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Street Talk

Main Street Group Celebrates Five Years

By Mickey Howley

This Thursday, Oct. 18, at 7:30 p. m. in the Main Street office at 207 N Main will be the annual General Meeting for the Water Valley Main Street Association. The annual meeting is the event when we get together and talk about what we’ve done and where we are going. And this year marks the 5th anniversary of the WVMSA.
There is much that has changed in the last five years on Main Street. Buildings getting fixed, more jobs, more shopping, more life. The meeting is a celebration of this effort and a commitment to keep the energy going in the same positive direction. If you are a member or would like to be part of the downtown buzz in Water Valley, show yourself up for the meeting. It’ll be fun, short, and sweet.
This coming Saturday morning at the Crawford Sports Complex there will be a “Fun Walk” supporting and raising funds for multiple sclerosis research. This currently incurable disease is commonly known as “MS” (don’t confuse this with the abbreviation for Mississippi, okay!) and for those who have it or their families, it is a long drawn out illness. I know from personal experience how it affects a loved one. Illnesses that used to be common like yellow fever and polio were once considered incurable, but have all but disappeared. It was medical research that did it. The walk starts at 8 am and is just a couple of laps. Easy. And most of us need to do more than a few laps. A simple and fun way to support a good cause and use the great walking track at Crawford.
Saturday night at Bozarts Gallery is a dance party with a theme. Terry Rockette’s theatre group is hosting a “Black and White Party”. It means you have to dress in all black or all white. Terry’s troupe is putting on a new play called “Luke Warm” and the cast will be there at the party. You know Water Valley has made a name for itself in the visual arts recently and even in the culinary arts, so this is the beginning of the thespian arts reputation.
Thursday, Oct. 25, is the last regular season home game Downtown Pep Rally for the Blue Devils. The team has been doing great this year, make plans to come out to Railroad Park that evening to cheer on the team.

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