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Street Talk

Give The ‘Biggest Gift Of All’ This Year

By Mickey Howley

By the time you get this paper, and depending on how you count qualifying days, it will be like four shopping days left to Christmas. Why is this important? It is Christmas, man!  Like it or not, it is the time of year most people give gifts. While some folks still make gifts (hey you laugh, but knitted stuff is coming back) most people buy stuff to give.
The “Go Shopping The Valley” late night on Thursday evening from 5 to 7 pm promotion is going on this week. Sixteen of Water Valley’s finest Main Street merchants will be open.  See the current ad in this newspaper for a complete listing of all involved. It is a big and varied group of businesses. You can buy anything from a nice plush recliner to mini-art to flowers to spark plugs (I think spark plugs are an excellent gift!). Plus you can dine out—gumbo, deli sandwiches, smoked meats—right here downtown.
And even better than a hot plate of saucy ribs, what you’ll find on Main Street Thursday night are the deals. Many shops are having special offers for the 2 hours between 5 and 7 p.m.—but you have to walk in the door to find out about them. Last Thursday there were some really super on-the-spot bargains. But you got to be there to find out.
So if you are having a brain freeze about what to give, just try to think a bit different. Here’s my personal suggestions. Go the practical route and buy tools. Everyone wants a tool of some sort. Yes, that’s right. A nice tool to play and work with–but be sure to practice safety. Speaking of staying safe for the holidays, buy them a little piece of safety wear—hunter orange caps are always bright and those screaming road worker green/yellow/florescent chartreuse shirts and vests will add color to any outfit. They’ll remember you as the gift giver, too.
If all this is too much and the stress is getting to you and not even a hot chocolate calms you down, start to think gift certificate. I mean practically all stores have them—you as the gifter gets off easy, the giftee gets to choose, and the money gets to go to a local shop/merchant/main street hardworking friend. Pretty nice, huh?
And for those of you who do go out and shop all our Main Street businesses, a big “thank you.” You keep the buildings fixed, the shops open, your friends and neighbors employed, your downtown—the heart of the town—alive and doing well.   
Thanks for being downtown now and through out the whole year. You make a difference every time you shop Water Valley. And that is the biggest gift of all.

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