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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Made the paper delivery route in record time last Wednesday morning. Caught every signal light green, traffic was very light and no one had time to stop and talk. Several of us usually settle the problems of the world on this trip—well we try and sometimes I think we  come up with some pretty good ideas.Now if we could just get someone with authority to listen to our solutions they just might work.
    The fall foliage is still very beautiful, even with all the wind and rain we’ve had. Wonder just how much longer those leaves can hang in there.
    My mother-in-law, the late Dolly Shearer, for all the years she worked at the office swept the walk in front of the Herald each morning. Our sidewalk is again looking great, thanks to our neighbor, Jonathan Sharp. He has a blower and when he cleans in front of his business, J’s on Main, he blows the walk in front of the Herald. He’s just a jewel of a neighbor and we do appreciate him.
    After work Thursday it was off to Mom’s as per my usual schedule. Got there and Brother Bo again had a delicious meal for us. He’d cooked pulley bones, that I’d purchased from Larson’s, labeled as chicken breast—which they are. They ‘re one of my favorite pieces of chicken and usually the only way you get them is to cut up a whole chicken.They were so good, as were the lima beans, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits. That boy is a great cook.
  Friday Mom and I talked, while I chopped everything, getting ready for the Thanksgiving meal. Brother Don called to see if we had anything for lunch. Told him I’d been so busy getting food ready for next week that I’d forgotten we might want to be fed sooner. He says, “If you’ll cook cornbread I have a big pot of vegetable soup  I’ll bring for lunch.” Cooked the bread, made tea, and made a peach cobbler, so we feasted. Poor Bo came in and ate some of the cobbler, which elevated his sugar slightly. He said it was worth it.
  Early Saturday morning Bo and Rance went deer hunting. Rance got a big doe. No one likes killing does, but they are way to plentiful and they do make great eating.
  We often discuss the fact that we could live a long time on the game in the yard. A doe with large fawns were seen a couple of days, there are hundred of squirrels, and lots of rabbits on that hill. We don’t have any pecans though—they’ve fed the squirrels. Bo does have a neighbor, who lives in the country (you can kill those critters there) who had an abundance of pecans and sold us lots of nuts at a very good price. I’m happy—I do like everything pecan.
  The boys had to come in early to help get ready for the big birthday party.
  Great nephew, Briley Wright, celebrated his 1st birthday Saturday, with a big party in Bill’s and Jimmie’s game room. He’s our miracle baby. Born two months pre-mature, with lots of health problems, he’s now a healthy young man. He was so cute, enjoying all his gifts and diving into his birthday cake with gusto. He actually had two cakes, both Mickey Mouses.
  I only got to stay at the party for an hour—left Mom alone. Report was that his favorite gift were socks and the wrapping paper off one of his presents—it rattled. He got enough loot for several kids.
  It was good to see my Bridge partner, Hilda Broom, whom I’d not seen in several months. Also Briley’s great-grands, Charley and Mary Clark (his grandmother’s parents on the Wright side of the family) from Bruce were there, as were his grands, great-aunt and uncle, also on the Wright side of the family, his grands, all of his great-aunts and uncles on our side, along with lots of cousins and friends.
  Bro. Terry from Brandon came in early and came up to visit with Mom and me for a couple of hours prior to the party. It was his first trip up by himself and he was glad to know he could drive it alone again. His entire working career was spent as an over-the-road truck driver and to be deprived of going when and where you want had to be a drag.
  At the appointed time to leave for church Sunday morning, Bo came to take over sitting duty. He says, “Give me your keys, you car is covered with frost.” We both though it was going to be warmer than it was, so we didn’t put the van under the carport. My temp gauge, which is pretty accurate, read 32 in Courtland and only rose to 34 by the time I arrived in the Valley. It was cold—was glad the van has a good heater.
    Our speaker for both Sunday morning and evening services was Bro. Franklin Brown, a Valley native. He is an excellent preacher and it was so good to have him and his wife, Shirley, with us.
    Visited with another WV preacher Monday, via phone. Charles Mays. who lives in the Little Rock area, called to tell us that his sister, Carolyn Hawkins of Baton Rouge, Louisiana had passed away. An obit is included in this issue of the paper. He is now the only living child of the late Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Mays.
  Loved all the Mays siblings and their parents. Sympathy is extended to Charles and all the Mays family, and to the Hawkins family.
    Sympathy is also extended to the family of Mary Pearl Green McCullough. Knew all the Green children and their parents, the late Simp and Christine. We were all members at Camp Ground for many years and they were all wonderful friends. Knew most of the McCullough boys when they played little league baseball. Got to see some of them a few years ago when their Aunt Peggy died. Was sorry that I could not make Mary Pearl’s funeral, but just had to be with Mom on that day.
    Barbara Keel Poteete, the wife of another good friend, Bobby Poteete, died last week. Sympathy is extended to Bobby. I didn’t know Barbara, but felt like I did because Ludie often told me about her. She had pictures of this couple and Barbara was a beautiful girl and Bobby was quite handsome.
    Don’t forget the Community Thanksgiving Service at Water Valley First Baptist Church Wednesday night, beginning at 7 p.m. I’m so sorry that I want get to attend, but have to go to Mom’s Wednesday night.
  Compassion Ministries’ annual Thanksgiving dinner will be served in First Baptist Church’s fellowship hall between the hours of 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. Everyone who needs a place to enjoy a delicious meal and fellowship is invited to attend this. Food is always delicious and the fellowship is great. Again, I’ll miss this one as I have to serve Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom’s.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope your holiday is great.

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