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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Recently had a note from friend Kay Cobb, who served as our senator for a number of years and later as a Supreme Court Judge. She has many friends in the area and I know many will be interested in hearing from her. She says they still look forward to getting the Herald each week and that it’s nice to keep in touch. Her note further reads, “We’re all well, just welcomed our first great-granddaughter into the world on Sept. 2. God is good.”
  Congratulations to the parents and to Kay and Larry. Kay, you’re right, God has been good to you two. I don’t even have a grand, much less a great-grand—I’ll just have to share yours.
  Another note received was from Donna Rhyne, a native Vallian, who moved to Houston. She brings me up to date on Michael’s and his wife’s children—hers and Dwight’s grands. She says Sawyer Grace is almost nine months old and John Peyton is 5 (going on 20! Ha!). She also shared that Michael was again voted “Best Dentist in Chickasaw County.”
    Congratulations to him. Michael was one of ours for many years—he was Ed’s student and a wonderful young man. I always enjoyed his visits when he came for music lessons.
  This letter came from Jimmie  Kathryn Woods Morgan of Dayton, Ohio a few weeks ago. I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten to it before now. It is very interesting and I know many will remember the people mentioned. It reads:
  “The saying goes ‘It’s a small world’—this proves it. I go to water aerobics at the Rec. Center in Dayton. A few weeks ago I was telling friends in the dressing room about my small town—Water Valley—being written up in The New York Times. A new member heard me and said she was born in Water Valley. Her name is Jayne Driver Hood and she and her husband had moved from the D.C. area to Dayton. She said she was born in 1932, and her family moved to New York when she was four years old.
  “Jayne asked if I knew her cousin, Barbara Fly, and I said yes. I later gave her a picture of Barbara taken when I visited Kaki Parsons at Azalea Gardens in Oxford, where they both lived at the time. Jayne had not seen Barbara since the 1950s.
  Jayne’s grandfather, D. H. Driver, worked on the railroad in Water Valley and was killed in a train wreck, like a lot of  men back then. He had six children, and the oldest, Ida Driver, married Irvin P. Kennedy. They had a daughter named, “Sis”, who married Earl Fly and they had a daughter, Barbara. Jayne said all the family knew Barbara’s mother only as Sister.
  Carol Brown, a friend in Water Valley, helped get information, and Barbara talked with her sister, Camille Fly, and said Sis’ real name was Audley Claire Kennedy Fly. She died in 1950, and Camille’s mother, Eunice Samuels, married Earl in 1952. Eunice was the widow of Harris Samuels, who also died in 1950.
  “Jayne said there are lots of Drivers buried in the cemetery in Water Valley.”
  We fed the family of Mrs. Dale Sartain at the church after her funeral on Thurs-day. It was good to get to visit with them, even though it was a sad occasion.
  It was also good to have Bro. Ken and Shelley back for the day. Shelley sang in the choir and Bro. Ken, along with Bro. Charles Keel, officiated the service. They remained for the  meal and time of fellowship. It was fun to have him back in the kitchen—just not the same without him. “Miss Dale” would have enjoyed her service and her family and friends gathering—she just loved everyone.
  Early Friday morning I went to Batesville, to help with mother’s released from the rehab center and her transport home. She seems to be returning to her normal life quite well.
  I stayed with her Friday and Saturday nights. We’d emphasized that she was back in her own bed, with no rails and no buzzer to summon help. She was repeatedly told to call for me if she needed getting out of bed. This she did, first time up. Then about three in the morning I heard her walker. Now I had not been asleep—she‘s just that quite. I’d placed her walker across the room from her bed, where she had to take several steps to get to it. She did and was on the way to the bathroom. After this I left the walker beside her bed and let her do it on her own. I did get up each time to make sure she made it.
  On Sunday morning Brother Bo and I were in the kitchen, cleaning up so we could cook lunch and making breakfast, when we heard her walker. I went to the door and she was in the bathroom, washing her hands and face, and then brushing her hair—all by herself—before coming to the table for coffee. Now her bedroom and the kitchen have only a wall between them. Rest of the day she got up and did what she wanted on her own. At the end of the day, when she learned that I’d not be staying with her, she needed to go to the bathroom, but said she couldn’t do it by herself. I informed her she’d been doing it all day long and she’d better get up and go—she did.
  She had a sitter Sunday night and I’ve not heard how that went.
  Our weekend activity was canning pears. Jimmie peeled and I cored and cooked. We put up several quarts to use in pear salads this winter. This fruit is excellent, some of them were too big to fit into the jars—had to take off a slice. Made salads for Sunday lunch and they’re much better than commercially canned pears.
  The boys and Jimmie took Mom’s security door down and repainted it. This was a job. They started with one can of paint, then went back for a couple more, and I think finally wound up going back a third time for two more cans. They also painted themselves and most of the junk in the shed.
  I was smart—volunteered to help Carolyn wash dishes and put away the food. Then I got to watch golf.
  Received Celeste and Jim’s birthday gift Thursday and have read about a third of it. He called early this morning to wish me Happy Birthday. We had a nice visit, with him catching up on Mom and the rest of the family and me getting to hear about Celexte’s father’s move to Las Cruces, and how  both of their school year’s are going. Celeste likes her new school and Jim is settling into his new program.
  He reported that they’re having great fall weather, much like ours. I sure have been enjoying the past few days in the Valley.
  Also appreciated cards from other friends, especially SS member, Evelyn Thomas. Do miss my card from the late Cathy Hunt Ward—she sent a card each year for many, many years. Got calls from Betty Davis and Brother Terry Monday night.
  Was great to hear that the Blue Devils won Friday night (knew they would) when I arrived at church Sunday morning. At Mom’s I don’t get our scores. I’ve told several folks to call Channel 5 and give them the score, since I have to be in Courtland and they no longer receive Channel 9.
  Congratulations on the tremendous win over J. Z. George. Hope the roll continues this coming week.

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