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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

A recent gallery hop in town reminded me that I had not seen the newest body of work by local artist, Megan Kingery Patton. Entitled Portraits of My Mother, this delightful show tickled me and my friend as we walked through the narrow gallery giggling and reminiscing at the familiar images portrayed in this entertaining show.
This show is a collection of paintings by Patton that is inspired by memories of her mother. Many of the images are ones that anyone can relate to such as cleaning products, sun tan oil, and salt and pepper shakers. The fact that many of the paintings depict a vintage product makes this show a fun one to browse through.
As my friend and I ogled all of the paintings, he started adding up how much money he needed to buy his favorites. Once he hit $1800.00, we realized some of his picks had already been sold. We giggled as we tried to figure out how we could raise the funds to buy the ones left. Not that these paintings are expensive. In fact, I think the pleasure we received from viewing them was priceless, and I envy the ones who snapped up the paintings before I could get there. Some of our favorites were the can of Tab, the Suntan oil with an SPF of 4, and the Cassette Tapes.
Please go visit Yalo Studio at 303 Main Street to see this exhibit while it is still hanging and get ready to take a trip down memory lane. Please send me your arts related news to

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