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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Seems that I missed the week to have been in the Valley. Had to go to Mom’s after work Thursday and remained there until Sunday morning. I was her sitter for three days and nights. Did come home for morning worship.
  After having missed only a very few football games (home and away) for over 46 years, I’ve attended very few since Ed died. Did get to a couple last year and it seemed so natural to be in that stadium, although I was not at my regular post. Sat in the stands and had a great time. I did know how to do this because at away games they didn’t let me flip hamburgers.
    I parked in my regular spot at the National Guard Armory. I like it there because it so easy to get in and out. Ed always came in the truck, which he parked in back of the grill—always cautious, he didn’t want anyone getting burned on that hot thing.         Also, he packed extra jackets, chairs, blankets, junk food and drinks in it so they’d be convenient. Don’t know why he did this because he always ate concession foods and had no problem getting them. Someone was always looking out for him.
  Seems that last Friday’s game would have been a good one to see, except for the injury of Cole Camp. The weather was perfect and the game went into our win column. It’s great to know that we have players who can step up and make things happen.
    Congratulations on the win, Blue Devils. Cole, my prayers are that you will soon be mended and able to be back in the game. Know it’s going to take some time, but be patient. The rest of you take up the slack and continue with this excellent season.
  On Saturday night the Valley hosted the Art Crawl. From all the glowing reports this was another event not to have missed. Seems that hundred of visitors came to our town and had a really wonderful time.
  This was the fourth Crawl and I’ve been unavoidably occupied elsewhere each time. Keep up the good work with this fabulous event (according to my reporters) and maybe one of these years I’ll get to attend one. I do appreciate the efforts to further the Valley’s impressive cultural scene.
  My wildlife population continues to increase. A couple of weeks ago I’d seen two does, each with twin spring fawns and twin late summer offspring. Wednesday I was in the den eating my snack before being off to prayer meeting, when I noticed a small critter in the front yard. Got up for a closer look and saw that it was a very tiny fawn (had lots of spots).
    Stood watching for a few minutes and another appeared out of the bushes, crossed the driveway, and joined its sibling. Few minutes later out came Mom.
  Bro. John Lancaster is giving the devotional segment of our prayer meetings and they’re very interesting. He’s leading in a study of James and even though I’ve studied this book many times, starting when I was just in high school, I never fail to get something new from covering this material.
  If you’d like to join us for these services we begin at 6:30 with the study and then follow this with a time of prayer, also very important, since we have so many grave concerns at this time.
  Mom goes to bed about seven each night and I watch TV until eleven. I’ve watched more TV in the last couple of weeks than I’ve seen in many years. Surprising, some of it is pretty interesting, much of it is depressing, and there’s a bit of comedy, which I enjoy. Didn’t know so many western series were made through the years. I’ve found Dr. Quinn, Bonanza, The Big Valley, and now The Virginian. We did get to see Gun Smoke in prime time—must of come on the one night we got to stay home in the early days. I’ve also gotten addicted to The Waltons—they’re so much like our family.
  I’ve also gotten to see some of the political news, leading up to the election, which I cannot believe is only a month away. I hope to see the Denver debate and I hope the candidates say something constructive.
  Mom and I were mostly by ourselves all day Friday. I cooked and we ate, washed dishes and then watched golf. The Rider Cup went well on this day—American team was winning big time.
  Then on Saturday coverage began early. I watched until Mom got up for breakfast, then I stacked the dishes in the sink, stating I’d do them after we eat lunch. She said, “They’re not going anywhere and we only messed up  few.” I agreed, so it was back to golf. Again our team did well—not as good as the day before, but O.K.
  As I watched, I kept scanning the visitors. Mark Larson and son, Allen, were there and he was going to wave at me. I later learned he was on television, but I missed it. Did pick out former President George H. Bush and a few more celebrities.
  The final event, match play, Sunday was the downfall for us. Players who could do nothing wrong for two days, just disintegrated Sunday. The American Team was not whitewashed, but it would have been had it not been for the tremendous effort on the first two days. It came down to Tiger Woods’ and Jim Furik’s parings, the last two players out, and neither of them were able to produce. I’ve cheered against Woods for most of the years he’s played and now when I start to pull for him he doesn’t win. Told Mom I thought I start pulling for his opponent and maybe he’d shape up—didn’t help.
  I’d not seen the weather news since Friday night, when a 20 percent chance of rain was predicted for Sunday. Was I surprised to step outside and find raindrops falling on my head. I drove home in the early morning, through some pretty heavy rain in places, and the Pope/WV Road was two rivers—I drove in the center or on the very outside of the lane all way.
  Got home, dressed hurriedly. It was Lord’s Supper day and I had to get things ready. Was surprised that I remembered—Bro. Ken al-ways reminded me. It was a bit depressing preparing this without him helping. He always came in, helped put the cups in the holders and then would help break the bread. Without him it’s lonely in that kitchen.
  We make it fine, though. Bro. Morris Baker did an excellent service, even though it may not have been what he was used to. Bro. Ken liked baked bread,  so he could break it.
  Then it was back to Mom’s for lunch and golf. After the conclusion of the game, I came home, again driving in heavy rain. And  on this trip had high wind added for my driving pleasure.

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