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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Last week I had to see a doctor or get spanked by Sister Jimmie. Called for Dr. Paul Odom, only doctor I really know who is still practicing in the Valley. I was told he was unavailable, so I asked for a suggestion. Learned that Dr. Brandon Hall had an 11:15 opening, so I says, “I’ll take it.” He was the most delightful young man I’ve met in a while. I enjoyed our visit and hopefully he’ll get my problem fixed.
    Now I know everyone is wondering what that  problem is. Well after 75 years ,I’ve developed a blood pressure—high enough that it needs medication. Mine has always been textbook (120 over 80), but sadly not anymore.     Dr. Barry Weeks discovered this problem when he removed a tooth a few weeks ago. Thought it would right itself after the extraction, but didn’t happen.
    Dr. Hall entered the examination room on crutches. First time I’d ever seen him and my first words were, “What happened to you?” He explained that he’d let a surgeon loose on him. I came back with, “I’m glad it was you and not me.” Off to a great start, wasn’t I? It didn’t seem to bother him and I think we’re going to be great friends and have a good doctor/patient relationship.
    He listened to all my explanations as to why the high blood pressure, starting with it began with a tooth removal. His first suggested  remedy was, “Put the tooth back.” Not possible, I explained, since it came out in three pieces and had been disposed of.  Next I told him of my painful shoulders (never had pain before these), lack of sleep (usually sleep like a rock) because of caring for mother and also stress (first time for this) associated with making sure I keep her safe. He agreed that I had enough to raise the pressure and prescribed the best medication he and I both agreed on for getting me better. I’ll see him again in a month. However, told him I really liked him, but would rather enjoy visits in my office and not his. He thought about this and then replied, “Yes, it does sound rather bad to say that I’ll be looking forward to our next visit.” Well, Dr. Hall, if I really need you, I’ll be glad you’re there and I’ll come on down.
     I really did enjoy seeing Dr. Hall and I’m glad he decided to come to the Valley.
    Following services Sunday morning Linda Lancaster ased me who Franklin Brown was. I began telling her who Franklin Dunn was, since he’d been our speaker for both services the week before. “No,” she says, “Franklin Brown, not Dunn.”
    I thought about this and faintly remembered a Franklin Brown in years past. We remembered him as a barber—think that’s right. Then she laughed and told me what I’ done. I’d renamed Franklin Dunn, Franklin Brown in last week’s column. Franklin just let my error go—didn’t even mention it. I think either Mike or Dexter Brown was in the office and when I went back to the column I’d already typed in Franklin and I just added Brown.  Well, by whatever name I used, he’s a great preacher and we enjoyed both his messages. I’m looking forward to hearing him again.
    Sunday we enjoyed hearing another wonderful guest preacher, Rev. Lynn Jones of Oxford. Rev. Jones recently retired after 17 years as pastor of First Baptist Church in Booneville. He’s a native of Louisiana. Looking forward to hearing him again, since he’s available for supply. It was good to meet Mrs. Jones Sunday night. She was unable to attend Sunday morning because she plays piano for services at Azalea Gardens.
    This coming Sunday we’re pleased to have Bro. Hal Clark coming back. A native Vallian, Hal is presently Youth Minister at First Baptist.
    We had a great Thanksgiving Day, with lots of good food and great fellowship. Bo fried two turkey breast and this was the best turkey I’ve ever eaten. He rolled them in cajun seasoning and then fried them per manufacturer’s directions. They got it right—meat was so moist and tender. I ate about a  pound while getting the rest of lunch ready.     We had fresh creamed corn, peas, lima beans, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, congealed orange salad, four pies and rolls. We had the smallest crowd ever for Thanksgiving lunch, so we’re still eating leftovers—turkey is still good.
    When I got out early Sunday morning to come home for church, the frost was heavy. I cranked the van and left it to warm up. Then I went back out and found the tire light on. Felt sure it was just the cold weather causing this, but  since I’d not moved it since I came in Wednesday afternoon, I called Bo out for his opinion. He was in his t-shirt and I in my short sleeves. He decided that he’d better get the tire pumper and add some air.     Mine didn’t work to suit him, so he ran down the hill to get his. All the while we’re both freezing—temp was about 29 degrees. After a while he let me go, even though the light was still on. I made it to the Valley and back with no problem.         Before I came home Sunday night Rance aired all the tires up to the book suggested 35 pounds and the light is still off—guess he did good job. He did suggest that I might look into getting new front tires. Bubba Defer, here I come. I also have the oil change light on.
    Don’t forget the Christmas parade Saturday, beginning at 1 p.m. Sounds like it’s going to be a good one. Do appreciate all the hard work J. C. Womble and Bobby Murphree put into this event. Also, congratulations to Jeannie and Travis Clement on being selected grand marshals.
    I’m  beginning selling Christmas Greeting ads for the special Christmas section. If I miss you, and you want one, just give me a call. This is a great special edition, one that’s kept by many for years.

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