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BVAA Compass Bowl Ole Miss vs Pitt

Pitt Panthers took the stage first at the Pep Rally

The Panther took to the stage!

A guess of the crowd size was at least 10,000 mostly Ole Miss fans.

Pittsburgh had a very large band, that sounded Great…

When Ole Miss took its turn at the Pep Rally the people came to life. One lady said I think the street is shaking!

The people spilled over blocks away and around both corners at 5 Points.

Hugh Freeze started the Rally off after a short delay in equipment malfunctions..

Water Valley native Alan D Wilbourn shown here with the Col.

Pitts band coming in the back of the “Ole Gray Gal” Legion Field

From the press box pre game.

Long time Vallian Lance Clement ready for some football.

Fred Cotto and Son lil Freddy from The University of Mississippi.

Coachs pre game chat…

Fire works as Ole Miss takes the field

Half time

Half time from the press box…

Birmingham Sky Line at half time from the Press area

Ole Miss finished up its season with a win against Pittsburgh in the Compass Bowl played in Birmingham Alabama this weekend.  Ole Miss finished the year 7-6.

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