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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Got up early last Wednesday morning because there was a prediction of heavy fog. Peeped out the window and it looked perfectly clear, so got in the shower, then looked again—still no fog. Dressed and got into the van, with still clear traveling. Got to the office and found the Panolian delivery truck waiting on me, even though I was about ten minutes early.         He did the same thing I did—got up early and came on and  he didn’t find the fog either. At all my stops they were surprised to find me about 15 minutes early. I liked it—seemed that the traffic was lighter and customers in the stores were fewer. I’m sure we’ll be back to usual time Wednesday.
  Traveling back and forth to Mom’s I was amazed at the masses of daffodils in full bloom on the Pope/Water Valley Road. Really wanted to take the Eureka Road at least once, but forgot to turn off each time I passed it. That road use to have what seemed like miles of solid masses of flowers along its south side. May have completely changed though, since much work has been done on this road since I traveled it on a regular basis some 10 years ago. When Mom was in the nursing home in Batesville, I was shocked at the changes on the Eureka Road from the Pope/WV Road to the Batesville city limits—often I did not even know where I was. After her six week’s stay there and my three to four times a week crossing, I finally got comfortable with this road again—well I at least knew where I was.
  Maybe I’ll remember to travel this road at least once on my trips this coming weekend.
  Going over Thursday a driver in a truck flashed his lights and I slowed way down, remembering that horses and a donkey had been loose on the road the week before. I was sure they were out again. Didn’t see any livestock or deer, but I know that driver did, and I do appreciate being warned.
  Was so glad that computers were working as they should this morning (Monday). Last week mine had to have a new keyboard before it would operate and some of the others also had problems. However, with all the lightning over the weekend they never went off. When ours go down it takes a while to get them back up. They’re old and slow. Do hope they last as long as I do, though—I hate change. I’m having enough trouble with on-line subscriptions and payments by electronic transmissions.
  Had several calls last week with disappointments about my not telling what I’d cooked. A couple said that they checked my menus to find  suggestions for foods to feed their families. I do the same thing on Saturday morning, watching Paula Deen and several other chefs as they prepare food for their family and friends.
    Chocolate was the theme for several of these cooking shows this week—guess it’s because Valentine’s Day is coming up Thursday. I like chocolate, but in moderation—they went overboard. Don’t even know if I want to try Chocolate Vinaigrette or cocoa in my chili, even though Jim and Jimmie say it’s good in a small amount. Paula made a chocolate/peanut butter volcano cake that sounded like a square inch would put you into sugar shock.
  I did a little better than this—mine were mostly old stand-bys. Bo had spaghetti and garlic bread for us on Thursday night, and I cooked chicken and dumplins, with English peas one day, chicken livers and veggies on Friday, and baked pork chops, Navy beans with ham, steamed cabbage, and mashed potatoes on Sunday, with fresh strawberry cobbler for dessert. Rest of our desserts were fresh fruits, which both Mom and I like.
  On Saturday Carolyn and Bo babysat Grandson Briley at their house, so they brought him up to spend the morning with Mom and me. He is so cute. I was cutting up four chickens when they arrived and he wanted me to hold him. Had to finish that messy job, then turned it over to Carolyn to get bagged up and into the freezer, while I got to play with the baby. I was so honored that he tried to say Betty. Now I’ve seen this young man only a few times in his life, but he wanted to play with me and tried to call me by name. After a while he wanted down, so it was into his walker. He weighs a whopping 18 pounds and the walker probably about the same, but he picks the thing up, turns it around and makes it go where he wants it to. Mom’s little house has very little maneuvering room, so  he was a busy little boy getting to where he wanted to be. He did this for an hour or so before going home for lunch and a three hour nap.
  Jimmie promises to share her newest grand, Caroline, with Bo and me on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. She’s going to babysit for Missy and Michael on those days and will keep the baby at Mom’s. Mom will enjoy her, also. Jimmie says Bo gives her instructions on how to take care of a baby. Over the past year he’s had lots of experience helping with Briley, who was a high maintenance baby. Briley was born weighing a pound, nine, so he had to be handled much differently from a normal baby. Because of this, Caroline is probably going to be taken very good care of. We’re so glad that Briley is now a normal little boy and so much fun.
  Weather was not good on Sunday, so I stayed home after church. Let Bo and Rance Mama sit.
  Our preacher was Rev. Lynn Jones of Oxford and he brought two excellent sermons. Can only remember one of his humorous illustrations, and I’ll share it. He is a native of Louisiana—northern not southern. Said they had one of the cajun country swamp citizens up north and asked about the mosquitoes in the swamps. Said his reply was that we don’t have a single mosquito where I live. All of ours are married and have large families.
  Long time friend, Dean Wright will preacher for us this coming Sunday—looking forward to hearing him.
  Hope everyone has a happy Valentine Day.

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