit with him and Lilly Loyce.

    Horan was a member of the Class of 1949, which was having a casual breakfast instead of a formal reunion.  This gave me the opportunity to visit with Tom Green, who lives in Louisiana, and D. C. Morgan, who lives in Texas.         Also seated at the table were Betty Gurner, Tuffy Williamson, Hubert Sanders, Charlie Holloway and Billy Bryce Williamson. Ernie Aune was cooking pancakes and Curtis Berry brought me coffee and Rayford Edgar served the food. A gentleman sat down at the table and I met Ross Cardwell for the first time.

    We found that we knew some of the same people and we had a pleasant conversation. I offered my condolences to Ernie in the death of his brother, James. I was able to confirm from Rayford that he was a member of the Southerners Dance Band prior to World War II, along with Oscar Parsons.

    He said that Jake Ray was never a member of that group. We didn’t have time to discuss it further, but I hope we’ll get around to it in the future. I also got to speak, briefly, to Teresa on my way out. Then I visited with Jim, Jo, and Jimmy Peacock before they went to the antique car show. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to visit it this year.

  Then on to the park where the first person I saw was my brother-in-law, Edward Scanlon. He introduced me to Gary Cox and then pointed me in the direction of Virginia’s tent. However, I saw someone waving at me and it was Charles Vanderburg, who lives in Louisiana along with Pat McNamee and his wife, who live not far from me in Forrest City, Arkansas. I also saw Bubba Benson and his wife, who live in central Tennessee. All three were members of  my high school class and were the only ones from that class that I saw. Next Joe Lowe met me and we had a lengthy conversation and he told me how much he enjoyed the column.

    Then as I started back to Virginia’s tent, Sam Goodwin called me and we talked for some time. I finally got to Virginia’s tent and we had our first visit in some time. Lupe had asked her to get her some of those famous Mickles sweet pickles, and take it from me they are great.

    I could go on and on, as this is one of the highlights of my year, but the constraints of space won’t allow it.

  Hope you enjoyed this and let me hear from you as your input is always welcome. My email address is or write me at P. O. Box 613189, Memphis, TN 38101 and have a great week.

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