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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  With the many important problems we are facing in the United States today, I’m amazed at what the presidential debates are majoring on. I simply don’t believe that free contraception items and free planned parenthood is a major issue. I believe that if there was a real need for free contraceptives in the Valley, Bennie or Bobby Turnage or one of the other druggist would take care of it—think that would probably be true all across our land.
    Another item related to the woman vote was a pay difference between male and female employees. It’s there and we all know it. It is slowly being corrected, but it will take time. The president apparently thinks it’s being fixed and Romney pledged to address this matter. According to a FOX news report, the females in the President’s camp are payed 18 percent less than the male employees.
  The cost of gasoline is one we hear about all the time and it is an important issue, but it’s still not top of the board. Along with gasoline, other energy sources are talked about and many of them seem promising.
  Also, discussed is abortion. Across the board abortion is abominable, certainly partial birth abortion. Addressed is the mother’s rights, but what about that unborn child—they have rights also.
  At the top in my opinion is the national debt (not the deficit, folks, they do address this) but the debt is rarely mentioned. It’s so shocking that they all just want to leave it alone. Until we pay off this debt, and I believe a balanced budget should be put in place, which would include a systematic paydown of this debt.
    Until we’re out from under these massive interest payments this country is never going to reach its potential. Just think of all the money we’d have to do good things if we did not have to pay all that interest.
  To do this we’re going to have to make some drastic cuts and they’re going to effect us all. We’re going to have to do without everything that is not absolutely essential to running this country and that means forgoing grants, loans,  give-always, and lots of things that are just luxuries (Big Bird or rather PBS being one of them).
    If we want this, and I’m sure we do, we’ll have to get out our personal checkbooks and fund it—I’m willing to do the little that I can. However, if those of us who can will all chip in just a little, it will survive.
  I have a personal example of how to pay off a debt. When Daddy Shearer died he had amassed a debt of over $30 thousand —huge for a business that grossed maybe $50,000 at the time.         When Ed and I took the business the first thing we decided was that debt had to go. For the next six or seven years we bought nothing new, fixed only what had to be fixed, traveled as little as possible, and ate  peas and cornbread. With the debt gone we were able to buy a new car, eat out occasionally, educate a son in one of the most costly schools in the U.S., and still have a little money to put into savings.
    Had we not buckled our belt and paid off this debt, I’m convinced the Herald would not have survived. I fear for our country—if we continued on the upward spiral of debt, I see no way for it to be here for our children, grands, and certainly not for generations beyond them.
    I love the U.S., believe it offers the best life on earth, and don’t want it to every disappear as so many greedy nations have before it. Folks, let’s do what it takes and it may mean raising taxes.
  Carolyn Fewell was in to pay her subscription and shared a story about her boxing squirrels. Said they often come down to fight and look exactly like boxers in the ring, when they have a disagreement on who gets the food.
  She also shared a story about a possible rabid raccoon. Said she started out her door and the raccoon hissed at her, so she retreated inside and called the police.
    They came and she was told that they had no weapon to kill the thing with, stating that the gun they carried would probably damage her car or her house. I said I’d have said shoot I’ll take care of the damage. She said she did, but they just left with the critter still near her door.         Her sister, Martha Williamson came and the thing would not let her out of her car, so she called her yard man to come and help. However, by the time he arrived the raccoon had left. They looked for it but it was never found.
  If you see a raccoon acting strangely (or any other animal) stay away from it. Rabies is not something you want to risk contracting. It is no longer a death sentence, but the treatment for it is still very painful.
  My note this week was from former post office employee, Wanda Belvin, who simply says “hello!” to all of us. Wanda was with us for many years and she is missed. Thanks for the greeting.
  Weekend was spent doing the usual—cooking and washing dishes.
  I did do some baking and sent Bill samples. He came in and saw them on the kitchen island and remarked to Jimmie that he saw sister had been baking again. Jimmie thought he said bacon and she replied, “Yes she shared some of a big package of bacon she got on sale:”
    To which Bill replied “bacon.”
    I said, “baking.”
    “Oh yes,” Jimmie says, “she did send you some treats, but she also sent bacon and I wondered how you knew because I didn’t hear you open the fridge.”         We known for a time that Bill’s hearing was bad, but now we’re wondering how good Jimmie’s is.
  I enjoyed some great eating with Jim and J. Clayton Peacock supplying tasty fresh mustards. This I turned into a wilted salad for several meals and with hot buttered cornbread I ate high on the hog. Thanks fellows.
    I was sorry to hear that the Blue Devils lost Friday night, but I’m sure they will bounce right back. They have had another great season and I’m proud of them.

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