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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    It was so good to visit with Joy Person Windham of Mobile, Alabama last week. She was in town for a reunion of her high school class. Joy told me that she had visited with many classmates, via phone, and many were planning to attend the celebration.
    They were going to attend the ball game Friday night and cheer on the Blue Devils at Bobby Clark field. Coach Clark was coaching when they were in school. I would have enjoyed attending the game, cheering for the Blue Devils, and getting to visit with these class members.
    When they were at WVHS Ed and I rarely missed anything, so we  knew most of them very well. I know they had a great time and it was wonderful that the Blue Devils won their final game of regular season play. They’ll now move on to post season competition, hopefully to win North Half 2-3A, and then on to state, where we hope they’ll beat the South Half champions.
    After work Thursday I make my usual trip to Larson’s and then it was off to mom’s for the weekend. Arriving a bit late, I put up the groceries, while Bo took frozen products out to the carport freezer. Little Bit was barking while Bo went in and out (nothing unusual).
    However, when Bo came back in he said I think we’d better take the dog to the vet—think he has a problem. Well, when I completed my chores, he’d settled down so I did not go out for my visit—something I do each time I arrive at Mom’s.
    Bo came up early Friday morning and while I was getting  breakfast he ran out to feed Little Bit. In a second he was back and says, “We don’t need to make the vet appointment, Little Bit died during the night.” He was a dear little doggie and we will all miss him terribly.
    In addition to cooking for the church over the weekend, I got to freeze the last gleaning of green tomatoes to have for fried green tomatoes during the winter. Also took some of the smaller tomatoes and made what I call green tomato pickles. This is a combination of green tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and cabbage with vinegar, sugar and pickling spices. It’s good with peas, meats, or hushpuppies.
    I made gumbo, brownies and cupcakes for lunch at church Sunday, and Mandarin orange and Pineapple Upside cakes for the cake walk.
    When I got out early Sunday morning to return home for church I couldn’t believe we’d gone from hot summer on Thursday when I arrived to cold winter. To make matters worse, Sunday morning it took me about 30 minutes to load the van—this done in summer PJs and flip flops.
    We had our high attendance activities on Sunday and it was all moved inside—not as much fun, but certainly more comfortable.
    I was in charge of the hula hoop contest and some of the younger set are very good with this toy.
    One young lady I think could have gotten into the Guinness Book of World Records. She could just go on and on, except when when it hit something that broke her rhythm. This happened often as we were in a very small Sunday School room.
    We all received great door prizes and there was a cake walk, which I understand provided desserts for most of the families attending for all this week. Face painting was a well-attended activity (artist was excellent) and the youngsters (and maybe some of the oldsters) enjoyed the bouncy house.
    Popcorn, candy and snowcones were consumed in abundance by young and old, and everyone enjoyed the fellowship. This was all after we’d stuffed on barbecue, coleslaw, chips, gumbo, cornbread, crackers, and desserts.
    Our attendance for the day was 100-plus and everyone enjoyed SS and worship service, with Dr. Morris Baker, BSU Director at Ole Miss, bringing the message.
    Thanks to everyone who asked about Jim on a regular basis. I was told that I’d not made a report on him and Celeste lately. I talked to him last night and he reports that they’re both doing fine. School is good (Celeste likes her new school) and they’re now entering the holiday playing season and both have full schedules. He says tell everyone he appreciates being remembered.
    It’s great to have J’s on Main, a new business next door at 418 Main. Heard their grand opening on Saturday was well attended. Traffic seems to be excellent today (Monday) and I’ve enjoyed seeing the merchandise they have displayed outside. Looking forward to having time to get in and tour the whole place.
    Andi and Pierce Epps did a great job of renovating the building.
    Don’t forget that we’ll leave Daylight Savings Time Sunday morning. When you go to bed Saturday night set you clocks back one hour. Remember Fall Back—Spring Forward. I’m looking forward to that extra hour of sleep in the morning and it’s also nice to have more daylight on Wednesday mornings when I have to deliver papers to the stores. However, with that extra hour Snooky Williams will expect me to be on time.

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