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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 This has been a most confusing week. Left the office last Thursday, went to Mom’s and spent the night. Got up early Friday and returned to work because we had to complete the edition for December 20. Friday seemed like Monday.
  Late Friday I returned to Mom’s where I spent Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night. Then after church on Sunday it was rainy so I just stayed home (rest of the kids were there and I was not needed).         Returned to Mom’s early Monday morning stayed Monday night and then we all gathered at Bill’s and Jimmie’s for Christmas day. Came on home about four, slept until about four thirty Wednesday morning and then delivered the papers to the stores. Really had a time convincing myself that this was what I needed to do on that day. It, of course, seemed like Monday morning.
  Now today, Thursday, I’m setting articles for the January 3 paper and writing a column (my Monday jobs).
  I’ll be so glad to get back into the regular routine.
  On Sunday I was so glad that Bro. Terry Brown, our guest speaker, had an excellent message, otherwise I’d probably have gone to sleep on him. We were so glad to have Bro. Brown and his wife, Shirley, with us. Many years ago he pastored churches on the west side of Yalobusha County and also Liberty Hill in Panola County.
  Not only did my days get confused, but my bed and bath rooms did also. Woke up in the middle of the night Sunday and thinking I was at moms proceeded to go to her bathroom. Got into the hall and everything was dark. At Mom’s the bathroom door is always open and the light is on. I was just fussing because she’d turned the light out. Tried to find the door, which turned out to be my walk-in closet door, knew her bath did not have louvers on the window, so tried another door off the hall, which was the hall closet.         Didn’t make any headway there, as it is so stuffed you can’t get inside. Finally found the hall light and realized that I was in my own house and the bath is attached to the bedroom. Another thing had puzzled me when I got out of bed—the clock was working. Now all the outlets have been out in my bedroom at Moms for several weeks. I was delighted that they had been fixed and my bedside clock was again working.
  Sleeping in two bedrooms—one four nights a week and the other three—can sure get you turned around. Also, it doesn’t help matters if you’re not completely awake. After that I’ve learned to sit up and get completely awake, make sure I know what house I’m in and which way to go.
  Christmas was an awful day, weatherwise. However, we had a great time. All six of us kids were present, along with the four remaining spouses, three granddaughters, and one great-grand. When we all gather we usually make a family photo. This time though we let Brother Terry get on his way home before we remembered. The weather was getting so bad that he and his oldest daughter, Nita, left early to return to their homes in Brandson. His youngest daughter, Lisa, her husband, Jon, and son, Seth, who live in Mobile, Ala. didn’t make the trip to north Mississippi. They left very early to return home and ran into all that bad weather.
  Santa was very generous—everyone got beautiful and useful gifts. I got just what I ordered (well almost). Actually it was better. Rance shopped for me and he’d ask what I wanted. I’d seen a red porcelain coated cast iron casserole dish advertised on TV. It was a four quart size. Told him that was what I wanted and he looked everywhere for exactly what I’d asked for. Found a red Dutch oven and a five and six quart casserole dish. Finally called Jimmie and she told him the bigger size was even better, so I got a five quart one—which really is better.
    I love it, but it weighs a ton. Loading and unloading the car I had to make a special trip to get this present home. Also got a neck pillow that heats and massages (it’s wonderful) and a beautiful new vest and sweater.
  It was so much fun to watch Briley open his gifts. He got caps, clothes, lots of toys, and money, which he appreciates. Uncle Rance gave him a big Dodge truck that goes forward and then backs up. For a barely one year-old, he really liked this big boy toy.
  Our other kid (Rance) got a helicopter and he actually flew it several times without demolishing it. He’s tough on toys.
  We started the day with the usual big Christmas breakfast. We all ate way too much sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, biscuits, gravy, and forgot to cook the hash browns.  Only Rance missed them and he didn’t need any more food.
  Finally late in the afternoon we got out ham, turkey, and chicken salad for sandwichs, along with chips and dips, candies and tons of pies. Don’t think anyone was hungry even then, but all stuffed again.
  I didn’t eat but brought my doggie bag on home as the wind and rain make traveling the Pope/Water Valley Road, slow and treacherous. Only took about ten minutes extra—that was because I had absolutely no traffic.
  Wednesday morning conditions were not much better—rain had slacked, but the wind was worse. I was colder than I’d been in a long time—actually kept my coat on the whole route.
  Jim and Celeste called Christmas day to wish us all Merry Christmas, and yesterday (Wednesday) to tell me they’d arrived safely in Pittsburg. Their Christmas gift to themselves was a trip to Pittsburg. Made the trip fine, but on arrival found it snowing—they loved it. They will attend a Steelers game in the cold and then attend several concerts and art exhibits, before returning home on New Years Day. Celeste is an avid Steelers fan and a trip and ticket is her favorite gift. Jim says he just likes to get out of Dodge. He likes the Steelers, also, and he also likes his students, but sometimes you do just need to get away.
  When you receive this paper we’ll be into the new year. Do hope everyone is having a good one.

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