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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

As the New Year rings in, we often think of New Year’s Resolutions.   A friend of mine recently wrote me and said that she wanted to start collecting more art for her home in the coming year. She asked my advice on where to start.
One of my first thoughts is one that I have heard many times by decorators and collectors, “Buy what you love”. This is so true for many reasons because if you love something, you will enjoy it more. Sometimes we worry that art has to match our house or have a place on our walls to hang. Do not worry if you do not know where it will go right away. The perfect place will present itself if you love it enough.
Another thought about buying art is to know where to buy it. You can begin by visiting local galleries.  Get to know artists whose work you like, and check out their websites and possibly visit their studios if they are open to visitors. You can always contact the artist to see where you can find their newest works.
Remember too that art can be reframed, and you can also commission art work to depict a specific subject.  I encourage you to follow in my friend’s footsteps and make 2013 the year that you collect more art. Happy New Year! Please contact me at arttogollc@ with any arts related news you have.

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