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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Nephew Michael Cole (Jimmie and Bill’s youngest) of Batesville was in for a visit last Tuesday morning. Michael is in the process of starting a new business, Secure Shred LLC, and was in the Valley to service customers and hopefully to establish new ones.
    The business is a mobile document destruction company, which will shred documents, x-ray film, hard drives, etc. He can place as many containers as you need, which will hold 100 or 200 pounds, at your business free of charge. These are on hand and ready for immediate delivery. Larger models can be obtained on request.     Secure Shred will charge $49 per service call at each location, which includes 200 pounds of paper shredded. Over the 200 pound limit will be shredded at 18 cents per pound. Service calls can be set up on intervals of 2, 4, or 6 weeks, depending on customer needs, or they will respond to any call between service dates as soon as possible. They also offer one time bulk shred jobs at a cost of 20 cents per pound.
    You can reach him at (662) 934-5145.  It was so good to visit with him. He got additional visiting in while he was at the Herald. Mark Larson, who has been a friend of Michael’s for many years, came in while he was there. He says, “Gabe, (don’t know where that name came from) what are you doing in the Valley?”
    Michael explained and then they caught up with goings on in their lives. Mark says, “Now I want to see Michael mentioned in Betty’s Week next week.” Well, I hope I’ve done my duty to your satisfaction, Mark.
  Mark went on to tell me that I’d missed his TV appearance at the Rider Cup. I watched most of that golf tournament, constantly scanning the spectators, because I knew that Mark and Allen were there. Well I thought with the final stroke it was all over so I headed for home in that nasty weather. Seems that I left a little too soon. My favorite golfer, Phil Mickelson, shook Mark’s hand and presented him with a Team USA pin on TV. I was so sorry to have missed my favorite Valley spectator (who’s a good amateur golfer) and my favorite  pro golfer. Phil had noticed Mark’s dedication to the tournament.  
  Next in was Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney, who enjoyed meeting Michael. They have lots in common—horses and horse shows. Michael rode in the Tri-Lake shows during his early childhood years on through high school days. He still rides some in cutting horse shows, but now is mostly involved as a cutting show judge. Daryl’s children rode in the shows and son, Ross, still rides, mostly on the bulls. Michael and Daryl knew lots of the same horsey folks.
  I’m hoping Michael gets lots of business in the Valley so I’ll see more of him.
  Robert Montgomery was in Wednesday and someone came by who teased him about not being in the column lately. They said they knew I was going hungry because he’d not brought me anything to eat. Well, shortly Robert was back with a couple of pints of the good stuff to go on my peas and beans. It’s also good on sandwiches and meats and he accuses Jimmie of just eating it out of the jar with a spoon—she probably does.         Thanks, Robert (and Agnes) for feeding me. You are dear friends.
  Received a letter from long-time friend, Camille Fly Dautrich (daughter of the late Eunice and Earl Fly). She writes:
  “Hope this finds you doing well—Barry and I are fine. This is his busy season at The Fudge Shop, the business he began in Branson more than 40 years ago. If anyone from the Valley comes to Branson, stop by and see what the shop has to offer. Barry’s a great candymaker, and his prices are the best in town!
  “I am busy as well, teaching high school art by day, community college art history and humanities two nights a week, and continuing to write my weekly art column for the Springfield, Missouri, News-Leader. Next month, I’ll have been the News-Leader’s visual arts writer for 25 years! Hard to believe! (Sure is—seems like yesterday you were with us at the Herald.)
  “We both enjoy traveling in our spare time, so whenever possible, we hit the road. This past summer, we made it to Cuba (now that was an interesting trip!) and also took a Baltic cruise. Life is good, and we are very fortunate.
  “I still enjoy reading the Herald and keeping up with the news there, although I’ll admit, I’m getting to where I know more people in the ‘News of Past Years’ than in the more contemporary sections! But I especially enjoy reading about all the arts events now happening in the Valley.
  I’ve had enough winter—want summer back. We have so little fall, not sure we’ve had any yet this year. Leaves are beginning to turn, though, and if it warms back up a little and a frost doesn’t jump on us, we’re probably going to have some beauty. Certainly have had enough moisture.
  I’d worn shorts and t-shirts all weekend, but on Sunday morning I decided I needed to go to the van for long pants for my ride to the Valley. This was very early in the morning and I ran out in summer jammys and barefeet. That cold rain and north wind made this a speedy trip.
     Did have my socks and walking shoes, so with the jeans, I only had to freeze where the short sleeves stopped. Mom has plenty of jackets, but she was still asleep and I didn’t want to disturb her by raiding the closet. Was happy that the van has a great heater and it heats up rapidly, so I had a pleasant 30-minute ride.        My house was cold, but I turned the bathroom heater on and ran hot water to warm the shower. Dressed in the bathroom and then it was off to church.
  Weather news this (Tuesday) morning looks like we’ll have nice warm days back at the end of the week—makes me happy.
  Was glad to hear the Blue Devils won again. Congrat-ulations and keep up the good work.
  Our guest speaker Sunday morning was a former Vallian, Bro. Mike Fondon. It was so good to see him and his wife, Edna. Mike brought two excellent messages and we’re looking forward to a return visit November 4.
  Following the night service we all enjoyed a miscellaneous shower for Elizabeth Sutherland and Nathan Keel. Elizabeth is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sutherland of Bruce. Tim is the son of Sammie and the late Toy Sutherland. Nathan is a son of Linda Neeley and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Norwood.
  Mom is fine—thanks for asking.

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