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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Travel still seems treacherous between Batesville and Water Valley on Wednesday mornings. Last week driver Rick reported numerous deer sightings on his way over to deliver the paper. Guess I was lucky because I did not even see a deer in the driveway, but I was very careful traveling out 32 west, but still no deer. I’m sure they were moving about because of all the heavy rain for several days, so with only a drizzle they were out looking for food.
  Many deer hunters have now turned their attention to smaller game. Most are looking for squirrel, but I’ve expressed my preference for rabbit. So far I’ve not convinced any to hunt for these tasty little critters.
  Brother Don is the rabbit hunter in the family, but so far I’ve not been successful in getting his kill into my hands to cook.
  Sherry Riley, long time subscriber from Mobile, Alabama, called last week to cancel her paper and we enjoyed a delightful visit. She says she rarely has time to read the paper and when she does she does not find many familiar names. I know this is true, because I do the same thing with the Panolian and the Quitman County Democrat. Did enjoy our visit Sherry.
  Margie Gill of Oxford writes that she enjoys reading the news and sends payment for another year. We thank you for subscribing.
  From Jean Benson of Camden, Tenn. comes this note:
  “If you’re needing a good laugh today…here it is.
  “When I realized this morning that I needed to send $’s for another year of ‘reading the NMH,’ I said to Jim that the subscription was $35. He heard $75. When I corrected him, he thought he had just made a trip to Goldsmith’s Bargain Basement! Oh!, me…just dated myself!  
  “Even though Jim doesn’t know many of the folks in WV anymore, he loves reading everything from front to back and is so pleased to see his hometown making such progress!
  “Sure speaks well for all the folk who are dedicated to making improvement wherever possible.
  “Keep up the good work, we say.”
  From long-time friend and subscriber Ralph Mitchell of Pontotoc comes this note:
  “Betty, I always enjoy getting the Herald and keeping up with the news there. I remember the 60 and 70 years ago columns pretty well. Ha!
  “Long time since our days together at Northwest JC. Have a great year!”
  From Charles Liles of Bruce:
  “Dear Betty,
  “Thank you and everyone of the Herald Staff for sending a great paper each week from Water Valley to Bruce. We enjoy the paper very much. You do an outstanding job writing the article for Betty’s Week.
  “Emily and I met Jack Gurner and his wife at the Memphis Bottle Show in September, 2012, in Germantown, Tenn. Say hello to Jack and thanks again for complimenting our booth.”
  “Hi Betty,  
  “Thanks for reminding me of my subscription renewal. I must say, I’d be lost without news from home. Also, it depends on who gets the paper first, as to who reads it first—we both enjoy it, but usually Sonny lets me read it first.
  “I really enjoy your column and look forward to seeing what’s cooking at your Mom’s house. Gives me lots of ideas for our meals! Sonny is a really good cook—that’s why I’m so fat! He takes really good care of me, too. I’m in a wheelchair when we go anywhere  because my COPD is so bad that I can’t walk any distance without getting winded. We’re two 80 year-olds trying to take care of each other!
  “Sonny and Mary House Milstead”
  We’ve had so many deaths this week.
  When I was in the drug store last Wednesday,  Bennie Turnage told me about the passing of Dan Wright in Paducah, Kentucky. Dan and Bennie  were both members of the Class of ‘56, as was brother-in-law, Paul Shearer. He’s a brother of Gearrell, Dean and John. Our sympathy to the family.
  Also send condolences to John, Julie and all the Ingram family at the death of Danny Ross. Having been a vital part of Water Valley organizations and First Baptist Church,  he will leave a large gap. Also, he is certainly missed here and in state and national ranch and farm activities.
  Received news just minutes ago of the passing of long-time friend, Bennett Anderson. Bennett has many Water Valley connections, with many family members having lived and died here. That’s not how we came to know him, though. Our friendship began when he donated equipment to the MS Ag Museum and after that our  time spent together at the Museum over the past 12 or so years. He and his wife, Mary Sue are such wonderful people and my sympathy is extended to her and all the family. We’re going to miss him.
  Attendance at Wednesday night Bible Study and prayer time is picking up. Everyone is having so much fun with our study on Revelation. Last week no one wanted to go home, we were so involved in our discussion. Prayer time was cut short and still it was almost eight o’clock when I got home. I think it’s great that everyone is so involved with this study—we’re all actually studying our lessons. And our leader, Barbara Warren, is studying extra hard—she’s doing a great job. Everyone is invited to join us at 6:30 each Wednesday.
  Bo says to make sure that everyone knows he feeds me well on Thursday nights. He really does. Last week he’d fried chicken, making my favorite piece for me—a pulley bone. Sides were peas, lima beans, mashed potatoes and gravy and we had homemade biscuits, with peach shortcake for dessert.
  It was so cold and windy Saturday that all I did was stay inside and cook. With plenty of time I made chicken and dressing and it turned out really good. I usually make good dressing, but I rarely bake a chicken. Did Saturday and it looked like a cookbook picture and it also tasted good.
  While I was chopping and dicing for the dressing I looked out the window and snowballs were coming down. It was almost a white out for about ten minutes, with snowflakes as big as quarters. Then it lightened up—sun almost came out. Then the snow returned for about another ten minutes. First it came from the northwest and the last came from the southeast, both blowing almost sideways. That wind was really cold. That’s enough snow for my winter and I did enjoy the beauty of it.
  Daffodils and other flowers are still looking good, so think we’re going to have a beautiful spring.

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