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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    With no weekend and only a couple of days separating the publication of the 20th and 27th papers, not much has happened in my week.
  Did get the paper out last Wednesday and it was hard work. The Christmas edition is always the biggest paper of the year and this year’s was even heavier than usual. I ran about half hour behind schedule, thus missing many of the Dunn’s breakfast crowd.         Missed Snookie Wil-liams, but he was in shortly after I arrived back at the office. Said he had me on probation and that if I was late again, my position was in jeopardy. Didn’t really scare me, because I know David is not going to get up and get here to deliver these papers and I don’t think anyone else wants my job.
    Snookie also told me I’d misspelled Coulter’s last name, but he didn’t know the proper spelling either, so guess she’ll have to come in and correct me. Mom always said it didn’t make any difference how your name was spelled, just as long as they remembered you. Well, I do hate misspelling names, but it does happen, and all I can do is apologize.
  When I got to the Shell Station, I had to take the papers in in two bundles. One bundle I put on the counter, as usual, but the second I gave to Abraham to put behind the counter until the stack sold down a bit. He reached to pick it up and found it was like lead. Says, “I don’t know if I can lift it—I apparently am not as strong as you.” He was kidding of course, but the bundles were heavy Wednesday.
  Got up early this morning (Thursday) and did some preparation for the Christmas holiday. My prep was not the usual of buying gifts, cleaning house and decorating. I had to wash and iron jeans, wash all the dishes in the sink, take out the garbage, water the plants, etc.
  Finished my shopping early Wednesday—bought a bag of money gift cards. Size might be too small, but the color is right for everyone. That was always Jim’s theory and he said that he could always manage to squeeze into the smaller size. I did actually buy a couple of gifts, but it was not easy.         Just couldn’t find what I wanted. I’m sure glad that we stopped buying a gift for each member of the family many years ago. Now adults draw names and you only have to find one gift and we all just give the children money. Parents give a small portion to them to spend and put the rest into their college funds.
  We’ll all gather at Bill’s and Jimmie’s for Christmas breakfast, then open gifts. During the rest of the day we’ll visit and nibble. Big dinners have been abandoned and we cook very few desserts.
  Celeste and Jim want get here, so I guess Santa won’t come to see them. Jim’s theory was always that if he could get to Sissie’s (Jimmie) Santa would come. Well, he blew it this year. I told this story to friends a few days ago. Then explained that the first time Celeste came home as a member of the family Jim, William and Michael urged her to pick her favorite chair or space on the sofa for Santa to put her goodies. She finally reluctantly gave in and picked a chair. Next morning these three were up at the crack of dawn (just like little kids) and after examining their lute, went to pull Celeste out of bed. She likes to sleep late, but didn’t get to on that Christmas morning. Pappa Ed had found lots of things he thought Celeste would like so she did alright and I really think she enjoyed the Santa bit. We will miss them.
  However, we will have Briley with us for the first time and he will have a great time, as will all of us watching him. Last year he was in the world, but still in the hospital. We are so thankful that he is now a healthy, happy little boy. Also Haller Grace (4), Jack (7), Seth (I’ve lost count), Ian and Harris (big boys now) will help make the holiday more fun.
  Recently the discussion got around to the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received. This did not include the spiritual gifts—only materialistic.
  I started thinking. Since Ed and I rarely exchanged gifts might have to come from someone else. However, I finally decided that it was from him. For many years I’d wanted a fireplace and my gift was a single brick wrapped in a pretty package. It was one of about 4,000 that it took to construct the first fireplace on the front of the house. It’s still there, even though it’s no longer in use. However, it did serve well for many years, especially during the ‘94 ice storm, when we heated and cooked for several days using it exclusively.
  At prayer meeting last night several were telling what they’ve already cooked. Ed Hill’s cookies sounded delicious and Linda Lancaster’s sweet potato cake must be out of this world. She made it with Splenda, because Bro. John is a diabetic. Takes most of a day to cook and assemble, but I know it’s got to be worth the effort—I do like anything sweet potato.
  I’ll get on with the candy making and cooking pies and cakes over the weekend. Not going to cook as much as we usually do, though. I don’t like to throw food away and the fact is we just don’t eat like we use to.
  I went to the P.O. a few minutes ago and was admonished not to blow away as I was out the door. Almost needed to hang onto the light poles to keep from doing same. The wind is predicted to get up to 45 or 50 miles an hour and I do believe it’s going to make it. Bows, wreaths and other decorations are still hanging in there, but I expect to see them flying down the street any minute. We also have an abundance of leaves dancing down the street and Main Street doesn’t have trees in our area. Don’t think it would do any good for Jonathan to get his blower out, though.
  Holiday eating has begun. Pamela Redwine delivered a plate of goodies yesterday and I’m addicted to the pretzel millionaires. Peanut butter balls are also delicious, as is her cheese ball. Brad Robinson and Scoot Taylor, with TVEPA, came by with a wonderful tin of Christmas cookies, which we’re enjoying. Thanks to all these folks who remember us.
  Don’t forget the remaining events of the year in the Valley and Coffeeville.
  Sanders Chapel will have an “All Red Affair” December 31, beginning at 7:30 p.m. and continuing until Midnight.
  Woodland Hills Baptist Church will have a Watch Night service on New Years Eve from 8 p.m. until midnight.
  Another Watch Night service will be held at New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ in Coffeeville from 10 p.m. until midnight.
  These are the services we have listed, but there may be more. Get out and enjoy one of them.
  Here’s wishing each one a very Happy New Year!

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