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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    The strong winds we had last Wednesday morning did very little damage in our area. However west of Water Valley on Highway 315 several trees were blown into the road. The Panolian’s delivery truck was unable to dodge one of them, because of oncoming traffic. He lost a passenger side rear view mirror and his antennae—could have been a lot worse.
  I had to travel Highway 32 out to Dunn’s Store and at the Exxon store I inquired about the damage west of there. They knew about the 315 trees but were sure that there were none in the road on 32—I was glad.
  Had gone down my drive very carefully, just knowing I’d have maybe a tree, or at least limbs blocking my path. Didn’t even have much smaller debris. One day I will find them down though, if I don’t have them taken down before they fall.
  The Coles’ big old rotten oak  just missed this storm—they had it removed the Saturday before. That thing looked huge standing and even bigger on the ground. Bill and Bo cut on it most of Saturday and Bo reported they made a dent. Even in bad condition it’s going to  produce lots of fuel for the Hardy Stove. Bo could barely move when he got to Mom’s Sunday morning—haven’t seen Bill.     
  Arriving at Mom’s Thursday night, I got a scare. Jimmie’s car was in the drive and it’s usually not—she works on Thusdays and generally goes straight home. Also there, was a black pickup there—thought it was Brother Rance. Turned out, on a second glance, that it was Bill’s, which made the situation even worse. I just knew that something bad had happened to Mom and they’d not called me, knowing that I’d fly over.
  A few years ago, finding this situation, I would have just assumed we were gathering for a family meal. Inside I found that I’d have been correct with this thinking. Bo had cooked enchiladas, so Bill and Jimmie had come to enjoy them with us. Bo usually cooks Carolyn, Mom and me a good meal on Thursday night. They were delicious—that boy could make it as a chef in a Mexican restaurant.
  We were definitely back to winter over the weekend. Saturday morning I turned on the TV to catch the weather, knowing it was colder than had been predicted. Was surprised to find icy road conditions all over Memphis, with some down into northern Mississippi. I didn’t go outside, but the boys reported some icy rain falling outside.
  Friday afternoon Jimmie and Bill had gone south of Jackson to  pick up granddaughter, Haller Grace, and they had beautiful traveling weather. Grace had not seen her new baby sister, Caroline. During her good-byes on her last trip she was told that Caroline would be there when she came back. Grace’s provision for care of the new baby until she could get back was, “Just throw her in the bed and I’ll take care of her when I get to come back.”
    She and Caroline seemed to get along very well, as I knew they would. Grace is such a loving child.
  Woodland Hills had its annual Valentine Banquet Saturday night. I had to miss it, but the report was that it was a wonderful event, with good food, great entertainment, and lots of fellowship. Saw some of the decorations and, as usual, they were spectacular.
    It was good to  have Cindy Barnes home for this and also for morning services Sunday. Sunday night, a very welcomed guest was Amber Izzard. She reports all is going well at Mississippi College for her and Amanda. We do miss the Izzard family.
  We had regular services Sunday night, with a  fair crowd. I, along with many more at Woodland Hills, are not football fans.
  If you watch the news and talk shows you don’t miss much of the game or the other activities of the night. Seemed to me that the focus of the evening was on the commercials and entertainment. The game was just a reason for the rest of the show. Was glad I got to see the Budweiser, Jeep, Tide, and a couple more commercials—they were cute.
  Most exciting part of my weekend was traveling back and forth. I’d been cautioned that there were loose horses and a donkey on the Pope/WV Road and I was to slow down and watch. This I did on all four legs of my journey. If you slow to 40 miles an hour, it seems to take forever to make this trip. I was glad, though that God had made some beautiful scenery for me to view. Saw lots of daffodils in bloom, the Hawthorne is so pretty, and everything seems to be greening up. Didn’t see a horse or  donkey, though.
  Next special day will be Valentine’s, which will be next Thursday. Guess Ed will have to buy me some chocolate covered cherries.
  Arriving this morning (Tuesday) I was curious about the crowd gathering at Sartain’s across the street. Soon it was apparent that the Ambassadors were having a ribbon cutting for the change of ownership at the store. Joey Hastings was officially taking over the store from the Sartains. We do welcome him.

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